Amazon Gold Box Deal: ALL seasons of How I Met Your Mother for $64.99 (reg. $179.98!)

If you're a fan of the "How I Met Your Mother" television series, Amazon's got a great deal today on all nine seasons of this hit television show. You'll get the complete, 28-DVD series for the legen... wait for it... dary price of just $64.99 -- that's 64% off!

Order now, and you can even have it in time for "Slaps-giving." What a great gift for all those fans of Ted, Robin, Marshall, Lily, and Barney.

Order How I Met Your Mother Seasons 1-9 from Amazon for $64.99!

$5 Black Friday magazine sale (early!) Entertainment Weekly, People, Sports Illustrated, All You, Real Simple and others just $5 for 12 issues!

Here's a crazy-good Black Friday magazine sale that began today! Get 12 issues of MANY popular magazines for just $5 per magazine! Some included titles:

- Entertainment Weekly (12 issues)
- People (12 issues)
- People StyleWatch (12 issues)
- Sports Illustrated (12 issues)
- All You (the coupon magazine! 12 issues)
- Real Simple (12 issues)
- InStyle (12 issues)
- Essence (12 issues)
- Time (12 issues)
- Fortune (12 issues)
- Money (12 issues)
- Golf (12 issues)
- Food & Wine (12 issues)
- Southern Living (13 issues)

I've NEVER seen some of these magazines priced this low! Go get your Black Friday $5 magazine deals (early!)

FREE Disney souvenir park maps offer is back again!

Whenever this offer comes around, these go quickly! Disney will send your family or household a FREE set of custom park maps! These are so much fun for kids. Choose your favorite attractions in the park, and Disney will send special keepsake maps of all 4 parks that highlight your favorite attractions and entertainment They even come with stickers so your family can decorate and customize them further.

These would make fun stocking stuffers for anyone planning a trip or who loves going to Disney World!

Mending my family's clothes: How to fix worn jeans "invisibly"

Part of my money-saving mindset has always been to make the things we use last as long as possible. Whether it's repairing an appliance to avoid replacing it (or paying for an expensive service call,) or mending clothing to get a little longer life out of it, I'm always willing to put in a little effort to both save money and avoid being wasteful.

I think a big part of this was the way I was raised, but I grew up in a household where both my parents repaired what was broken and mended what was damaged. Whether it was a missing shirt button or a snowsuit that had wore through at the knees, my parents fixed it. In fact, the snowsuit I wore as a grade-schooler had the knees patched somewhere around the time my sister grew into it. My daughter, who's now 18, wore the same snowsuit when she was little. My oldest son wore it, and my youngest son wears it now! Now, that may be an extreme example, but I was always taught to make things last.

My children all know that I have a spot in the house for clothes that need repair -- drop things in that corner of our room, and I'll fix them. I've written at length about how much I dislike our front-loading washing machine (here, here, and here to name a few.) One issue I haven't touched on here on the blog though is the fact that my machine rips clothing fairly often. I believe this is due to the extremely high speeds in which it spins the water out after the last rinse cycle. If one piece of clothing catches on a zipper or a button, it can tear. And, at least once a month, I pull something out of the washing machine that looks like this:

Again, I'd never buy another front-loader -- that's another issue. When things like this happen though, I grab a needle and thread (or depending on the size of the project, go to my sewing machine) and fix it.

Having two boys, my oldest son hands a lot of his clothes down to his younger brother. This works out pretty well for shirts, coats and the like, but jeans and pants? Eventually, they look like this:

While I could put patches over these ripped knees, I also don't want my kids to be self-conscious of an obvious repair job. Sometimes things simply wear out, and there's nothing you can do. However, I want to share how I've been able to extend the life of my sons' jeans by patching them invisibly...

5 Fridays Until Christmas gift idea: Flannel lined jeans

There are only FIVE Fridays left until Christmas. Each Friday, as we get closer to the holiday, I'll share a fun or interesting gift with you...

Today's holiday gift idea is something that's dear to my sons' warm little hearts (and legs) -- flannel lined jeans!

A few years ago I picked up a pair of these on clearance for my oldest son. Whenever they were clean, they were the first pair he'd pull out of his drawer when getting dressed. When he finally outgrew them, he lamented that they were the "warmest, softest" jeans he'd ever worn. I promised to buy him a new pair, passing the old pair down to my younger son.

Though that pair of jeans has seen better days, they're still warm, soft, and loved by his younger brother. My kids especially like wearing flannel lined jeans on snow-play days for an extra layer of warmth under their snow pants.

My husband also has a pair of flannel-lined jeans that he loves for similar reasons -- they're great for attending outdoor sports events in the winter, and they're even warmer under snow gear when he's headed out to shovel snow or work outside in the winter. The positive raves from my guys prompted me to pick up a pair for myself too!

Flannel-lined jeans aren't the easiest thing to find in department stores though. Old Navy used to stock them all the time, but they appear to be an online-only item now. Farm and Fleet stores do carry them, as do some outdoor gear stores. I've done a roundup of places to get them online too and their current prices. Note that prices can change at any time. Wherever I've shown a price range, the prices vary by style and size:

Toddlers' overalls: $17.00-$18.00

Farm & Fleet
Boys': $20.99-$23.99
Men's: $24.99-$44.99
Women's: $27.99-$32.99

Boys': $22.99-$45.00
Girls': $20.96-$26.99
Men's: $29.25-$59.99
Women's: $27.99-$45.99

Boys': $26.00-$26.97

Old Navy
Boys: $26.00
Men's: $39.94

Sportsman's Guide
Men's: $26.99-$39.99
Women's: $26.99

Gander Mountain
Boys: $30.00-$42.00
Men's: $39.99-$49.99
Women's: $44.99

Boys: $34.99
Girls: $34.99
Men's: $34.99 ($24.88 for flannel lined tan canvas style too!)
Women's: $31.49

L.L. Bean
Men's: $39.99-$59.95
Women's: $44.99-$64.95

Hanna Andersson
Boys': $45.00

Eddie Bauer
Men's: $49.00-$56.00
Women's: $49.00-$69.30

Land's End
Men's: $79.00-$89.00

Have you found a fun or interesting gift item online you'd like to share? Feel free to share it, and I may feature it as a future Friday gift idea...

SavingStar Friday Freebie: Free Celeste frozen pizza!

Head over to SavingStar to load a new "Freebie Friday" offer! (Wouldn't you like a free pizza today? Now you can grab one!)

Purchase through Sunday night and receive 100% of the purchase price back on your SavingStar account.

In Chicagoland, SavingStar offers can be redeemed at Jewel-Osco, CVS, Mariano's, Kroger, Piggly Wiggly, Target, Walmart, Walgreens, Meijer, Dollar General, Family Dollar, Kmart and Peapod. Some stores load offers to their loyalty cards (Jewel, CVS, Mariano's) and others use post-redemption of receipts -- snap a photo of your receipt and upload it.

Click to load this new offer via SavingStar!

*Note to Jewel-Osco shoppers: If you no longer have a Jewel-Osco card, you can also use a Upromise card at Jewel to redeem SavingStar ecoupons at Jewel. No Upromise card? Call 877-932-7948 to request a new Upromise card.

Life lessons from the second grade

I was looking through my son's second-grade homework this morning, and what I read made me smile. Even at the tender age of 7, my youngest child knows the value of spotting a deal...

Click to see the entire image.

Checkout 51 Deals for November 20, 2014

Checkout 51 Offers

Checkout 51, the ecoupon app (which you can use over the web too!) will have new ecoupon offers to load tomorrow. Most Checkout 51 ecoupon offers are valid at all stores. (If an offer is store-specific, the site or app will tell you so.)

Here's a peek at some of the new offers. Offers valid until 11:59PM EST next Wednesday evening.

NEW announcement from Checkout 51:

For the month of November, our members will get to choose one of their weekly offers! Look in your offer list for "Pick Your Own Offer." Tapping this will reveal a group of offers to choose from, and once chosen, that offer will automatically be added to their list.

"Pick Your Own Offer" offers:
- .25 off green beans, fresh cranberries, onions, potatoes or bananas

Regular offers:
- .50 off eggs
- $1 off Nature Valley Protein granola bars
- $2 off Aveeno
- $1 off Arlo Dofino cheese
- $1 off Wild Garden Hummus
- $2.50 off Lavazza coffee

Some offers from previous weeks continue this week too.

Click to browse current ecoupon offers at Checkout 51!

Print now for .25 Dawn dish detergent next week at CVS!

.25 off One
Dawn dish
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From 11/27-11/29, 9oz. bottles of Dawn dish detergent will be on sale at CVS as part of their Black Friday sale for $1. Buy two and get $1 in ExtraBucks, limit 1.

Print and hold two .25 printables for this sale. When the sale begins, buy two. Pay $1.50 and get $1 back. That's .50 for two, or .25 each!