Zaycon Foods and beef recall - Zaycon's deleting Facebook posts

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I found myself Googling "Zaycon deleting Facebook comments" and this popped up.

I just experienced this issue firsthand. A few hours ago around 11 or so on 7/31/13 I posted a comment regarding the beef recall that has just been announced. USA Today reports that 50,000 pounds of beef is being recalled by National Beef, which is where all the ground beef that I have personally received from Zaycon has come from.

I asked very politely on their page if their beef was affected. Another gentleman commented on my post that his boxes ALL matched the USDA inspection code that is in the USA Today article. Zaycon then replied to us stating that their beef is not affected and said "(this is not current)" I began to write out a reply asking them what they meant "this is not current" as the article clearly stated 7/31/13 on USA Today. I had also linked to the article in a previous comment so it was there for them to read. When I hit reply, it said that I couldn't because the post had been deleted. I then tried to comment elsewhere on their page only to find out that I am now blocked (Can't comment, or like anything on their page).

I've been a faithful customer of Zaycon for over 2 years and bought hundreds of pounds of meat, this concerned me greatly! Now that I am seeing this has happened in response to other situations I am thoroughly disturbed! I feel that you said it best "anytime a company starts deleting negative posts on Facebook, they're going to lose a lot of trust with everyone."

This is, in my honest opinion indicative of a company that has something to hide. Now finding out about this pink slime issue AND that they have a history of deleting negative feedback only solidify my decision to discontinue purchasing from Zaycon EVER again.

Sorry this is off topic, but this is a safety issue and people need to know that from the looks of it, they are trying to hide all the risks associated with their meat. Buyer BEWARE!!!

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Deleting FB posts... common in my experience!

I had a problem with Freedompop and posted messages on their wall AND emailed them thru FB. They responded to the issue regarding my Mother's service and DELETED every post on their FB wall!!

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Meat I don't mess around

Meat I don't mess around with. I too like to know where the cow has been, what it's eaten... We only buy beef at our local butcher which is farm raised, grass fed, etc. to me prices aren't terribly higher than grocery stores. We don't eat much meat to begin so when we do eat beef I only buy quality. Period. I have the same feeling on eggs. Then when there's a never worries me or involves what we eat.

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Look at a meat cutting chart

If you buy a half cow you, they cut the cow in half and you get everything in your 1/2. A mixed quarter usually means you and someone else then divy that up evenly. A true quarter you will get the front or back of a half and the cuts that come from that. You pick if you want a front or back quarter. This is not the best resolution but it gives you an idea.

Then you can decide which cuts you want and which cuts you want put into the grind...hamburger. Some people do not know how to cook brisket or shank so they have it made to hamburger...what a waste....I love to cook those. You can choose round steaks or roast. Do you want them cubed. How many steaks to a pack. How many pounds of burger to a pack. How many pounds of patties. Tenderloin whole or filet mignon. Rib roast or steaks. How thick of steak. What percentage of fat in your grind. Chuck as roast or grind the chuck. Do you want the bones, tongue, heart.... If you do not know what you like they tend to have a standard way they do it. They usually have a check list, even then I find most people do not like the large cuts so I have to specifically ask for the oxtail, brisket.... I tell them I know how to cook so I want it all nose to tail and as little burger as possible.

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Uh-oh ... I just heard their bottom line bottom out ...

Bad business behavior deserves no business. I too appreciate the post although I never purchased from them for many of the same reasons as Jill.

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I just saw this and went to their FB page -- there are tons of posts on the recall and they are responding? Maybe I missed it earlier, lol.

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All new within the last hour

That's new! Up until about an hour ago, they weren't responding at all & were taking posts down.

23 minutes ago, they posted this statement on their wall too:

We just wanted to take a second to assure all of our customers that ever single case of ground beef Zaycon has sold recently and that will be sold at the remaining ground beef sales events is absolutely unaffected by the recent recall.

We have spoken directly to our supplier and tracked all the beef used in Zaycon's sales events; nothing is more important to us than the safety and well-being of our loyal customers, and you are safe with us.

So enjoy!

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Another update

Fox News has a new article about the recall with additional production numbers affected:

10 lb. chub of "National Beef" 93/ 7 Fine Ground Beef, Product Code 0707
10 lb. chub of "NatureSource" 80/20 Fine Ground Chuck, Product Code 7031
10 lb. chub of "NatureSource" 85/15 Fine Ground Beef, Product Code 7054
10 lb. chub of "NatureSource" 90/10 Fine Ground Beef, Product Code 7344
10 lb. chub of "NatureSource" 93/ 7 Fine Ground Beef, Product Code 7004
10 lb. chub of "NatureWell 80/20 Fine Ground Chuck, Product Code 7484
10 lb. chub of "NatureWell" 85/15 Fine Ground Beef, Product Code 7454
10 lb. chub of "NatureWell" 90/10 Fine Ground Sirloin, Product Code 7577
10 lb. chub of "NatureWell" 93/7 Fine Ground Beef, Product Code 7404

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Buying Beef

For those of you with freezers and concerned about the ethics of beef there is a wonderful way to get good meat. Living in Northern Illinois we have access to wonderful farmers. You can buy a cow directly from a farmer and you can ask the farmer about the feed and their antibiotic use. They deliver it to the butcher for you, and you can give instructions on how you want it processed. You can find family or friends to split it with you. Last time we did this a half cow cost us $800 for 300 to 400 pounds of meat. By meat I mean hamburger, steaks, filet, brisket, soup bones, liver... You get nose to tail including the oxtail and tongue if you want it.. But that was 3 years ago or so and meat has gone up since then. Another option is to buy one at the 4h auction at the fair. Those kids treat their animals great and they have to take classes in animal ethics to participate. You might even be able to talk one of the kids into raising and selling you a cow. The butcher can give you names of farmers they process for. The butchers process the meat one cow at a time so you get your cow. We have used Jones in Woodstock and Detjens in Wisconsin.

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We do the same. We buy a

We do the same. We buy a mixed quarter from the guy my FIL farms with (they are friends and share/swap equipment and help one another plant/harvest). My in-laws take the other mixed quarter. We go about 12-13 months between deliveries

For the last few years, we've been paying per pound, including processing:

01/2010 delivery: 184 pounds, $2.31/pound ($425.82)
03/2011 delivery: 187 pounds, $2.45/pound ($458.86)
04/2012 delivery: 166 pounds, $2.92/pound ($485.90)
02/2013 delivery: 202 pounds, $2.73/pound ($552.85)

These are not rock bottom beef prices, but we know the farmer, we know the cows are raised humanely with lots of pasture time (they are pastured except for during the worst winter storms), and they spend no time at all in a CAFO requiring tons of prophylactic antibiotics.

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So for example in your last

So for example in your last delivery, what exactly did you get? I mean what kind of meat steak, ground beef...? And how is it packaged? I would love to do that too. Thanks!

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I have the sheet that lists

I have the sheet that lists all the cuts. We were able to tell the locker what size we wanted the meat packaged in. There were options on some items that we opted out of (for instance, we chose not to get any hamburger patties, because we like to season our hamburgers before shaping them into patties.)

The weights on the roasts are approximate. We pick a range of 1.5 to 2# and they package them to the bigger side of the range.

It's kind of a long list:

1 Arm Roast 2#
1 Sirloin Tip 2#
6 Chuck Roast 2#
1 Rump Roast 2#
4 Rib eye 1" (2 per package)
2 Round steak (1 per package)
4 cube steak (2 per package)
1 Swiss steak
4 Sirloin steak 1" (1 per package)
2 T-bone/NY Strip 1" (2 per package)
4 Porterhouse 1" (1 per package)
1 Beef Rib
2 Stew Meat 1/2#
1 Brisket
50 Hamburger 1#
Patties - No
Heart - No
3 Liver 1/2#
1 Tongue
Soup bone - No

Our meat comes packaged in a very heavy plastic wrap, then it is wrapped in heavy butcher's paper and taped closed and labeled with the cut of meat, our last name, and the date it was packaged. The ground beef comes in tubes like the cheap cuts from the grocery store, but we know that all the meat in there is from "our" cow, not 1,000 different cows all blended together.

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Zaycon and beef recall

First, if you've bought beef from Zaycon, here's the USA Today beef recall article mentioned in Monika's post.

The inspection code on the affected meat is "EST. 208A"

(For those unfamiliar, Zaycon Foods sells meat during out-of-truck events where they come to a specific town and sell the meat in bulk for low prices.)

I haven't posted the Zaycon meat event deals (and no offense meant to the bloggers that do - I know those events are popular with shoppers.)

What you wrote is -very- disturbing. We have seen Zaycon delete questions from their Facebook wall before from people asking tough questions. Beef is not something I mess around with anyway - I have a lot of issues with the way it's processed, and as a result, we simply don't eat much beef unless I can get a deal on organic or grass-fed. I want to know where my meat is coming from and how it's processed.

Now, to read that they're deleting questions and banning customers from their Facebook page to ask about recalled meat -- packages of Zaycon's beef with the same code as the recalled meat? I've always had a weird/odd feeling about Zaycon and how they do business, but forcefully silencing your own customer's questions when their health and safety is at stake? Unacceptable.

I appreciate your post.

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I just went to Zaycon's Facebook wall. Some posts are getting through about the recall but Zaycon has not responded to any questions asking about recalled beef.

Zaycon's last Facebook response? To a blogger asking where her 40 pounds of free meat are for writing a blog post about Zaycon.