Possible .24 Febreze candles at Jewel-Osco

I spotted a great deal on Febreze candles at my Huntley, Illinois Jewel-Osco today. The Apple Spice and Thai Dragon Fruit scents are all on clearance for $1.24 each.

Use the $2-off-2 coupon from the 3/30 PG insert and pay .48 for two, or .24 each!

Jewel-Osco buying five more Dominick's stores

Jewel-Osco is purchasing more shuttered Dominick's locations, according to the Chicago Tribune. The locations are:

- 1763 Howard Street, Chicago
- 424 W. Division, Chicago
- 3243 S. 115th St, Merionette Park
- 800 Northwest Highway, Fox River Grove
- 345 S. Rand Road, Lake Zurich

"Date Night" Jewel-Osco shopping with my husband

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Jewel-Osco. I have been compensated for this post. All opinions about Jewel-Osco are my own.

Due to a busy work week, I hadn't yet gotten to Jewel to shop the sales that end tonight, January 14th. It's always fun to go to Jewel in the evening on Tuesdays though, as I often find some of the Wednesday sale items are priced for the upcoming ad too. After dinner, I was cutting out coupons for both ads' sales, and my husband said, "Why don't I come with you? We could have a date."

Date Night at Jewel! Hey, don't knock it 'til you've tried it. We enjoy shopping together, even though he sometimes tries to put non-deal items in my cart too. Plus, he can pick out his own coffee creamer and diet pop flavors too when he comes along instead of relying on the selections of this non-coffee and non-diet-pop drinker! So, here's what we bought:

Eight 2-liters of "TEN" varieties of pop: .89 each when you buy in quantities of four
- Used six .75 coupons from the 1/12 SS and one hangtag coupon for .55-off-2 that was on a bottle = .14 each for the first six, about .62 each for the last two

15 boxes of Barilla White Fiber, Whole Grain and Veggie pasta: .88 each
- Used five $1-off-3 coupons from the 1/5 SS3 = .55 each

One bag of Food Should Taste Good tortilla chips: $2.00
- Used .75 SavingStar ecoupon = $1.25

One Culinary Circle Chicken Bacon Ranch pizza: $3.99
- Used .50 store coupon from the "Big Book" ad and $1 coupon from the 1/12 RP = $2.49

Four Fresh Express salads: The ones in the new ad are priced at $2.50, but my husband wanted two of the garden varieties too. They were marked $2.79 on the shelf, but they rang up at $2.00 each. (Wish I knew if that sale was just ending or just starting! And here I thought his impulse buy was going to cost more...)
- Used two $1.50-off-2 coupons from the 1/5 SS1 = $1.25 and $1.75 each

Six Tyson Grilled & Ready chicken and steak strips: $2.00 each
- Used six .55 coupons from the 1/5 SS1 = $1.45 each

Two Coffee-Mate Natural Bliss creamers: $2.00 each
- Used two .55 Facebook printables = $1.45 each

Eight Muller FrutUp yogurt cups: .79 each
- Used four $1-off-2 coupons from the 1/5 RP1 = .29 each

Two packages of Jewel Italian Sausage: $4.99, Buy One Get One Free

Eight Essential Everyday pasta sauces: $1.19 each
- Used four $1.50-off-2 printables (no longer available) from = .44 each

12 Brooks chili beans: $1 each (Husband is planning a mean Super Bowl chili for game day..!)
- Used six .40-off-2 coupons from the 1/12 SS = .80 each

I also used a $5-off-$50 printable and a $15 Catalina from last week's P&G deal at Jewel.

I paid $33.80 after all coupons, and I'll get .75 back from SavingStar for the tortilla chips. My husband read my receipt, which says "That is a savings of 75%" on the bottom. He proclaimed that this was indeed a "hot date." Woo hoo!

Today's Jewel-Osco shopping trip: .25 Campbell's Homestyle soup, .99 Seneca Apple Chips and more surprises!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Jewel-Osco to publicize their new Stock Up Sale. I have been compensated for this post. All opinions about Jewel-Osco are my own.

I just got back from Jewel-Osco. I went in for some more Stock Up Sale items and ended up finding more deals and surprises...

Items I planned to buy:

  • Six Campbell's Homestyle canned soups. They're on sale for $1.25 through 10/20, and a reader alerted me to this great deal! With the $1 coupons from the 10/13 SS or 9/15 SS, they're just .25 per can! (Here's a .75-off-2 printable too.)
  • Two Johnsonville breakfast sausages: $3 each. I used two .55 coupons from the 9/15 SS and paid $2.45 each.
  • Four bags of Domino sugar: $2.29 each. I used two .75-off-2 coupons from the 9/8 RP (printables here too) and paid about $1.92 each.
  • Four boxes of 12ct. Kellogg's Pop-Tarts: $2 each when you buy four. I used a $1-off-3 from the 9/8 RP and loaded the $2 off milk when you buy Kellogg's ecoupon from SavingStar. This dropped each box to $1.75 each - not bad for the big boxes. My kids have "Pop-Tart Fridays" once a week here, so we're stocked for a while...
  • One half-gallon Wild Harvest organic milk: $3.99. I will get $2 back from SavingStar for buying the Kellogg's and milk.

Items I bought because I discovered good deals in the store:

  • Eight boxes of 38ct. Hefty Ultra Flex trash bags. These were on clearance for $3.49, down from $6.98. I will go back with six .55 Hefty coupons from the 9/15 SS and get back $3.30, dropping six of these boxes to $2.94!
  • Four Campbell's Slow Cooker Sauces. These and the Skillet Sauces are $2 each through 10/27, and there are $1 coupons in the 10/6 SS1 and 8/25 SS (exp. 10/15!) I bought these today when I saw the price, and I'll go back with my coupons later. I have been wanting to try these - they have no HFCS or artifical ingredients. And, I have leftover pork shoulder from last night that's now simmering in "Hawaiian Luau" sauce for dinner tonight..! If these are good, I may go back for more. (There's a $1-off-2 printable for these too.)
  • Two bags of Seneca Apple Chips. I saw these on sale in the produce department for $1.99 each through tomorrow, 10/15. I used the $2-off-2 coupon from the current Big Book of Savings Jewel coupon flyer and dropped these to .99 per bag! Yum!
  • Two Baby Basics pediatric electrolyte 4-packs: These were on clearance for $1.49 each, and for that price, I'll keep them on hand for cold season for the kids.

I used the above coupons and a $2 Barilla Catalina from last week. I paid $66.72 for everything and got seven Rachael Ray Dinnerware stamps for the Jewel promotion that's currently running.

I will get $2 back from SavingStar for the Kellogg's deal, and I'll get another $3.30 back for my Hefty coupons, plus $4 back for my Campbell's coupons the next time I go. That ultimately drops this to $57.42.

Have you found any good Jewel deals this week? Definitely get over there by 10/20 to take advantage of that .25 Campbell's Homestyle soup deal...

Jewel-Osco coupon policy changing November 1, 2013

I received an email this morning from a Jewel-Osco cashier, who wishes not to be named:

"Jill, all the cashiers at my store had to sign a paper yesterday stating that as of November 1st the coupon policy is changing. NO MORE Catalinas with other store's logos or names on them of any kind, and no more competitor coupons will be accepted."

This change is not yet noted on Jewel's online coupon policy, but I stopped by my local Jewel and confirmed with them that this is going to be the case -- they too had the paper notice which states that no competitor coupons and no competitor Catalinas will be accepted after 11/1/13. Anything with another store's name or logo, even if it says "Manufacturer Coupon," will not be accepted.

Coupon Policies

How do you know what coupons a particular store takes? The answer lies in the store's coupon policy. Coupon policies are great tools for shoppers to know exactly where stores stand on what kinds of coupons they will accept.

Here are links to the most current coupon policies available at the time of this writing.


Supervalu replaces CEO Craig Herkert with Wayne C. Sales

If you've been following the story of Supervalu's downturn (which is the parent company of our Jewel-Osco,) this news could bring a welcome change. Today, Supervalu announced that former CEO Craig Herkert will be replaced immediately by Wayne C. Sales.

From Business Wire:

Price check? Can I get a price check? :)

Look at what showed up in my email today... a notice of NEW Avenu ecoupon offers at Jewel!

Check your Avenu ecoupons, as you may find:

$2.50 off P. F. Chang's Home Menu Meals (22oz.)
- Stack with $2 coupon from 9/12 RP

$2 off Breyer's Smooth & Dreamy Ice Cream (1.5qt. or 6-pack)
- No manufacturer coupons currently, but cross your fingers for a B1G1F sale!

$2 off Healthy Choice Fresh Mixers (6.95-7.95oz.)
- $1 off - 10/24 SS

$2 off Dove Men's Body Wash (8.2-25.5oz.)
- Stack with $1 coupon from 10/3 RP

Now... to check prices on these at the store... and watch the sales!

On the last day of Jewel's General Mills sale, I found the ONLY fully-stocked store in Chicagoland!

Yes, you read that right! After spending some time in the city today working on another coupon-related project, I walked into the Lakeview-area Jewel-Osco, located at 3630 N. Southport in Chicago, just a few blocks from Wrigley Field. And, seven days into one of the most fun "Spend $25, Get $10" General Mills Catalina sales of the year, stores from downtown to downstate have long been wiped clean of this sale's hottest movers (Grands, MultiGrain Cheerios, Totino's, Sweet Moments, Progresso, Betty Crocker cake mixes, brownies, frosting, and others I'm sure you can name.) Many stores have told me the warehouse has been drained of these items, and there was really no chance in finding ANY of them on the shelves today... the last day of the sale.

And yet, when I walked into the store, I saw... a freezer case FILLED with Pizza Rolls!

Well, we went to Jewel... (the aftermath)

This crazy sale is definitely an exception to shopping just once a week..! Jewel's General Mills $25/$10 Catalina sale is in full swing. Here's my youngest in the midst of "unpacking."

Nine rounds later... Grand total out of pocket, including tax: $13.08.