Print coupons now for .14 Pantene at CVS/pharmacy next week!

On Sunday, July 7th, CVS/pharmacy will have a new "Spend $30, Get $10 ExtraBucks" involving P&G products. We're supposed to get a Buy One Get One FREE coupon for Pantene in the upcoming 7/7 PG insert too.

Pantene shampoo and conditioner will be on sale for $3.50 a bottle, and if you print two of the following coupon:

$2.00 off TWO
Pantene products
Print Coupon

... you can put one fantastic Pantene deal together! Here are the details:

With four 7/7 PG inserts, you could do this:

Buy eight Pantenes ($3.50 each) and two .97 Dawn (to get you up to the pennies-under-$30 mark.) Use two $2-off-2 printables for your first four bottles, then four B1G1F insert coupons on the second two bottles. Use two .25 Dawn coupons from the 7/7 PG. Pay $11.44. Get $10 back in ExtraBucks! That's $1.44 for EIGHT Pantenes and two Dawns - about .14 per item! WOW!

UPDATE: Several readers have noted the $10 ExtraBucks are NOT triggering at the pennies-under-$30 mark as they've always done in the past. Add a third bottle of Dawn here and you'll be good to go.

overage! yes!

i just got back from cvs and did the pantene deal and the bogo scanned for $4.99 so i got $1.49 overage on each of my 4 copupons. i also got 8 free herbal essence and a bunch of other stuff and all i had to pay was tax! i used $6 ecb and got back $11.00 ecbs so it was a money maker! that never happens for me. today is my lucky day!lol!

Wonderful Jackpot!

That is fantastic. I didn't get the overage, because the cashier did a manual over-ride to make it come out free. $3.50-$3.50=FREE. Free is still good, but overages are better. What a great surprise. Happy shopping. :)

3 Dawn?

I read on MUM that you had to buy 3 Dawn for the deal to trigger. Has anyone tried this yet? Did the 2 work?

Q about the deal...

Question...You had mentioned "(to get you up to the pennies-under-$30 mark.)" do we have to buy another item to get the $10.00 off coupon if it hasn't reached $30.00 or with tax it will bring you over 30.00 and the $10.00 off coupon will print? Just want to confirm. Thank you.


At CVS, the ExtraBucks will usually trigger when you're a few cents under the $30 mark.

EDIT: Not this time, apparently - perhaps because it's a "Spend $20, Get $5," "Spend $30, Get $10?" If you only got $5, go back this week and buy a single bottle of Dawn. It will trigger the next $5.


Ah. I didn't see your reply before I left this morning to go to CVS. Not sure what happened but it only printed me 5.00 coupon for the transaction so I bought another dawn in second transaction and it printed me the second 5.00 off coupon.

That's new..

I will edit above, but they've always triggered a few cents under. Maybe they've changed it. :( I will try to find out from CVS tomorrow.

Only P&G deal...i think...

I think it's only on the P&G Deal. I bought 3 dawns to get me over the $30 & got my $10 ecb. Then I did the Summer deal, $10 off $30 & bought $29.99 in summer & it triggered the $10 ecb for that.

Quick question. I'm new to

Quick question. I'm new to all this! Do I need to do this in two different transactions? As in, have the cashier ring up the first one and pay, then the second one and then pay? And will the coupons work for the b1g1? The store won't consider that to be using two manufacturer coupons on the same bottles (the first to knock the price down to 5 bucks, then the second being used on the same bottles to get the other ones free)?


I originally wrote it as two transactions because P&G limits you to four like coupons per transaction, and there was also a $1-off-1 printable. Now that this is a $2-off-2 only scenario, you're fine doing it in one. I've edited above.

And, this scenario is completely in compliance with CVS's coupon policy - they DO allow you to use a dollars-off coupon on the first bottle and a B1G1F on the second. (Walgreens and Jewel do too!)


I'm fairly new to this too...I have a question...would you be able to explain the exact statement in their policy that states that they allow us to use a dollars off with a BOGO Q? I looked and it only seems to state that you can use a BOGO Q when there is a BOGO sale. I tried this deal and was given HELL because it was being like it was using 2 manufacturer's Q's in one--which I know is not allowed when using 2 $/cents type of Q's together for the same product, but there doesn't seem to be much clarity around using a BOGO Q and a $/cents together without it being part of a BOGO sale. I'm definitely going to a different store to complete the deal and get an explanation of why it is not allowed because even in the KCL book it states that it should be allowed. Thanks so much!

Two Transactions?

Why do we need to split it into 2 transactions? If I use 4 b1g1f and 2 $2-off-2, and 2 $.25 dawn coupons, I am not breaking the "4 like coupons" rule. Let me know.

You're right!

When I wrote this, I had originally had a link to a $1-off-1 Pantene printable, which hit its limit before I could finish this post. I wrote it as two transactions to not violate the 4-like coupons if you were buying EIGHT bottles with single $1 printables - but with the $2-off-2s, you won't. Let me edit :)


Thanks for clearing that up for me. I thought there might have been a new coupon rule.

Also, I did notice on that CVS is offering a $4 off a purchase of $20 or more coupon at the coupon center. We should be able to use that as well. What a fantastic deal this is going to be. I will definitely be there when they first open on Sunday. :)

are we getting a p&g insert

are we getting a p&g insert this sunday?


Yes, we will have one on 7/7, and it's supposed to have a B1G1F Pantene coupon in it, which makes up the other part of this deal. But chances are that the $2-off-2 printable will be gone by then -- there was already a $1-off-1 Pantene printable too that hit its limit yesterday. This is going to be a good deal, so I'd print now if it's something you will want next week. :)

i have enough shampoo

i have enough shampoo probably to last the rest of my life but we love pantene. my husband even uses it for bubble bath. so at .14 a bottle i will probably go ahead and get some. i have ecbs so i wont have any oop other than tax.

So many uses

My daughter just gave our dog a bath with Pantene this week. LOL. When it's this cheap, you -will- find uses for it, right? :)