Krakus Ham - good sale at Joseph's Marketplace in Crystal Lake

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Joseph's Marketplace in Crystal Lake has a great sale on Polish Krakus Ham. It is only $2.99 a pound this week. To make this even better there is a coupon in the 6/28 RP for $.75 on 1/2 lb or more. So depending on how many coupons you have you can either get 1 lb for $2.24 or purchase in 1/2 lb packages and pay $1.49 for 2 half lb packages. I love Krakus ham and I know that it doesn't get any cheaper than this. You can freeze it too :)

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Its the only ham I will eat. When every I order it at the deli they are like are you sure you dont want Krakow...its cheaper....ummmm no thanks.
Im gonna stock up as the store by my house has it on sale too...THANKS!

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Freeze it?

I have never tried freezing it! Does it affect the flavor or texture?

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I have frozen it before...

the flavor is fine but you will have to shake off the ice crystals that form in between so it doesn't stay so wet. I'm thinking of investing in a small meat slicer, therefore I can buy the meat in chunks and slice it myself to prevent this. I don't care but I have picky eaters who obsess on texture.