Deals of the Week for November 25, 2008

It's a Thanksgiving week of deals for you! And since Johnny B's radio show is on Thanksgiving break, the only place you can get this week's deals is right here!

A big welcome too to our new Super-Couponers joining us from this week's classes in Hampshire, McHenry and Carol Stream!

If you didn't pick up that Thanksgiving turkey yet, Jewel's got multiple deals going that could help you get one for free. This week's flier once again has a coupon for $7 off a turkey with a $30 Jewel purchase. Some Jewel stores have the same flier with an $8 coupon on it!

There's also a promo going on at Jewel for an instant $10 off a turkey when you buy $25 worth of certain Kraft products! This sale works on the Preferred card (sale) prices, so just spend $25 and you'll automatically save $10 on your turkey.

So... here are your coupon matchups for the Kraft deal!

Note: Many of the coupons listed come from the current issue of Kraft Food and Family magazine This is a free magazine from Kraft, and it typically either contains Kraft coupons or gives you an online link to print them. For many subscribers, the cover of the Winter 2008 issue has a web address and subscriber login code to print the coupons -- and remember, you can print each of them twice. Because you do need this code to print the coupons, I can't link to them directly -- but if you're on Kraft's mailing list and already receiving the magazine, log in to get the coupons that work with this deal! :) When there are insert coupons for these deal items, I'll list them too. So here we go...

$1 off 2 Kraft Salad dressings (11/16 SS)
Combine this with the Avenu discount for$1 off Kraft South Beach salad dressings, also included in the deal, and you'll be getting 2 dressings for just 50 cents each.

75 cents off Kraft Salad Dressing - Kraft Food and Family printable (noted above.)

$1 off when you buy Cool Whip, Planters, and Jello products (11/16 RP)

75 cents off Kraft Chunk or Shredded Cheese - Kraft Food and Family printable.

75 cents off 2 Maxwell House Coffee - Kraft Food and Family printable. ALSO: Check your Jewel Avenu for Maxwell House store coupons too as many people have had it this week.

75 cents off Oscar Mayer bacon - Kraft Food and Family printable

Some of the other items in the deal are a good price already (Stove Top stuffing at $1.25/box.) So see if you can combine discounts and save on things you already need!

Jewel has another great deal going on Pillsbury products (here's the ad for this one, which you can also find in the free Spotlight magazine on the flier racks at Jewel.) This is an easy deal - buy any 10 featured Pillsbury items and get $5 off instantly! So, here are your matchups for this deal:

55 cents and 45 cents off Crisco product - 11/9 RP
40 cents off reduced sugar brownie mix, cake mix or frosting - 9/7 RP
55 cents off Eagle condensed milk - 11/9 RP and Nov. All You magazine
35 cents off Smuckers - 8/24 RP, 9/7 RP
25 cents off Smuckers - 11/9 RP
35 cents off Jif peanut butter - 8/24 RP, 11/9 RP
$1 off Hungry Jack potatoes and Crisco spray - 9/14 RP

As with all of these deals, sometimes the best deals don't even need to involve coupons. If you bought 10 Pillsbury muffin mixes for $10, you'd get $5 off instantly, making each mix just 50 cents!

As if Jewel didn't have enough deals going (once again, this is why Jewel is my favorite store!) they've also got another one going on Unilever products: Buy $15 worth and get $5 off a gift card of your choice. Obviously, the best kind of gift card to get here is a Jewel gift card, and then you can just spend your savings right back at Jewel next time. So here are the matchups for this deal:

$1 off Lever 2000 soap - 10/5 RP, 11/16 RP
$1 off Lever 2000 printable
$1 off Caress body wash - 11/16 RP
$2 off 2 Sunsilk products - 11/16 RP
$1.50 off 2 Suave haircare - 9/21 RP
75 cents off 2 Suave men's haircare - 11/16 RP
$1.00 off 2 Suave haircare - 11/16 RP
75 cents off Suave deodorant - 9/21 RP, 11/16 RP
$1.25 off Vaseline lotion - 10/26 RP
$1.50 off Vaseline lotion - 11/16 RP

If you need any of these items, this can be a good deal, because your $15 worth is your before-coupon total - and you'll be getting $5 back with the gift card.

STILL at Jewel (oh yes, there's more..!) there's a different Pillsbury deal running on Pillsbury refrigerated products and butter. Buy any 5 participating Pillsbury products and get a free pound of Jewel butter. And of course, you will want to use coupons with this too... has coupons for 50 cents off 2 Grands biscuits, 35 cents off Crescent rolls, $1 off 2 refrigerated cookie dough, and 60 cents off rolled refrigerated pie crusts. Here's another link for 35 cents off Crescent rolls too!

Still at Jewel, would you like some cheap shampoo? Herbal Essences is on sale for $1.99, and the 10/12 P&G has a coupon for $3 off 2, making these just 50 cents each...

Also still at Jewel, Wild Harvest organic pasta is on sale $2.49, buy one get one free. Go to Wild Harvest's website and print 2 $1.00 off coupons. Remember, a great coupon technique is using 2 coupons during a B1G1F sale... you're paying tax on two, so you're buying two. With 2 coupons, this pasta works out to just a quarter a box!

Over to SuperTarget... bunches of fresh broccoli and cauliflower are on sale 3/$4, or $1.34 each. has a coupon for $1 off broccoli or cauliflower, so pick up as many as you want for just 34 cents each! Remember too that you can print these coupons from the gift registry kiosk in the front of the store if you don't want to use your own paper.

Stocking stuffer time... for little girls or us grownup girls too! Goody Ouchless hair products (ponytail holders, barrettes, scrunchies, and hairbands) are on sale at Target for $2.00-$2.19. Use this $2.00 off Goody Ouchless coupon and pick some up for free or cheap! And a bonus... this is an unlimited print coupon, so you can print as many as you need.

Over at Meijer, Endust spray is on sale for $2. Use the $2 coupon from 9/7 RP and/or 11/9 RP inserts to pick it up for free... and the bonus? At many stores, a Catalina is printing for $1 off your next purchase at Meijer... making this a moneymaker!

Over at Walgreens, raise your hand if you'd like FREE Sure deodorant! Sure is on sale for $1.99. Use the $1 coupon from 10/19 SS and the $1.50 coupon in this month's EasySaver to get $2.50 off your $1.99 deodorant... making this one better than free... because it's a moneymaker! Make sure to buy something else to use up that overage... like a Dove Chocolate bar. Dove bars are on sale for $1.50, and with a $1 coupon from 9/7 RP, the Dove bar will be just 50 cents... or FREE, if you buy it at the same time as the deodorant :)

Web freebies:

Free 20 oz. Dr. Pepper

Free energy bar or drink at GNC stores

Pillsbury $10 coupon book

Do you like these deals? Want to learn how to get deals like this on almost EVERYTHING that you buy? Attend one of my Super-Couponing classes (they're FREE!) and learn all the tricks of the trade. You'll be slashing your bills in no time!

Free movie rentals

I went to Jewel today to work some of the deals you listed above. It all worked great (although my Jewel only credited me the actual price of the milk and not the whole $4.50 when I used that coupon). Then I noticed a bonus at the end of my coupons which I didn't see you mention: It printed me a coupon for 5 free Redbox movie rentals courtesy of P & G! And this when we were planning to have a family movie night.

Thanks for sharing all this great information. I'm hooked on Super-Couponing now!


I have heard some stores are doing this -- which isn't really right, as the coupon scans at $4.50 and the store will also get $4.50 when they're reimbursed for it. The Redbox deal is part of a P&G promo going on right now too (Jewel has so many deals running at any given time that it's hard to keep up with them all.)

For anyone who hasn't used the free milk coupons yet, the easiest way around possible cashier issues? Use them at the self-check. Then you'll get the full $4.50.

Wild Harvest BOGO & Kellogg's


In addition to the Wild Harvest pasta sale (buy one/get one), other Wild Harvest products are also on sale. I stumbled across the organic microwave popcorn (also BOGO) and since I had enough pasta, bought two of these (with two-$1 coupons, of course!) and got a decent deal on some popcorn which we needed.

I also bought some Pop Tarts for the free milk deal and found out that you need to scan the bowls and the milk (in addition to the cereal and/or Pop Tarts) for the bowls and milk to be free. I didn't scan the "free" bowls, so had to get a refund at the customer service desk for the milk. Also, be sure it's Dean's milk if you do this deal.

Jewel Pillsbury Deals

Along with the Pillsbury deal which Jill posted ..there is a $ 15 off 1800
Check out the link below.

Receive a $15* Savings Pass to when you purchase $10 worth of participating products. See Mail-In Offer Form for complete details.

Participating products include:
Smucker's® Jams, Jellies, Preserves, Fruit Spreads or Toppings
Crisco® Shortenings, Shortening Sticks, Oils or, No-Stick Cooking Sprays
Pillsbury BEST® Flour
Pillsbury® Baking Mixes or Frostings
Jif® Peanut Butter
Hungry Jack® Potatoes, Pancake Mixes or Syrups
PET® Evaporated Milk
Eagle Brand® Sweetened Condensed Milk

Cream Cheese

I swear a read something on here about a deal on cream cheese, but I can't find it anywhere.. is this still going on? Help!

Ended last week

The cream cheese deal ended last week at Jewel - it was on sale for 99 cents a brick, and buying 7 gave you a $4 Catalina back too.

Cream Cheese

A Meijer cat told me the cream cheese deal went through 11/30. Their Philidelphia cream cheese is on sale this week for .99 or $1. I bought is Sunday night and got the $4 off my next order cat. :) Remember to get 4 of one flavor and 3 of another to get the sale price on all of them! This is a great deal!

Yea for Jill and Jewel!

Went shopping last night and had soooo many coupons and deals to work with. Good thing I didn't have the kiddos...this one required some thinking!

I ended up getting $51 oop worth of groceries...the register said I saved $111!!! Holy cow! There was over $50 in coupons (mfg and store)! I had $15 oyno catalinas, $4.50 on milk catalina and then worked the Kraft, Smuckers, and Kelloggs deals! Plus saved some serious cash with the Wild Harvest coupons! The only thing I messed up on was the Kelloggs deal. I got 4 boxes of cereal (with 4x$1 coupons) and then you are supposed to get a free milk. I figured that would be another milk catalina. I asked customer service afterwards and they said that comes right off your order....since I was using my 4.50 catalina, they wrote on my receipt that the next time I am in, I get free milk. We love free milk here at my house!

As I was handing the cashier my tons of coupons, a lady walked up behind me to checkout and I looked at her and apologized...she said "no problem!" As we stood there (for what seemed like forever) the lady behind me kept repeating, "You did REALLY good!" "Holy Cow!" "You did real good!"

Thank you Jill for everything! We are seeing a good reduction in our grocery bill! The only thing is that I think I am a bit addicted to this!


I know the feeling. Sounds like you had a GREAT trip! It is always a great feeling to know you're buying things you need anyway... but more money is staying in your pocket. Congrats :)

I'm trying today

I'm hoping this will work. I'm going to try to get the deal today. Question tho: My coupon says "$7 off your turkey, with an additional $30 purchase". I don't have the coupon in front of me now, but something on the coupon makes or leads me to believe that the turkey cost can't be included in the $30 total. Maybe the wording "additional" , was the wording that made it seem like I needed to exclude the turkey cost in that $30 amount. If it's working for others, I must just be interper. it wrong. I'm doing the Kraft deal and my "filler" will be a couple of gallons of milk [got 3-free milk coupons from last wk. deals.] Some say they are getting the full $4.50 value on the milk. This should then take down the final cost for me.

you are correct..

You will need $30 beyond the turkey price to use that $7 coupon. i did this last night with the kraft deal and bought pepsi products also. my turkey will end up being .25!


Yes, they took off the 4.50 when I bought a 1.99 milk. Also, you do have to have an additional $30 in product (not including your turkey) but make sure you give them your turkey coupon FIRST before the catalinas and other coupons.

Deals for Nov.25

I did my shopping tonight and it worked. The register took $10.00 instantly when last item was scanned. I also used the $7.00 tukey - I bought a Jennie O turkey for $16.38 with $17.00 off - It was free!
also did (10 featured Pillsbury items and get $5 off instantly) this came off right after the last item was scanned.
It's been alot of fun learning and utilizing all the information -
Jill Thank you for all the time you put in smart shopping so we can all save.

Turkey Question

I was just wondering if there is anyone out there who combined the Kraft deal and $7/$8 coupon and DIDN'T buy a Butterball turkey. The Kraft ad doesn't specify Butterball, but that's what's in the picture. I was told we had to buy a Butterball which is much higher cost to begin with at my Jewel. I was considering going to the dark side ;) and shopping at Dominick's this week, but if I can purchase a Jennie O, I'll happily head to Jewel. Thanks!

re: turkey question

we bought a Jennie O turkey... We read the ad and saw the butterball picture. But the ad doesn't specify a brand. So we asked the manager and the ladies at the service desk. they didn't know. they said buy whichever brand you want & you'll get the $10 off.
So at the register... we didn't get the $10 automatically. But they manually did it for us.

I LOVE this site. Each week it's so much fun to see how much we can save or what we get free. My husband even loves to see what's new each week for savings. I want to go to a coupon class, but everyone I look into is completely full months in advance.

someone did do this

Someone else posted in another forum that they did buy a jennie-o turkey with the kraft deal. i will be doing the same later today.


Beth, you're in luck :)

I'm reading from the coupon that just came on Sunday's Jewel flyer, and it says:

$7 off any 14-24lb. Jennie O, Village Market, Perdue or Butterball fresh or frozen turkey with this coupon and separate $30 purchase.


What about the Kraft deal though? That's really my main concern. has anyone done this one and purchased a Jennie O, or any turkey besides Butterball, with success?

Turkey Deals at Jewel

If you buy a butterball they are pricing out @$1.69 # minus $7 &$10. But if you buy a Jeno O its 99 cents minus the same 2 amounts . So I went with Jenno O . This is my jewel prices My 22.8 oz turkey was about $6.oo


The Kraft deal is on ANY turkey.

What you will need to watch though is that you need a $30 purchase to use the $7 coupon, but at least a $25 purchase of Kraft to get the instant $10 off the turkey.

So, conceivably, if your turkey was $14, this might happen:

Buy $14 turkey
Buy $25 worth of Kraft - total is now $39
$10 instant comes off for turkey - total is now $29

You wouldn't be able to use your $7 coupon at this point because you still need at least $30 to use the $7 coupon. So make sure you are a little bit over that $30 mark AFTER the Kraft instant savings so that you can still use the turkey coupon.

So here's an example of how you could work this.

Let's say I bought 2 South Beach salad dressings, 2 shredded cheese, 2 bacon, 4 Stove Tops, 2 Cool Whips, 2 Planters and 2 Jello. That combo totals at $25.29. With the $14 turkey above and the Kraft instant $10 savings, I am at $29.29 - too low to use that $7 coupon.

So I could add the Herbal Essence shampoo in as a "filler." I buy 2 at $1.99. This pushes me up to $30.99.

I use the $7 coupon. Down to $23.99 (and I've just gotten $3 overage on the Turkey, that gets applied to my Kraft...)

I use the Herbal Essences $3 coupon off. Down to $20.99.

I use an assortment of Kraft coupons for the Kraft items I bought:
2 75-cents off dressing; $1 off Cool Whip, Planters and Jello; 2 75-cents off cheese; 2 75-cents off bacon. I also get $2 savings from Avenu for the dressing.

I'd be paying $15.02 for ALL the Kraft stuff, the shampoo, AND my turkey. Remember, the turkey alone was $14 at the beginning of this deal :)

$10 off oyno

Can we also use our $10 off oyno coupon?

Of course

Those Catalinas are just like cash. Absolutely.

Thanks again!!

Thanks Jill and everyone else. I'll be heading out to Jewel tomorrow! :)

will that really work?

Would that really work jill? will it take the instant $10 off the turkey? so i would only have to buy another $5 in groceries? or would i have to buy an additional $15 in groceries?

Of course it will work. :)

The Kraft deal started on Thursday. Check the Forum here on the blog - many people have been combining the Kraft deal and the $7 coupon together to get their turkeys for free. As long as you buy $25 worth of Kraft shown in the ad (pre coupon total), the $10 comes off your turkey instantly... and you can STILL use the $7 coupon with it too, as long as your grocery total is still over $30 at that point. Make sure the $7 turkey coupon is the first coupon you give the cashier, so that you are over $30 when it's rung through. Then, the cashier can ring the rest of your coupons and bring that bill down even more.

Goody coupon...

Is anyone else having a problem getting the Goody coupon to print? Everytime I click on it, it looks like it will print and then gives me the message "the docment could not be printed". Is it just me?

Goody coupon

I wasn't able to print it either. I've sproadically had problems printing coupons - but this is the only one lately that has been a problem. Glad to know it isn't just me!

Can't get Goody Coupon to print either

When I print the Goody coupon on my printer, it just prints a blank page with the web address on the top. So, I am trying to have my DH print it from work. That's a great deal, I don't want to miss it.

Problem solved!

I solved my problem by updating my Adobe to the newest edition. It works like a charm now!

Love your site so much! Could

Love your site so much! Could u please tell me where on the Kraft website you can enter your codes and such. Can't seem to find it, it's not the regular login is it?


The current issue of Kraft Food and Family came with a post-it type card attached to the front cover, and the card contains the web address and login code to print the coupons. Because this was issued only to magazine subscribers, if you aren't currently receiving Food and Family magazine, there really isn't any other way to get these coupons. (And because of this, I wasn't sure if I should list them or not -- but again, they're out there, so I did! :) If you've registered with Kraft in the past to receive coupon mailings, look on the cover of the current magazine issue and you'll see the card advertising the bonus coupons for this month.

Food and family

Yes I am a subscriber. I have the Winter 08 magazine but it did not come with any post it type flyer, there seems to be a code in the mailing label though, but nothing else. Stumped..........

What it looks like

Here's a scan of the card (I just pulled this off the cover of mine) - it covers about 1/3 of the magazine cover vertically.

The URL it tells you to go to is and enter the code. My code was an 8 digit alphanumeric that started with a U.

If you are a subscriber and didn't get this (maybe it got torn off in the mail?) Kraft's Food and Family customer service is 1-877-535-5666 -- I have nothing to do with them, I just looked this up -- but perhaps they can help.

kraft food and family

Hello, I just called Kraft about the flyer on the Winter 08 issue. The rep told me that different subscribers get coupons with different mailings. They typically don't include all subscribers for that promo, they are rotated. FYI, my issue did not have the bonus flyer either. Maybe next time : )


I never knew that some people got them and not others -- and now I too am wondering how they decide. Well... I hope I didn't disappoint anybody by listing them. IF you have them available to you, they work well into this deal. My apologies for getting everyone excited..!

kraft w/o turkey

i bought $25 worth of kraft products without a turkey and the $10 came off automatically. am i on to something? does this mean i can buy k raft w/o the turkey and still get the $10 off?

Kraft Magazine

Hi Jill,
I received this months Kraft's Food & Family (this is the 2nd month I've received one) however, mine does not have the same information as yours is showing. I do not have the free coupons totaling $5 off on mine. I wonder how they decide who gets this and who doesn't.

kraft magazine

I just called customer service and they could'nt get my code to work, the lady on the phone said they would send me out a coupon in 7-10 business days. So we'll see. I was really looking forward to the coffee coupons for this Kraft deal. Thanks for all the help Jill I would've never known without u.