Couponing in Tucson/Phoenix area?

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Does anyone know of a good webiste for super couponing in the Tucson/Phoenix area? I am trying to teach this my sister in law who lives there.

I think they have Bashas, Albertsons, Safeway, Frys. Does anyone know if the Doms/ Jewel deals always run the same there?

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Jill should be along to help but to start you out, Safeway is Dominicks and Albertsons is Jewel.

Start checking your local ads. The big Jewel thing are Catalinas where you get a money off coupon for your next visit. Dates may be different than you see here. The Couponmom forums cover both these stores as well as Frys. For bashas, search google for bashas deals or similar and results like this will start you out.

Albertsons Cat deals is another search that should get you started.

Around here (Chicago area) double coupons are something I haven't seen but shoppers elsewhere get them, so look into that as well as if your stores take expired coupons, Dominicks does and it's part of Safeway.

Also, check your stores websites for electronic coupons.