new tribune gift card code WOW

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This applies to paying for your trib subscription using easy pay (basically with your credit/debit card)

OFFER CODE = 135 (one three five)

the offer - use easy pay and get a $15 target gift card! This on top of the current code for 50 cents a week for the sunday only home delivery - makes having the paper a MONEY MAKER!

here's the math:

26 weeks x 50 cents = 13.00 - $15 gift card = $2 MM!!

for this, I may ADD another subscription for sundays! :o)

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50 cent sunday code

I just signed up last week for the 50 cent Sunday code of 0B1z (that is zero B one Z ) but I didn't know about the Target gift card. That code is valid until April 5th 2010 !

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I would like to know who has

I would like to know who has gotten their Target gift card. I have been calling Chicago Tribune to inquire, and this last time I talked to them they said they would be sending the gift card. I'm still waiting and I have another friend who is still waiting on her gift card. I would have gotten the subscription anyways, but the g.c. was a nice perk, but now I am getting annoyed for getting promised something without it being delivered.
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Target gift cards

Received two, one from Target directly and one from the Tribune. They both took about 4 or 5 weeks to arrive.

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I received my Gift Card

Yup I received my Target card within about 5 weeks!

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Easy Pay problem

When I got my bill for my regular (W-F-S) subscription, I finally signed up for Easy Pay. They haven't billed my account yet, and I didn't get any of my papers this week. I've called each day to report the missing papers, but am guessing that thye stopped delivering them for non payment even though I'm now supposed to be on Easy Pay.

Any one else have problems with Easy Pay?

Of course I also haven't got the $25 Target gift card (offer code #59, expires 4/2) yet either.

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I actually have not had that

I actually have not had that problem and I initially started the same way you did, with the WFS subscription and eventually changed it over the phone to Sundays only. I never had a gap in service. By all means, keep up with customer service! Oh, and the gift cards take at least a month to get to you, so I wouldn't worry too much about not having that yet. Good luck! I believe my easy pay ended up being a one time payment for the whole subscription and then another one probably right before the 26 weeks is up.

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I also had W-F-S and switched

I also had W-F-S and switched to Sunday only. I also added on 2 more Sundays with the .50 code and got three $15 Target gc. My subscription started right away and I got the 3 gc a couple weeks later.

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If you don't want to call in

you can use the 50 cents weekly code online and choose the bill me later option, where they mail you your bill. That will get you an subscription welcome packet that gives you the easy pay option to fill in on your bill. It might even come with it's own gift card promo code, but if the code I gave you is better - by all means, use this code...

I hope that helps!

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Just got off the phone with

Just got off the phone with the tribune to add another copy, not only did I get the .50 rate for the 2nd copy, but they lowered my rate for the 1st copy also....and am getting the $15 Target gc

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The Tribune phone number is 1-800-874-2863.

I signed up yesterday on line & then saw this deal. So, I just called and changed my subscription. I will now get the Target G/C & the paper for $.50 a week. I love this!

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Where do I put offer code 135?

I understand that I put the code 0aup in the beginning for the 50 cents a week subscription, but there is only a place for one offer code there. I cannot find where to put the code 135 to get the gift card. I went through the process and selected easy pay, hoping to find a place to put the additional offer code, but there wasn't one.
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Target card easy pay

You can't do the gift card AND the 50 cents code at the same time online, so I ended calling the subscription number and giving both codes to the operator. No problem. She confirmed everything and said the card will come within a few weeks. Just what I need, another Sunday paper!

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Tribune - great deal

I wanted have 2 subsciptions sent to my home - could someone help me out with the codes in order to get the best deal

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I put in the code and it is

I put in the code and it is telling me 1.50 a paper and mentions nothing about target this right? usually code is 4 letters/numbers, right?

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This code 135

involves using the easy pay option to pay for your subscription. So yes, you need to remember to call about your rate before 26 weeks is up! I think setting a reminder for myself in my e-mail or on my phone is a good trade off to getting the paper to PAY ME to take it home :o)

The four digit code (zero AUP) is used to get you the 50 cent sundays rate.

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The code to get the newspaper for .50/Sundays is 0AUP.