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Spanish coupon insert: "SmartSource en Espanol"

My Chicago readers know that the Spanish newspaper "Hoy" often has coupon inserts in it. The Hoy inserts are usually comparable to the non-Tribune coupons we find in other area papers (that is, a thinner insert, but of course, still good to have, as Hoy is a free publication, both found in newsstands and delivered within city limits.)

However, this past weekend's Hoy Fin de Semana (weekend edition) contained a surprise... SmartSource en Espanol! The coupons that came in this new Spanish SmartSource are different than what's in the standard SmartSource for 5/2 -- right away, the .45 off any Knorr product jumped out at me as an excellent one, as it will line up nicely with the $1 Knorr in the current Catalina deal at Jewel.

Many of my downtown readers have written in the past to say that Hoys are delivered en masse to the lobbies of their apartment buildings... and if nobody picks them up, a day later, these Super-Couponers are more than happy to "clean up" all the Hoys... and keep the coupons! Why not? Keep your eyes open for these!