Who's up for ice cream?

My boys are. They just offered to serve me & their father some Saturday night ice cream sundaes.

My husband asked, "What flavors do we have to choose from tonight?"

The reply from the kitchen...


"Rainbow SuperScoop or Disappointing Football Team."


What's new & good on Coupons.com tonight? Plenty!

While working on tomorrow's deals for you, I spotted quite a few interesting and high-value offers on Coupons.com. Here are the best of what I see...

$3.00 off One
Hormel Party Tray
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NOTE: Hormel Party Trays will be on sale for $12 beginning 11/16 at Target and $11.99 beginning 11/20 at Meijer.

.75 off One
Minute Maid
59oz. orange juice
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$1.50 off One
Perdue frozen
fully cooked chicken
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$1.00 off One
Krakus 1lb.
ham in the deli
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$3.00 off One
Amerigas propane
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.75 off One
Natural Bliss
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$1.00 off One
Pizza Kitchen pizza
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$1.00 off One
DeLallo gluten
free pasta
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.50 off One
Nabisco crackers
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.50 off One
Honey-Maid Grahams
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$1.00 off One
Dole frozen fruit
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$1.00 off Two
Ore-Ida frozen
Bold & Crispy
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$1.50 off One
Seattle's Best
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$4.00 off Two
Carnation Instant
Breakfast Essentials
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$2.00 off One
South Beach
Diet bars
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(If you're reading from the blog homepage, there are more coupons after the jump -- click here to view!)

Target Deals of the Week: 11/16/14 - 11/22/14

Here are your Target deals for the current week...

View weekly ad | Print store coupons from Target.com | Target Cartwheel ecoupon offers | Ibotta ecoupon offers | Checkout 51 ecoupon offers | SavingStar ecoupon offers (load online, redeem via app)

Top deals:
Spend $50, Get $10 gift card food and beverage offer, .44 Carnation evaporated milk, .49 Del Monte vegetables, .75 Kellogg's Nutri-Grain or Special K bars, $1.04 Febreze candles and Air Effects, $1.14 Libby's pumpkin, $1 Heinz gravy, $1.39 Swanson broth, $1.49 Nivea body lotion, $1.50 Bagel Bites, $1.50 Wonka candy canes, $2.50 Coke 12-packs, $4.74 Tide 75-ounce, $9 Hormel Party Trays

Who needs a good diaper deal? Print now for CVS' deal beginning Sunday!

UPDATED 11/16: HUGGIES Jumbo diapers are NOT included in this deal. Reader Heather reports back from CVS that only the Huggies Pull-Ups, Overnites and Goodnites are included. If you are looking for "regular" Huggies diapers, I suggest doing the deal with the Huggies Overnites - they are heavy-duty diapers, not pull-on styles.

Beginning 11/16 next week at CVS, both Pampers and Huggies will be a part of their "Spend $30, Get $10 Gift Card" deal. (You can get a CVS gift card!)

Pampers and Huggies Pull-Ups jumbo packs will be on sale for $8.99. And, 64-72ct. CVS baby wipes will be on sale for $1.99 too. Both are part of the $30/$10. Print the coupons you'd like to use, as after the deal, you're going to be taking home Pampers or Huggies for $5.48 per jumbo pack, plus two "free" tubs of baby wipes! Print as many of the following coupons as you will need (you can print two from each link):

Pampers - $8.99
- $1.50 off Baby Dry - printable
- $1.50 off Cruisers - printable
- $1.50 off Swaddlers - printable
- $1.50 off Easy Ups - printable
- $1 off Easy Ups  - 10/26 PG
- $2 off diapers AND wipes - 10/26 PG

Huggies Overnites, Pull-Ups and Goodnites $8.99
- $3 off Huggies - printable
- $4 off 2 Huggies - printable
- $2 off Huggies - printable
- $1.50 off Little Snugglers - printable 

Do a Huggies Overnites deal!
Buy three jumbo packs of your choice - $26.97
Buy two $1.99 CVS baby wipes tubs - now $30.95
With access to two computers or devices, use three $3 coupons.
Pay $21.95 and get a $10 gift card! That's $11.95 for three, or $3.98 each! SUPER CHEAP! Plus, you'll get two "free" tubs of baby wipes!

With access to one computer, use two $3 coupons and one $2 coupon. Pay $22.95 and get a $10 gift card = $12.95 for three, or about $4.32 each. Still a deal.

Remember, OVERNITES are the ONLY Huggies diapers included - not the regular red packs. Overnites jumbo packs work out to:

Size 3 (31 count) = .13 per diaper
Size 4 (27 count) = .15 per diaper
Size 5 (23 count) = .17 per diaper
Size 6 (20 count) = .20 per diaper

Do a Pull-Ups deal!
Buy three jumbo packs of your choice - $26.97
Buy two $1.99 CVS baby wipes tubs - now $30.95
With access to two computers or devices, use three $2.25 coupons.
Pay $24.20 and get a $10 gift card! That's $14.20 for three, or $4.73 each! Plus, you'll get two "free" tubs of baby wipes!

Or, buy three jumbo packs of Pampers - $26.97
Buy two $1.99 CVS baby wipes tubs - now $30.95
Use three $1.50 coupons.
Pay $26.45 and get a $10 gift card! That's $16.45 for three, or about $5.48 per jumbo pack! Plus, you'll get two "free" tubs of baby wipes!

Crazy cheap deal: Women's & kids' suede shoes just $8.99 shipped from Cabela's!

Here's a fantastic deal on suede slide-on shoes from Cabela's! Grab these Women's Suede Slides for just $8.99 with FREE shipping! These shoes are regularly $59.99. Choose from taupe or black.

These look great for winter! The shoes are on sale for $9.99. Use code 114GEAR for an additional 10% off and FREE shipping.

UPDATE: Kids' suede youth mocs are also on sale for $9.99 and will be $8.99 with the same deal! The kids' sizes are regularly $49.99..!

I imagine these shoes will not last long at this price. What a great deal! Their site is showing availability in all sizes right now too.

Go get your $8.99 Cabela's suede shoes!

Illinois shoppers will pay .56 in tax, making your grand total $9.55. Still a steal! I ordered mine in black...

Special thanks to Bargains With Brittanie for spotting the deal!

I've never seen a coupon like this...

The cover of tomorrow's 11/16 RedPlum has a kind of coupon I've never seen before:

It states that it is a "donation coupon." If you buy any of the Unilever products shown on the coupon and hand the coupon to your cashier, Unilever will donate one meal to Feeding America.

What a neat & easy way to help other people at no cost to you.

Great gift idea: All 7 X-Men movies on Blu-Ray for $31.98 - just $4.57 per movie!

Reader Outlander shared a great deal of the day at Amazon on the X-Men series of movies: Get all 7 X-men movies on Blu-Ray for just $31.98! That's an incredible $4.57 per movie!

You'll get:

- X-Men
- X-Men 2
- X-Men 3: The Last Stand
- X-Men Origins: Wolverine
- X-Men First Class
- The Wolverine
- X-Men Days of Future Past Blu-ray+DHD

What makes this such an incredible deal? Amazon's price on The Wolverine is $16.99, and X-Men Days of Future Past at $14.99. A crazy-good deal indeed!

Go get all 7 X-Men movies on Amazon today for just $31.98!

Need cheap "filler" items to get over the free shipping threshold at Amazon? Check out this list!

An absurd afternoon of shopping

I had two strange experiences while shopping today.

First, I headed to Meijer to score some bargain-priced .05 Campbell's soup and other deals. When I got to Meijer, I spotted several large signs advertising the new Coke Life, a cane-sugar/Stevia blended Coca-Cola that's 90 calories, all natural, and reportedly also tastes like Mexican Coke.

I couldn't wait to try it and report back to my fellow Coke-loving blog readers on this new product! I headed straight for the beverage aisle at the Algonquin Meijer. No Coke Life. I even looked in the natural beverages area - no Coke Life.

I asked one of the extremely helpful employees at our Algonquin Meijer to help me locate this potential deliciousness. By now, I was already tasting my new Coke! It's truly a testament to Coke's powerful marketing that I was ready to buy one, price unseen, without a coupon, just for a taste.

Alas, after making some calls, the Meijer staffer told me that Coke Life was not actually stocked at Meijer yet. They weren't sure when it will arrive.

I don't know whether Coke or Meijer is at fault for having large in-store ads for a product not sold there. What a bummer!

Disappointed, I finished shopping and headed to Walmart to pick up Stephen King's new book, Revival. It was on sale for $18, which was close enough to half off for me.

At the checkout, the Walmart cashier asked me, "Would you like to add a two-year protection plan for $2.00?"

I was taken aback. "For a book?"


I thought for a moment. "What does a protection plan for a book cover exactly?"

The cashier stared at me and did not answer.

I continued. "If I drop it in the bathtub, do I get a new one? How about if I spill a drink on it? What if my dog tears the cover off?"

The cashier started to smile. "I have no idea what the book protection plan covers."

Deciding to live dangerously, I declined the book protection plan. I paid for the book and headed for the door... and then I headed to the Customer Service counter instead. I had to know what exactly was covered under Walmart's book protection plan!

The first employee I asked had no idea. She called another person over, and he started laughing when I repeated my question -- especially when I started listing all of the hazards that my new book potentially might need protection from. He said "Well, let's find out," and he got some literature out about the protection plan and began reading the fine print. Midway through, he said "The register actually prompted for a protection plan on this book?" I affirmed that it had.

Perusing the Walmart Protection Plan literature in store.

After a few minutes, this employee said "The actual structure of the book is covered. If the binding were to fail, we would replace the book. But if you damage the book on your own, that's not covered. You can't rip it or spill something on it."

I looked at the book again and said "You know, I have some experience with books. I believe I'm going to take my chances. I trust that the fine people at Scribner, who have been publishing books for over 150 years, know what they're doing and have constructed a quality book for me."

I left every employee at the Walmart Customer Service counter laughing as I strolled off with my new book.

Now I'm home. I think I'm going to have to drown my denial-of-Coke-Life sorrows with a bottle of Kosher Coke from my stash... and I'll be careful not to spill it on my unprotected book.

FREE + moneymaker Scrubbing Bubbles at Meijer!

$1.00 off One
Scrubbing Bubbles
Print Coupon

UPDATED 1:40pm 11/14/14 with new deal info!

Beginning 11/13 at Meijer in Chicagoland markets, 22oz. Scrubbing Bubbles foam spray cleaners will be on sale for $2.79 each. Buy three and get $3 off instantly (limit 1 per transaction.)

Here's a new $1 printable. You can print two per device.

With two printables, buy three. Pay $3.37 for three, or about $1.12 each.
With access to two devices, print three printables and buy three. Pay $2.37 for three, or .79 each!

UPDATE: This offer is ALSO generating the $3 national Scrubbing Bubbles Catalina! I have an alert for this offer, but with the $3 instant savings coming too, I wasn't sure if both would come off. I just returned from Meijer and was pleasantly surprised to see that this good deal just became a moneymaker! I bought three cans for $2.37 and got a $3 Catalina. All free and a .63 moneymaker!

QVC "moneymaker" e-giftcard deal - getting ready for bargain Wen?

Calling all QVC shoppers! Through 11/16 only, QVC is offering a moneymaker e-giftcard deal. Buy $100 in QVC eGift Cards & Get a $25 eGift Card through 11/16.

If you shop at QVC, you may really like this deal. You'll get $125 in purchasing power for $100. My regular readers likely know what I'm hoping to get at a great price with this -- Wen haircare products!

I've written extensively about my experiences with Wen -- while pricey, it's made an enormous difference in my hair. Last year around this time, I saw 5-bottle packs of Wen on QVC for $79.86 - it worked out to $15.97 per bottle, which is about half of what each individual bottle usually sells for. These sets sold out quickly last year.

Will we see this QVC Wen sale again this year? I hope so. QVC has another Wen event beginning today, so I'll keep an eye out to see if they introduce another 5-bottle set for the holidays. Here's this weekend's Wen event schedule (all times in Central):

11/14 - 10:00pm Friday Night Beauty
11/15 - 6:00am AM Style, 9:00am Morning Gifts
11/16 - 2:00am Late Night Gifts, 5:00am Great Gifts, 3:00pm Two Hour Show
11/17 - 5:00am Fashionably Early, 6:00pm PM Style
11/18 - 2:00am Beauty Gifts, 8:00pm Tuesday Night Beauty

You may want to get your egiftcards ready!