April 1, 2015: Happy Cheap Trick Day!

I always dress to match the stage gear when I go to a Cheap Trick show.

April 1st is here again! For the first time in nearly seven years of blogging, I haven't prepared an April Fools' Day prank post for my readers. Chalk it up to the many hours I'm spending behind the scenes working on updating and upgrading the design of this blog --hopefully within the next week or two you'll see the results of all my hard work! Thank you so much for your continued patience as I make this transition -- I did intentionally time most of this work to take place over these slightly slower (deal-wise) Spring Break weeks.

Instead of trying to play a trick on you today, I'm celebrating the greatest Trick. Did you know it's Cheap Trick Day in the state of Illinois? It's true! Back in 2007, Illinois' senate declared April 1st of each year Cheap Trick Day by a unanimous, bipartisan Senate vote. (Who says our state can't get anything done?)

Many of my longtime readers know I'm a huge KISS fan, but I am also a loyal, longtime fan of Cheap Trick. They are one of the hardest-working bands in rock and are known for touring continually since the 1970s. Cheap Trick was born out of working-class roots in Rockford, Illinois, and if you grew up an avid music fan in this area, chances are you've probably saw them more than a few times. (And if you haven't, just check their website... there are always Illinois dates on their calendar!)

Cheap Trick

In the decades I've been seeing this band live, I've never, ever been disappointed by a Cheap Trick performance. Every year I celebrate that my favorite bands are still out touring the world -- at ages when most people are content to retire, rest, and relax. My definition of what it means to be a "senior citizen" continues to be delightfully redefined by many of my favorite bands, many of whose members are well into their 60s and haven't even come close to growing up yet.

Robin Zander and Jill

Happy Cheap Trick Day, guys. I can't wait to dig out my checkerboard dress for some more shows this summer. (Really the only place a dress like this is appropriate is at a Cheap Trick concert... or a NASCAR race.)

Now, for those who love April Fools' Day posts and pranks, make sure you check out:

  • Google Maps: Enter any address and you'll see a new map view in addition to "Street View" and "Satellite View" -- Pac-Man View. My kids have already gotten a kick out of "eating" their way around our neighborhood streets... and around Walt Disney World.
  • Redbox annouced Petbox this morning, with a variety of movie rental titles for your dog or cat.

Amazon Dash: Real or fake?

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Today, Amazon released the video ad shown above for Amazon Dash, : Amazon-branded buttons you can stick around your house. Need some more Tide? Press the Dash button and Tide will be delivered to your door. Oops, out of K-cups? Press the button stuck to your coffeemaker and more K-Cups will be delivered to your door.

Certainly, the technology exists to do this... but timing the announcement to hours before April Fool's Day begins? USA Today says this is real, but am I wrong to be skeptical that this may just be an April Fools' prank?

Take a look a Amazon Dash and decide for yourself...

FREE Kindle ebooks: Good money habits for kids and for you!

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It's time for another FREE Kindle ebook roundup! All of these ebooks are currently free on Amazon. You can read them with a Kindle device or the Kindle app! Download FREE Kindle E-reader Apps here.

Note that I personally haven't read all of these, though I do download many of them when I do these roundups! If a book is great, feel free to comment. If it's not? Hey, it was a free book! Take a chance...

Remember, prices on Amazon can change at any time, so grab these if you're interested in them!

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New SavingStar Healthy Offer of the Week: 20% off green peppers

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Jewel-Osco Deals of the Week: 4/1/15 - 4/7/15

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Here are your Jewel-Osco coupon matchups and grocery deals for Chicagoland:

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Note: I refer to coupon inserts found in the Chicago Tribune, as it is the newspaper with the largest quantity of high-value coupons for Chicagoland.
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Top deals:
.19 7-Up 2-liters, .45 Creamette pasta, .50 Ronzoni pasta, .72 Little Debbie snacks, .92 Dole canned pineapple, $1 Fresh Express salad blends, $1.06 cream cheese tubs, $1.25 Butterball turkey bacon and smoked sausage, $1.49-$1.74 Keebler cookies, $1.50 Barilla Gluten Free and Plus pasta, $1.50 Barilla pasta sauce, $1.50 Fisher Nut Exactly snack bites, $1.55 Kellogg's cereals, $1.75-$2 Dannon Activia, Light & Fit, $2 Fisher almonds, $3.50 Margaritaville shrimp

April Big Book of Savings deals:
.92 Ice Mountain 12-packs, $1 Fleischmann's Simply Homemade cornbread, $1.25 Kids' Band-Aids, $1.50 Hefty foam plates, bowls or cups, $1.82 Domino powdered or brown sugar, $2.25 Kozy Shack rice pudding, $2.49 Nonni's Biscotti, $2.50 Mariani dried fruit, $2.99 Pearls Specialty olives

Meijer Deals of the Week: 4/2/15 - 4/8/15

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Here are your Chicago Meijer coupon deals and matchups for the current week in Illinois stores:

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Note: I refer to coupon inserts found in the Chicago Tribune, as it is the newspaper with the largest quantity of high-value coupons for Chicagoland.

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Top deals:
.59 Campbells condensed soups, .66 Dole canned pineapple or oranges, $1 Oscar Mayer bologna, salami and Lunchables, $1.17 I Can't Believe it's not Butter, $1.25 Dole fruit bowls, $1.49 Keebler crackers, $1.50 Kraft cheese, $1.94 Eggland's Best eggs, $2.74 Clairol haircolor

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Changes are coming to my blog...

If it seems that I've been a little distant over the past couple of weeks, I haven't been -- in fact, I've been working harder than usual around here. (I've been getting some emails from readers hoping that everything's okay with me too!)

Sometime in the near future, you'll log onto www.jillcataldo.com and find a new and improved site design. Now, I know that no one likes change..! The redesign process has been tedious, time-consuming, and often bordering on nerve-wracking for me, because I don't like change either.

So why will I soon be changing things up on the blog? A few reasons...

  • To improve navigation on phones and tablets: My blog analytics tell me that each month between 60-70% of my users are visiting my site with smartphones and tablets, not computers. (In fact, 60% of all web traffic now originates from mobile devices.) However, people browsing from phones also currently spend less time on the site than computer users do. A mobile-friendly site will work better, faster and easier for everyone browsing while on the go. This doesn't mean the browsing experience will be diminished for people who still use computers -- the new design will bring a cleaner, more organized and more inviting design for everyone.

  • I'm being "coerced" into this: Really. And not exactly gently. Google recently announced that it will be penalizing websites that are not optimized for mobile devices. If you come here regularly, of course, this doesn't affect you -- but it does severely hurt the site's ability to attract and invite new users. If a site isn't optimized for phones, people won't see it featured in their Google results. Google now considers mobile-friendliness extremely important to ranking search results, punishing sites that are designed primarily for browsing with a computer.

  • Advertisers are requesting it. My blog is supported by a variety of advertising which keeps it free for you to read -- and gives me a job to wake up to each day. As web content transitions to mobile-responsive formats, advertisers are increasingly requiring the sites they advertise on to be optimized for phones. I recently had a pit-in-the stomach moment when a large advertiser notified me that they could not work with my site until I changed to a mobile-friendly design. So again -- I'm really being strongly encouraged into making this upgrade. I enjoy the relationships I have with my site's advertisers, and hopefully you do too. I try to keep the advertising relevant and focused to the topics I write about. When advertisers are happy, it brings more opportunities for my readers too, like many of the fun giveaways I feature here --I think we can agree that we all enjoy those!

I sincerely hope the transition to the new site, once it's launched, is something you'll find easy to use -- maybe even a little more fun to hang out on too! (I can't wait to show the new design to you! I've been looking at it for so many weeks that it actually throws me a bit when I flip back to this version.)

Transitioning to the new site should be pretty seamless for everyone -- if you are currently registered for the blog, you may need to reset your password once the new design is up. And, if you currently receive a daily digest of posts via email, you may need to re-opt-in once the new design is live too. I'm trying to make things as easy as possible, but these two things may need to be reset due to the way data imports from this version of the site to the new. I will let you know once everything's finally launched.

As incredible as this may seem, this current version of my site's design has been in place since January 18, 2010 and is only the second design I've had here. (How many of you remember the site's original 2008 design?) A lot's changed in the past five years! In addition to an explosion in browsing from handheld devices, we've gotten much more social. Some of the blog's new design features will make it even easier for you to share content on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter too.

So, that's what's been going on and why things have been a bit quieter than usual. Hang in there -- sometime soon you'll log on and see the new design! What won't be missing is the content -- all of the old posts and articles will still be here, and you just may find that posts and stories even easier to browse and find.

Especially if you browse from your phone.

New Garnier coupon printables (print them now!)

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Chicagoland readers, once again our Tribune didn't get the new set of Garnier coupons, but here they are in printable form! If you plan to use any of these, I recommend printing them sooner than later as they usually don't last long. Check out this week's Walgreens and CVS deals for good prices on Garnier this week!

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Deals of the Week for March 29, 2015 are live!

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Deals of the Week are live! Sunday's Chicago Tribune has FIVE inserts: Two SmartSource (SS), two RedPlum (RP), and a Procter & Gamble (PG.)

New giveaway: Enter for a chance to win a 4-CD pack of music from Disney in this week's "Hop to the Music" giveaway!

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Have a great week of shopping and saving!

Print a 15% coupon for Famous Footwear!

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Here's a new 15% off coupon for Famous Footwear! Print it and use it in store through 4/5/15 -- discount is limited to 21 pairs (!) of shoes.

That's a LOT of shoes. Happy shopping!