Fun off-topic: On the set of Transformers 4!

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If you're in Chicagoland, you may be aware that the movie Transformers 4 has been filming in the area for the past couple of weeks. One of my friends took her kids downtown to watch some of the filming, and her sons declared her and her husband "the coolest parents ever."

Well, don't we all want to be the coolest parents ever? We got to be today, because who would have thought that Transformers 4 was also filming in little Huntley, Illinois?

Last week, the Transformers 4 production closed the road that my cousin lives on for filming throughout the day. They live just outside of town on a long, straight stretch of rural road that would indeed be the perfect place for a car chase!

Today she shared a flyer with me from the production crew that said Transformers 4 was back in town to film helicopter and car chase scenes today in the same area. After dinner we headed out for a drive in search of Transformers. Last week the buzz in town was that the production had set their base camp up at the Illinois Railway Museum, so we headed out in that direction.

I didn't even have my camera phone ready, but Bumblebee drove right past us as we neared the museum. How exciting!

When we got to the museum, indeed, there was an enormous base camp set up in the parking lot with a large tent, numerous tour buses, semis, camera trucks and trailers filled with sports cars, "police" vehicles and other. There was also a small crowd of people outside the gates taking photos. We did too!

Here are some of them. The quality isn't the best on some of these as they're phone photos, but it was really fun to see some of the production at work:

If you'll be downtown tomorrow, the Transformers 4 production heads back to Chicago to film on Roosevelt and Wells.

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What a great day for filming!

What a great day for filming! I heard helicopters in the late afternoon but couldn't see them ... perhaps they were heading your way. I would have totally taken my son on this search mission! Thanks for sharing the Chicago location today ... he loves Optimus and Bumblebee so this could make his year!

Please feel free to share any other production notices! ;)

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You're welcome

Did you get to go today? The Chicago Tribune has a FANTASTIC photo gallery from today's shoot: