Two free Kindle food books... and another timely free ebook

I was just browsing the free Kindle ebooks available on Amazon today, and these looked interesting:

The Food Preserving Bible: Quick and Simple Guide To Preserving, Canning and Dehydrating Your Delicious Food

Survival Pantry: Proven Tips for Storing Food & Surviving In Dire Situations

And lastly... (hey, it IS in the news everywhere these days..!) Ebola: The Ebola Virus: What You Need to Know Right Now: A Guide to Identifying, Treating and Preventing the Deadly Ebola Virus

Amazon free Kindle ebooks can change at any time, so if you'd like any of these, grab them while they're FREE!

SavingStar Healthy Offer of the Week: 20% off broccoli

This week's new SavingStar ecoupon Healthy Offer of the Week is 20% off broccoli!

Click to load this offer to your store card!

Chicagoland shoppers can use SavingStar at Jewel-Osco, Mariano's, Target, Walmart, Meijer, Kroger, Piggly Wiggly, Peapod and more.

*Note to Jewel-Osco shoppers: If you no longer have a Jewel-Osco card, you can also use a Upromise card at Jewel to redeem SavingStar ecoupons at Jewel. No Upromise card? Call 877-932-7948 to request a new Upromise card.

More printable coupons to use with Jewel-Osco's #StockUpSale

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Jewel-Osco to help promote this week's #StockUpSale. I have been compensated for this post. All opinions about Jewel-Osco are my own.

Jewel-Osco's #StockUpSale continues through Tuesday, October 14th! Jewel has a few more printable coupons for their own store brands that are always beneficial to have to match up to sales in the store.

Over the weekend, I shared that the $1-off-3 Essential Everyday canned tomatoes coupon pairs nicely with the fact that they're on sale for .69 as part of this sale! With coupon, you'll drop each can to .36!

The $1-off-3 Essential Everyday canned beans coupon makes for bargain beans too! Reader NFriday shares that the canned beans are on sale for .79 and just .46 per can when you buy three with coupon!

We've also got a new $1 off Essential Everyday pancake and waffle mix coupon, as well as a $1-off-2 Carlita salsa coupon. Time to look for deals on these too...

Sign up for printable coupons and recipes from Pillsbury!

If you're not signed up to print coupons from Pillsbury's site, why not register? Pillsbury often has exclusive General Mills coupons to print, and it's always nice to be able to get another set of prints of good coupons too, isn't it?

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New Super-Couponing Tips column: Readers share pet savings tips

This week's syndicated Super-Couponing Tips column is entitled "Readers share pet savings tips." Here's an excerpt:

"No matter what kind of stuffed toys we get for our dog, she always ends up tearing them apart. I have given up and now buy stuffed animals at our local thrift store for 50 cents each. She can have her fun, and I’m no longer spending $5 or more on a toy that might last only a few weeks. One thing to keep in mind though is you have to watch for bedbugs in anything upholstered you buy at a thrift store. I run all the stuffed toys I buy through our washing machine on a steam cycle to kill anything that might be inside."

Read this entire column at

50 new Kellogg's Family Rewards points

Kellogg's Family Reward fans, here's another code for free Kellogg's points!


If you haven't used any of the previous codes, there are more free points to grab here:

BACKTOSCHOOL2014 - 50 points
KFRSHARETHANKS20 – 20 points
HOWITWORKS20PNTS - 20 points
"Like" Kellogg's Family Rewards on Facebook at this link and get another code for 100 free points!

If any of these older codes no longer work, please post below and I'll remove them from the list.

Registering with Kellogg's Family Rewards is free, and anytime you buy a participating Kellogg's or Keebler product, enter the code from inside the packaging to accrue points. You can use your points to print high-value coupons from the site or save them for additional prizes.

.36 Essential Everyday tomatoes and $1.49 Snapea Crisps at Jewel-Osco's #StockUpSale

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Jewel-Osco to help promote this week's #StockUpSale. I have been compensated for this post. All opinions about Jewel-Osco are my own.

I've got a couple more #StockUpSale deals for you at Jewel-Osco!

First, reader Outlander writes that Essential Everyday canned tomatoes are just .69 per can with this sale. Buy three and use this $1-off-3 printable to drop these to about .36 per can - fantastic price!

$1.00 off Two
Snapea Crisps
Print Coupon

Next, I spotted bags of Snapea Crisps on sale for $1.99. Buy two and use this $1-off-2 printable to drop these to $1.49 per bag! This is a great price for these. If you haven't tried them, Snapea Crisps are kind of a peapod cracker, for lack of a better word - they are shaped like dried peapods and are surprisingly tasty. These are one of my boys' favorite lunchtime snacks too!

Deals of the Week for October 12, 2014 are live!

Deals of the Week are live!

Sunday's Chicago Tribune has TWO inserts: RedPlum (RP) and SmartSource (SS.) The Parade magazine also has some manufacturer coupons. Need a deal on Sunday Chicago Tribune home delivery? Get it at home for just .75 per week!

New blog giveaway this week: Enter to win a Holland House Cooking Wine Grilling Kit! This great kit comes with grill tools and all kinds of gear for the grillmaster of your home or next tailgating event!

Users of Walmart's Savings Catcher app will want to know that Walmart is offering DOUBLE Savings Catcher rewards when you load the rewards to a Bluebird card.

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Have a great week of shopping and saving!

All You

Sign up for Kohl's Yes2You Rewards

Kohls Department Stores Inc

Earlier this summer, I posted about Kohl's launching Yes To You Rewards. Kohl's has been running more media ads (I even got one via text today!) about Yes2You Rewards! It seems some of my readers missed the initial post about this, so I'm posting this again for you!

Sign up for Yes2You Rewards, and every time you spend $100 at Kohl's, you'll get $5 in rewards. Sounds good to me!

Sign up for Kohl's Yes2You Rewards!

Jill reviews it: One year with Wen Hair Care

In 2013, I began reviewing Wen for one month with week-by-week updates for my blog readers. After the first month, I did a six-month check-in post. I've now been using Wen for 16 months, and I continue to use Wen regularly. I purchase Wen for my own use and have not been compensated for writing about my experiences with it. This post contains affiliate links.

On June 24th, 2013 I began using Wen Hair Care products. If you're unfamiliar with Wen (and it would be difficult to be -- their informercials and ads are everywhere) Wen cleansing conditioner replaces your former routine of lather-rinse-repeat with shampoo and conditioner.

I've had dry, wild and brittle hair for most of my adult life, and the allure of having soft, shiny hair seemed too good to be true. While Wen is pricey (when it's not on sale, it's close to $30 for a one-month supply,) its money-back guarantee gave me the confidence to give it a try.

For the first month I used Wen, I blogged each week about my results with it. That series of posts begins here if you're interested, and if you're reading this before reading those, go back and check those out too. They're very detailed with all of my first-months observations on the changes in my hair.

As a refresher, this was my before picture from June 2013 -- the last time I washed my hair with regular shampoo. (Considering how healthy my hair is now, this is painful to look at again..!)

This is a photo of my hair taken today in October, 2014:

I could not be happier with the condition of my hair. Wen improved the softness and shine of my hair from the first time I washed with it, but its texture has changed so much over the past year too. It's thicker, softer, and I simply don't get split ends the way I used to with regular shampoo. Instead of my hair tapering off to thin, weak ends, it's thick from the roots to the tips.

My hair feels very silky, but it's also got plenty of body and bounce. I have always wanted to grow my hair longer, but my hair would simply break off when it got to a certain length because the ends would be so damaged. Over the past 16 months, I've been getting trims pretty regularly to get the ends back to a healthy state. It's been about 2 1/2 months since I had my hair trimmed in these most recent photos, and I think you can see how healthy the ends look now. I'm looking forward to seeing more healthy hair growth over the months ahead.