Chicago Tribune "Deals Delivered" free inserts program!

If you live in Chicagoland and would like FREE coupon inserts delivered to your door, read on...

The Chicago Tribune has a new program available called "Deals Delivered" in which they'll deliver coupon inserts FREE of charge. It's only available in certain areas, and here's how to get it.

Call 800-311-8500 and ask to subscribe to Deals Delivered (actually, when you call, you may even hear an ad for Deals Delivered in the phone menus.) Again, this is only available in CERTAIN areas and zip codes.

Currently, you can receive Deals Delivered in:

Addison (60101)
Alsip (60803)
Arlington Heights (60005)
Aurora (60503)
Brookfield (60513)
Cary (60013)
Chicago (60610, 60613, 60614, 60625, 60640, 60643, 60645)
Chicago Heights (60411)
Des Plaines (60018)
Elgin (60120, 60123)
Elk Grove (60007)
Evergreen Park (60805)
Geneva (60134)
Glendale Heights (60139)
Lisle (60532)
Midlothian (60445)
Mokena (60448)
Montgomery (60538)
Mount Prospect (60056)
Niles (60714)
North Aurora (60542)
Palatine (60074)
Rolling Meadows (60008)
Roselle (60172)
Schaumburg (60193)
Skokie (60076, 60077)
South Elgin (60177)
South Holland (60473)
St. Charles (60174)
Streamwood (60107)
Tinley Park (60487)
Warrenville (60555)
Waukegan (60085)
West Dundee (60118)
Wheeling (60090)
Woodridge (60517)
Vernon Hills (60061)

If you call and ARE eligible to receive Deals Delivered, please post your city and zip code here so that I can update this list!

And if you're lucky enough to have this in your area, enjoy those extra coupon inserts! It's worth noting that these inserts may not be identical to the actual Chicago Tribune inserts each week though -- several people currently getting Deals Delivered have said they're more like the coupon inserts that appear in RedEye (Trib's entertainment tabloid) and Hoy and Fin de Semana(Spanish newspapers.) But... who doesn't like more free coupons?

no luck

I just tried and was told that the program is no longer offered.

I just called & got this

I just called & got this started! I'm in Evanston in zip 60201

You're kidding!

WOW. They told us months ago that it was over..!

I tried to order but they don't seem to know about it

I am highly interested in this program of which you write about. I had a very nice and helpful person on the line that wanted to charge me 1.00 per week for the paper but no free program for the inserts. Do you know of a coupon code I could ask for?

Original post is from 2010

This program was launched in 2010 and cancelled only a month or two after launch.

These are appearing on my block again

After a hiatus and being told this summer it was discontinued and since I was a subscriber I couldn't participate, I picked up a plastic wrapped newspaper today that had been on the sidewalk since Saturday to recycle it. I opened it to put in the recycling bin and low and behold it is what used to be Deals Delivered. It is what my kids call the "guts to the newspaper" in sealed plastic just like in the Sunday Tribune. It has sale flyers from this past Sunday's paper. The spine of the Smart Source says: Chicago Select Savings; Chicago Sunday Select; Chicago Extra. The only thing that is missing that I would miss is the CVS flyer.

It is called Chicago Shopping now. My question is this, do we have a way for people (even in certain zip codes) to get these? I tried looking all over the Tribune website, but can't find anything. Just has me wondering...

I went to meet my mom for brunch

and found a green 'Deals Delivered' bag on my front porch! I never even signed up for it.

What came in your Deals Delivered this week?

It appears that I have FINALLY started receiving my Deals Delivered (after complaining 4 times over 6wks that I was not receiving it!). I was short a couple of coupon inserts (SS and RP) last week and I'm wondering if this is normal.

I know the SS insert this week says it's for LaRaza (among other smaller suburban papers) distribution and I know these papers get smaller inserts but do they get fewer?? I also didn't receive a CVS or Wags flyer which seems very strange to me but maybe that's the way it's supposed to be.

I tried to find a listing of what I should expect in the Deals package and there wasn't anything online that I could quickly locate. Before I accuse my delivery person of digging through my Deals before delivering them, I thought I should see if someone could tell me what they received.

Deals Delivered isn't the same

as the Trib inserts. Mine had a SS but it's not the same as the Trib or even the Daily Herald. You won't get all the inserts the other papers have either, every week one or two aren't in there. I don't think I've ever gotten a Red Plum from there. There have been weeks when I don't get the Wags/CVS flyers either and then the next week, they're in there. I have no idea why!

Deals Delivered is a nice freebie so I can't complain, but it's definitely not what I thought it was going to be!

Can not believe it!

A Deals Delivered showed up with my paper today. They also delivered one to the abandoned house nest door!?!?!?! So crazy!

Deals Delivered NO LONGER available

I just phoned the number this morning 3.24.10 @10:23am and was informed this is no longer offered in general.

Deals Delivered a DISAPPOINTMENT!!

I called because I did NOT get my deals delivered. They told me because I already have a subscription (in my husbands name only) I get the deals delivered in my paper. So no additional deals.

I called back under my name which no subscription is linked to and they said it was for a limited time and the deals have ended. When I called so sign up they said my deals would start being delivered today.

No such luck and I think the Tribune will make a lot of people angry. Just before getting out of bed this morning I was already flipping through the deals in my head and then come to find out a big Disappointment was starting my Sunday off and a bad note.

Deals Delivered no longer going on?

Just called this morning. 1st one told me it is not for Cary-60013 . Then I called back and was told this special has expired. Is this special over?

NO - Fox River Grove, IL YES - Cary, IL

Fox River Grove is not part of the Deals Delivered. But, Cary is.

Is this a JOKE?

I got my first Deals Delivered this morning, and I am SOOOOO disappointed. Of the inserts that super couponers normally look for, I got only Target and for coupons all I got was Red Plum. NO Walgreens, NO CVS, NO smart source. I felt like this was a joke they were pulling on me. Did anyone else get this ridiculous deal delivered?

Is Deals delivered the same as "red eye"??

I got a "Red Eye" circular. And there are no ads at all. No coupon inserts at all. I am confused... What do your "Deals Delivered" look like? My red eye came in a red bag.

Deals Delivered

My deals came in a green bag. Inside the green bag was the wrapped inserts that look just like they do in the paper, but when I opened them, there was hardly anything at all.

Deals Delivered

I just tried to participate with the Deals Delivered program and because I already subscribe to the Tribune, I was unable to receive this offer. Makes me want to cancel my subscription to get the Deals Delivered for FREE! Were other people told the same thing?

Just call back

and tell them right away you're only interested in subcribing to the deals delivered program.


I called the other day and they didn't even ask me if I get any subscriptions (I do get 2). They just took down my info and said that I'll see it this Sunday. Can't wait to see if it really comes!

I signed up

I just called this morning and was able to sign up for the program. I also received the Tribune 3 days a week. I'd call back and hope to receive another agent.

Sales inserts Redplum Trib Local Values circular

Someone wanted to know how to get Jewel, Dominick, etc circulars. I get this delivered usually on Tues with the next week grocery sales circulars.I got this until about 1 year ago, then it stopped. I was able to recently have it restarted by calling a number listed on it's outer wrapper.The fine print says "for any service issues or cancellation of future delivery of this product call 800-998-2339".

When I called to get Deals delivered, I was told it wasn't available in River Grove. When I asked if it would be in the future, they put me through to customer service to let them know that I was interested.


I just stopped my wed paper that had those adds (2.00 a week)and was wondering what I would do to receive them in the mail.

Are people eligible for these

Are people eligible for these extra inserts if they are already paying for delivery of a Sunday paper?


I just subscribed and they didn't ask/say anything and I get 3 Sunday papers.

Please post YES cities/zips only

This thread is getting very long - I'm going to do some housekeeping and delete old posts and the "no" posts. Please only posts zip codes and cities that are a YES for Deals Delivered. Thanks!

A "NO" post from a new zip

A "NO" post from a new zip code is also useful data - saves others from wasting their time.

I could take the list and convert it to a sorted by zip code format with either a YES or NO if that would help.

Red Eye

I have Tribune home delivery and added Red Eye delivery on Saturday in order to get more coupons. The Red Eye is coming but there are never any coupon inserts in it. Maybe they are trying to discourage double dipping????


RedEye only gets coupons in it in certain delivery areas. Where I live, I get RedEye delivered, but it has no coupons.

Dollar Store?

Can you get coupon paks at the Dollar Store? Do they charge for them? Is there a limit?


You can buy the Sunday Chicago Tribune at most dollar stores for a dollar, with the coupons - just recycle the paper.

How do I get ads?

I would just like to know how I can even just get the mid-week weekly Jewel and Dominick's ads sent to me - anyone know?? I know I can browse the ads online, and that's what I do... but a paper copy would be so much more convenient.

Wednesday Trib

If you're not getting them in the mail, the easiest way is to get a Wed/Fri/Sun Tribune subscription ($1/week) - the Wednesday paper has all of those Thursday ads in it.

Some Jewel stores will direct-mail them to you too if you sign up at the service counter - let them know you're not receiving them.

thanks Jill!

I didn't think to ask at the Jewel desk if I can get them mailed - will do so the next time I am in! : )