Walgreens Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Saturday Deals: 11/28/13 - 11/30/13

Here are your Walgreens Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday matchups for Chicago and the rest of the USA...

View weekly ad | Load Ibotta offers | On Fridays, preview next week's ad. My deals writeups may reference "IVC" coupons. These are found in the monthly Instant Value Coupon books found at the front of the Walgreens store on the flyer racks.

I am working from an unofficially-released version of the Walgreens 2013 Black Friday ad found at BFads.net. These sales are valid 11/28/13-11/30/13. The actual print ads MAY vary from these deals, but in past years, the ad previews have been correct.

Walgreens Drugstore Deals

Walgreens Store-Coupon Deals

Walgreens Register Rewards Deals

- $1.50 off Baby Dry - printable
- $1.50 off Swaddlers - printable
- $1.50 off Cruisers - printable
- $2 off Easy Ups (if included) - printable

With a $1.50 coupon, pay $7.99 and get $1.50 back, making these $6.49 - pretty good for Pampers!

Walgreens Balance Rewards Deals

"No Coupon Needed" Deals

Swisse Coupon Doesn't Scan

Just an FYI for everyone. I tried buying the women's vitamins for the $10 RR and tried using the $5 Swisse coupon mentioned above. It wouldn't scan and the cashier pointed out that the coupon does say "selected products". I then asked her to scan the liver detox, which was pictured on the coupon, and it still wouldn't scan. They went ahead and gave it to me, but just a heads up.

Welch's Sparkling

The coupon in the IVC book expires on 11/27/13, so it won't work for Black Friday deal. :(

Start Time?

Just wondering when the Walgreens Black Friday deals usually begin? Since it starts on Thanksgiving day, would it start at 12:01am 11/28? It would be nice to go in late Wednesday night/Thursday morning.

I would call your store

I think it's going to be different at the 24-hour stores than the ones that aren't open all night - maybe try calling your store and see what they say?


Ok will do.

Btw, I love that you say "pop" for sodapop on your site. That's what we call it here in Tulsa, too. But whenever I travel out of state, people always give me a blank stare when I call it that :)

We say that too!

We use "guys" for everyone too. Back when I waited tables, I once greeted a table saying "Hi, how are you guys tonight?" and the man chastised me for calling his wife a "guy". Some people are just too uptight.

Midwest thing

Anytime my Midwest starts showing, my East-coast husband starts giving me grief. "It's soda..." he'll drone.

I reply "Soda comes in a yellow box with an arm and a hammer on it." :)

It is funny though how accustomed you become to your local euphemisms and manner of speaking. I received an email last week from a column reader in Texas who was irate that I used the word "guys" in my column. Referring to everyone in a "Hey, guys" kind of way is just part of the vernacular in Chicagoland - she felt I was only addressing my male readers and leaving her out..!

No Luck on the Listerine Exp. Date

I printed one just a few minutes ago and it is still showing a 11-23 exp. date. Bummer

I never visit Walmart on Black Friday

Hi- I won't step foot inside Walmart on Black Friday. It is just too crazy there. BTW- I don't usually purchase anything that I know I am not going to use even though it is free. I know I can donate it, but you still have to pay tax on it, and some places get so many donations at Christmas time, that they have to turn some of them away. I don't have any children or nieces or nephews to buy toys for either.

I went to Carsons last year on Black Friday, and that was bad enough.

Do you buy everything?

I know that there are a lot of "free" items and moneymakers, but seriously do you buy it if you don't need it or ever use it? I was just wondering. :) I plan to buy only what I will need or use in the future.

Yes I buy it!

I am a firm believer if I can get it for free (even though I am paying the tax) that someone can use it. I put a Xerox box by my back door, and when it is filled I drop it off at Lazarus House, Hesed House, or Reach for the Moon. When a person is on a Link's program (for food ony) medical, personal care, papergoods, etc are not included. Last year for Thanksgiving, I cleaned out my stash and gave goodie bags of 5-6 items to each of my guests many of which were free items or under $1. It is a way I can be generous without actually spending big bucks and feel that I am being nickel and dimed all the time.

I don't ever go shopping on

I don't ever go shopping on Black Friday, and personally think that all the people should boycott the stores opening on Thursday, but that's probably just me.
I have found that you can get everything for just about the same price as on Black Friday, even closer to Christmas.

Stay home for Thanksgiving.

I agree that no store should be open on Thursday. No one gets that much better of a deal on Thanksgiving that they can't get on Black Friday. Thanksgiving should be about family, turkey, football, and naps, NOT shopping! That's just my opinion. Here's to a good Black Friday and Cyber Monday! :)


Thanks for writing this so early! Black Friday is always a blast and this will make it even more interesting.

Listerine can be a $2 moneymaker!

I found a $2.00 off coupon on Listerine Pocketpaks any flavor of 72ct on coupons.com!

Brand-new this morning!

That's brand-new this morning! I will update. Coupons.com released a bunch of new printables overnight (believe me, I looked for coupons for all RR deals!)

EDIT: I just printed one and its expiration date is 11/23! This is a tough one, because it will likely hit its print limit quickly due to the high value. I will print one tomorrow and see if the date shifts by a day so we can try to figure out whether it has a rolling explanation date or whether the date is fixed.

Either way, I suppose, these are pretty cheap and $2 is a lot to get off the price of them - but they may not work for this offer...