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Fox News: Are warehouse clubs the best places to buy in bulk?

Fox Business News has an article about buying in bulk, and whether or not the best deals are found at warehouse clubs. (While this is a commonly-held belief by many people, coupon shoppers know that the warehouse club's prices are usually below the full, non-sale prices at the supermarket... but they're higher than the lower, on-sale supermarket prices.) I had some thoughts on this that I was happy to share:

If you've ever been tempted to pick up 20 cans of green beans when they’re on sale, you're not crazy. You're smart, experts say...

Wholesale shopping clubs might be the first place you think of to visit to stock up on your grocery needs, but experts say they don’t always offer the best deals.

“They are selling bulk under the illusion of savings, but the per-unit or per-ounce prices don't always wash compared to what you can pay at the supermarket during a sale,” says Cataldo.

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