Spreadsheet of Savings

When you're new to Super-Couponing, many people enjoy keeping track of just how much money they've saved with coupons. I did this my first year -- and not counting the sales cycles lows (the differences in price between regular and sale) - ONLY counting coupon savings -- I saved over $5400 the first year! I've since stopped keeping track in such a detailed form, but I'll never forget how exciting it was to note that kind of savings in a year's time.

Many of my blog readers want to keep track of their coupon savings too. Forum member Prea posted this Spreadsheet of Savings. It's an Excel spredsheet that allows you to enter the coupons and prices of what you've purchased to calculate your total savings.

Here's a note from Prea on how to use the spreadsheet:

This is the spreadsheet I use to track my savings. The first four rows have been filled in. Do not clear these rows -- simply type your figures over the top of mine. (Others have told me there is a calculation problem if you clear the sheet before starting.)

I did not originally create this sheet, and I do not recall which web site I originally found it on; therefore I am unable to give credit where it is due. I have made many changes to it though, and it's what works for me. I hope it works for you as well.

For my savings, I created 5 sheets from the template sheet, one for each store I shop at. Other couponers have found it more beneficial to keep all the stores on one sheet.

Enjoy, & a big thanks to Prea for sharing this!


Thank you very much!

Store's 12 week schedule

Where can I find your monthly items in the 12 week schedule?

Spreadsheet of Savings

Can anyone walk me thru how to open this spreadsheet. I have Microsoft Excel.



So.. does anyone have a link to the free program to open this?

Microsoft Excel

You will need a spreadsheet program like Microsoft Excel to open it.

The free Open Office Suite (www.openoffice.org) will also open it, but you'll need to download and install Open Office first.

thank you

i have been using my student free program, but its about to expire!!

Me too!

I used up my free trial that came with my new laptop so I have a pile of receipts to enter. This is awesome!!! Thanks Jill!

Google Docs

If you have a Gmail account you can open and edit the spreadsheet online in Google Docs. Much easier than downloading Microsoft Office or Open Office.

Walgreens RRs

I know this has been answered before...I swear I read it somewhere and after 30 minutes of searching I cannot find it. Do you enter in your RRs into the savings column as you receive them or as you spend them? Example, I did the Dove deal today (twice =) ) and I used $1 coupon on the first transaction. So shouldn't somehow the spreadsheet show OOP= 5.14 (4.99 + tax), Savings=$7...but then how does it show you that you got an item as a money maker?

Like I said, I am sorry this is a repeat...I KNOW I saw this somewhere. Let me know what you guys tend to do :)


Savings Spreadsheet

Oh golly, I'd like to do this in the worst way, having a little problem though--I couldn't get it into my OpenOffice, and so I clicked on Google.docs but now I can't get it into there. Does someone know how it is done? ~ blush ~

Where to Find this Answer

Hey there! I was curious about the same thing when I saw your post. I went to the search box and typed in the word spreadsheet. When the results came up, your question is answered in "Jill's Spreadsheet Question". It was about the 4th one down.

Hope that helps!

Why Newbies Won't Save As Much as Oldies

When I began, I kept reading experienced Super Couponers say that we shouldn't expect their percentages of savings, and I thought, "Why not?" I was frustrated that my savings were absolutely not the same amount as the Coupon Queens. Through time, and especially when I began helping friends, recently, I explained there is a very big reason that their percentages saved can't be as high as mine are at this time. I've accumulated our stockpile. We have everything that we need, and I only go to the store for promotions where I can save an incredible amount of money. I stop in for fresh fruit and milk, but only purchase other items when it is free or almost free. So, while you accumulate your stockpile, know that you're doing a great job of savings, and once your stockpile is established, your savings will be even greater.

Love the new blog, Jill! Thanks so much for all the ways that you help my family!

Beautiful post

Jeana, great post - you summarized it precisely! It takes a little time (not much, though!) to get up to speed and build that stockpile. Once you're there, you're cherrypicking, skimming the deals, restocking your "store at home," as well as buying the fresh produce and dairy that you need each week.


I put in my first 6 receipts for the year and excited with the savings I have already. Started in October of 09 but it has taken me from that point to learn the process and just making lots of mistakes and learning. Very grateful for this blog, the people that post on here are so very helpful and now finding this spreadsheet so I can prove to my family that my new obsession is really a good thing :-) and not just a closet full of shaving cream he he he. Like the other poster said, I too am giving so much more to charities, my church and food pantry it is very helpful and it is fun and rewarding too!


OMG, I am so excited I found this excel spreadsheet on your website. I have not even seen one of your talks yet, I plan to in December. I use to coupon 10 years ago and I was pretty good, but it took soooo much time, that I slowly just stopped. My girlfriend told me about your site and it is like night and day, from the way I use to do it. You and the other sites pretty much do all the work. This week alone, remember without even seeing your talk. I spent $132.22 and saved $96.44 just this week alone. I cannot even image what will happen after I listen to you in the next couple of weeks. I went to Walgreens, Jewel and Meijers to save this money. I told my husband I wanted to track it and I didn't know how I would do that. Thank's to this spreedsheet, I am now set.

Savings showing with a newbie

I am EXCITED to say I bought the DVD about two months ago and was amazed as everyone else has stated at the amount of money I have been giving away. My co-workers and I had a coupon DVD party to start our couponing experience off in a wonderful way. We share coupons and help each other find deals for each family.
I started to use the spreadsheet 7 weeks ago and although I know by looking at the reciept and the HUGE amount of food overflowing from my cabinets and freezer that I am saving money. When I plug my purchases into the spreadsheet I am happy NO that is not the word but anyway I am now saving 44%. Not bad for a two month rookie. I am looking forward to learning more tricks and getting up to the 80% mark or better in the next year.
My co-workers and I share our endevors and encourage the process.

THANK YOU !!!! I spent about the same in the two months YET got about 2-3 times more food and household supplies and beauty products. It is also nice to have my oldest child, who just moved out to "shop"at Mom's when he comes for a visit...

DVD party - great idea!

I've been perusing the website today and thinking about the DVD but $20 (even if it DOES save us more down the road) is a chunk for us right now. BUT this idea - having a party to share it with some friends/family is a GREAT idea. My MIL has had her in-laws move in with them, which I know is stretching their grocery budget, and my SIL is a new SAHM with a baby, not to mention the other aunts and cousins nearby that I think could benefit from this info. Much better idea than the home sales parties that I'm usually getting invites for! :)

It IS okay to show the DVD to a group, I assume? If I did this, my guess is that it would maybe be 10 people, but I don't want to break any rules...


If it is an in-home group, yes. A license is required if you wish to hold a public screening for a large event. :)

Shop at Mom's

I love that comment! My son moved out over a year ago, and when he comes to visit, I always send him home with bags of groceries, soap and shampoo products, etc. I love being able to help him, without making him feel bad about it. (he is very proud, and does not take "help" easily)He usually doesn't want to take it, but I tell him it was FREE anyhow, so just take it!

care package

I am able to send my son and two grandsons a care package each month with my extras and at first he felt funny about it but now he will let me know when he is low and what he can use, the kids like getting surprises too, the 4 yr. old asked for chocolate and more playdoh. I also get freebies sent to him, he likes that, he knows mom has it in my stockpile, my dad also likes that, when he tells me we need something I just go to my stuff and get it, also he asks me for coupons for things he likes.


I LOVE hearing stories like this! :) Thanks for posting!

this was so great!!

so, i just found this spreadsheet today and am so glad because i've been so curious to see how much i've been spending and saving and on average what we're spending a month. took me quite a while to input each receipt but well worth the wait for the excitement of knowing what my totals now are.

i started couponing last november and i know i don't have every single receipt from then til now but i entered 174 receipts starting from mid november up til today (9/10/09)and here were my #'s:
$5978.28 =total value
$4964.34 =total saved
$1013.94 =total OOP
total 83% saved

I'm very pleased and like I said these were all the receipts that I had but even if I spent an extra $1000 OOP from my missing receipts that would =$2000 OOP that only averages out to $200 a month over the last 10 months......when once upon a time our budget was around $600 a month for groceries!!

the most amazing thing about all of this tho is that not only am I able to provide for my family but am also able to give to our church's food pantry give to my neighbors and to my other family members.....i've never been able to do that and here I am with over flow to give to others yet spending tons less than ever before!!!
God is good!


Thanks for the spreadsheet, it is a lot of work for people like me, nice to see what I have saved not so nice to see what I keep spending, is there a software program or product that you think will make it easier, I was looking at the neat desk and scanner but it is so costly, I hope you can answer this, I have been trying to get this answer all over but nothing.

Up to you

I honestly stopped keeping track after the first year, because it wasn't important to me to see EVERY dollar saved/spent anymore. I know I'm doing well. :) For me, scanning in all of my receipts and saving copies of them would be overkill.


Feels great when you actually see the total's doesn't it? You know you're saving, but you never realize how much until you see it on paper.

line 23

Everytime I enter the date into the spreadsheet and tab over to next column to put in spent $'s and tab over the spent @$'s comes out: 01/01/09 ( something like that) and column 24 does not continue the addition from line 22. I hope that makes sence.

I'll fix it

Thanks for letting me know there's a problem. I'll post when I get it fixed.

Can you email it to me?

I just loaded the spreadsheet and it's working fine for me. If you want to email it to me I can repair it for you. You'll just have to save it as a new file when you get it back.

I believe a formula may have gotten messed up. You can try the following: highlight one of the working rows, from cell A thru I. Then right click, copy.

Then highlight rows 22 thru the bottom of the sheet with your mouse, then right click paste. This will reset the calculation formulas.

Spreadsheet is great! Thank you!

I've adapted this spreadsheet to work for me. My husband made me a deal that I get to "keep what I save" - I don't think he or I had any idea how much that could be!! I needed to put in a column for "subtractions" where I spend my savings...

Another saving idea ...

A friend of mine, her mother used to put all the coupon savings (from Man coupons only) into a jar - at the end of the year she & her husband would use the "savings" as most of their vacation spending money - was HUGE incentive for her to use coupons throughout the year.

I've tinkered with moving money saved, i.e., "you saved $22.50 today" - i.e., move $22.50 between checking into savings given the relative ease of electronic banking. hubby isn't quite on board with that part. Of course I haven't actually done that yet - even with 9 months of couponing. I charge EVERYTHING to AmEx, and I have noticed our monthly Jewel/Dom's/Meijer totals have gone down considerably.

Thank You!!!

Awesome.....Thanks for sharing this with all of us. It will become a very handy tool.