Deals of the Week for May 5, 2009

Happy Cinco de Mayo! A big welcome to our Super-Couponers from this past week's classes in Oak Lawn and Westville, Indiana (a super-big welcome to everyone who attended my Purdue University class... I had attendees drive from downstate Indiana, as well as from Michigan! I was so impressed that my class was considered a road-trip-worthy destination! Super-Couponing is spreading all over the Midwest...)

If you're new to the site, take a quick minute to read Using this site and bring yourself up to speed on all the coupon lingo and abbreviations. Unless otherwise noted, grocery store deals run through Wednesday of this week, and the pharmacy deals run through Saturday. And, if you're new to couponing in general, check out my Super-Couponing website for a list of FREE coupon classes and instructions on how to start using coupons effectively!

Does this feel like a deja vu deal week for anyone else? Some of the best deals of April are repeating this week! Let's kick things off at Dominick's, where their fantastic $30/$10 Living Well Catalina deal is running through 5/6...

Dominick's is still running the "Living Well, Feeling Great" promotion in which spending $30 on any of the 3,000 (!!!!) items in the deal nets you a nice $10 Catalina afterward. The $30 price is pre-coupon, so of course we're going to knock that number way, way down with our coupons... and take home as many things as possible for the least amount of money! And, a bonus - many healthy/organic items are included in the deal.

There are so many brands and products included in this. If you're a spreadsheet person, perhaps you'd like to see all of them.

Last week's Deals writeup has numerous scenarios for the Living Well deal worked out for you and ready to enjoy! I am up to 18 transactions with this deal since it began... that's $540 worth of groceries purchased, and I'm just under $100 for all of it. WOW! I have one last run planned for this week, and I am well stocked on so many things.

My blog readers, fabulous group that you are, have been posting some great additional deals to work into this promotion. In no particular order, here they are...

Angus Ball Park Franks
$3 a package
10 pkgs = 30.00
10 $1.00 peelies from each pkg -10.00
$20.00 - 10.00 (roll LW Catalina from previous transaction)
Pay $10.00, and get another 10.00 Catalina, plus a bonus $5 Catalina for the hot dogs! It's a hot dog moneymaker! And, you'll have enough hot dogs for the entire summer.

Chinet paper plates
$3 a pack
5/3 SS - $1 off any Chinet and $2 off lunch plates
Look for B1G1F peelies on these as well - great items to work in. The $3 plates will be $2 after you get 1/3 of the price back in the form of the Catalina - and with a $2 coupon, they work out to being FREE.

Gatorade 20-oz. 8-packs
2 for $9.99
Many packs have $2 peelies on them. With 2, you'll pay $5.99 for 2 packs, but get $9.99 credit toward your $30.

Still at Dominick's, there's a pretty good deal going on 12-packs of Coca-Cola products IF you have the right coupon :)

Perhaps you saw this week's Dominick's ad, in which they had 12-packs of Coke products on sale, Buy 2, get 2 free plus a free case of bottled water. The 12-packs are $5.99, which quite honestly is NO deal.

But, if you participate in the Coke Rewards program, you may have acquired enough points for a Buy 1, Get 1 Free 12-pack coupon in the past. If you currently have this coupon, you will pay $5.99 for your first pack... get your second pack FREE... as well as your 3rd and 4th packs FREE... plus your bottled water FREE. Now, 4 12-packs and 1 24-pack of water for $5.99 is a MUCH better deal! (Those of you that have taken Super-2 have seen me work a similar deal on pop at Dominick's.) But you'll need a B1G1F coupon to really make this deal worthwhile.

Heading over to Kmart, shockingly, double coupons are back AGAIN! Despite what the ad says (.75) they're doubling up to $2 again in Chicagoland stores. Not much has changed since my April 21 Deals writeup for the last double sale... except with the ad misprint, people don't seem to be rushing to the stores to clear the shelves! But you can :) My blog readers have added the following freebies to the list of great stuff to get:

Axe shower gel trial size, $1.69 FREE after $1 coupon from 4/5 U

Chinet paper plates, $3.49 - FREE with $2 coupon from 5/3 SS
(if you don't use it in the Doms deal above)

Kellogg's cereals
Price varies by store, but head over here and print ALL the $1 coupons for Kellogg's cereals! These are some GREAT high-value cereal coupons that will double to $2 and potentially make your cereal very, very cheap. Even if you don't plan to use the Kellogg's coupons this week, I would print them and hold them. These are too good to pass up and will likely be good in a future deal...

Kraft barbecue sauce, $1 - FREE after .75 coupon from 5/3 SS

Playtex Handsaver gloves, $1.99 - FREE after $1 from 5/3 SS
or, Playtex Living gloves, $2.19, .19 after same $1 coupon

Pert Plus for Men, $3.49 - .49 with $1.50 coupon from 5/3 SS
(and... a free rebate on the freebie here:

Pringles Super Stackers - $2 (big pack)
Use the $1 coupons from the P&G "Year of Savings" book to get these for FREE!

Over at Jewel, did you see all the great store coupons on the front page of their flyer this week? (Hee, I think they've been paying attention to the pages of store coupons in the Dominick's flyers as of late. Hey, competition is a good thing... we love to go where the deals are!)

With these coupons, spend $10 on anything else, and you can pick up some cheapies. The Stone Ridge Creamery ice cream at $1.99 a half-gallon (or whatever passes for a half-gallon these days!) jumped out at me as a great deal, certainly. Remember that you can stack these store coupons with manufacturer coupons too!

How about a yummy produce freebie? Wild Harvest organic baby-cut carrots are $1 a bag. Use this $1 off Wild Harvest coupon and pick these up for FREE!

Still at Jewel, South Beach salad dressings are on sale for $1.67 a bottle, and Avenu has electronic coupons for $1 off. .67 is some cheap salad dressing!

Still at Jewel this week, there's a new Catalina deal going on P&G products in this week's flyer. Buy $20 worth of P&G and get a $5 Catalina. There are many items to work into this deal! Grab your flyer, match the items up you want with coupons via the Coupon Lookup and figure your total savings! Many people have been waiting for a Tide sale, and while it's not dirt cheap here, it's not bad. If you buy the Tide, use the store coupon from the weekly flyer and stack it with the .35 coupon from 5/3 PG (low value) or the $1 Tide coupon from the P&G Year of Savings book (better value.)

Some of you have written to ask me about the $1 store coupon for Tide that's also in the Jewel Preferred Update coupon book. Blog reader jdbs03 tried it and it worked! So, if you have that coupon, plus the Tide coupon from the weekly flyer, plus a $1 Tide coupon from the manufacturer, you'd be bringing the price down to $7.77 a bottle (reg. $15.99!)

Now, if you've been with my site for a while, and you have your black belt in couponing, so to speak, you know how these deals can work out even better for us... at Jewel, these Catalina deals often operate on the regular/sale price of the item, not the Preferred price. This means that we actually can spend less than $20 out of pocket and receive our Catalinas too.

Be aware that Jewel recently dropped the prices on something like 4,000 items in the store, so if you're working the deal this way, you may want to use the price scanner or self-checker to determine the -actual- non-Preferred price of the item as the shelf tags may even be incorrect. Your pre-tax total must be over $20 to get the Catalina.

IF YOU ARE NEW TO COUPONING and what I just wrote makes no sense to you: You will not want to work the deal in this way. If your Catalina doesn't print, you will have NO recourse to get it back, because the ad states that you must spend $20 with your Preferred card on these items. If you spend $20 Preferred prices, you're guaranteed to get your Catalina each time.

Over at Walgreens, there are some more good cheapies and freebies this week...

Listerine Total Care mouthwash (after all these consecutive mouthwash deals, everyone should have sparkling fresh breath by now, ha ha!) It's on sale 2/$9. Buy 2 and get a $4.50 Register Reward, making it half price. Use two $2 coupons (3/15 SS and 4/26 RP), pay $5 and get $4.50 back. 2 big bottles of Listerine... for a quarter each!

Colgate Sensitive toothpaste - it's $4.49 with a $4.49 RR, making it FREE. Use a coupon to make it a moneymaker... 4/26 SS has a .75 coupon, or print a $1 coupon here and they'll pay you to take it home!

Right Guard deodorant - It's $2.99 with a $2 RR. 3/8 SS and 4/19 SS both have $1 coupons for Right Guard. Use the coupon, pay $1.99 and get $2 back! FREE deodorant!

FREE stuff:

FREE 2-piece chicken meal with side dishes at KFC - today only!

FREE Gillette Fusion razor (enter code 9q7D6 in the box - first 1000)

Kroger shoppers: FREE reusable shopping bag

Everyone else :) FREE Kraft reusable shopping bag

I am really trying to use more of these. After the Earth Day promos in April, and the free bag coupons from Dominick's, I've amassed quite a collection already. Who doesn't love free bags?

FREE Home Made Simple coupon book Register for a free book of coupons - all P&G products, and these books typically contain a coupon for a FREE bottle of Cascade Crystal Clear too.

FREE tiny lunch. Print this coupon for a free pulled pork sandwich at White Castle!

Do you like these deals? Want to learn how to get deals like this on almost EVERYTHING that you buy? Attend one of my Super-Couponing™ classes and learn all the tricks of the trade. You'll be slashing your bills in no time!


I have to tell you that the Dominicks out by me are not frinendly to people who use coupons. I have had nothing but problems when I use a lot of coupons. I visited 4 Dominicks, Orland Park, Merroinette Park, Palos Heights, Oak Lawn. I do have to say that the poeple who work on the floor(Palos, Oak Lawn & Orland) are very friendly but the cashiers are not when they see you have coupons. I just don't understand why they are so mean to us. The last day for the living well, the cat did not print out. Palos just gave me my Cat back, Merroinett Park (the worst one) would not give me a Cat. They said that there was nothing wrong with the machine. They told me that I had to came back and bring my reciept back the next day. I called them up to tell them about it and they told me just to come in and they would take care of me. When I got there, They changed there story. They told me that I only paid 10.25 and that i should not get the cat for 10. back. I told them it was because I used coupons. She called her boss. Her boss or who ever told me they would not give me my $10 cat. I asked them if they would rather bring my food back in and they would give my my money. They said yes. I plan on bring my items back. I just wonder how they are going to refund all my coupons ( I had 5 $2.00 off, 2 $1.00 off and the $10 cat) This trip would of only cost me .25 cents. They they also said that the items I bought where not in the living well. I told them that I was doing this all week and had no problems before. I always looked for the tag! There were tags on everything that I bought. They just look at you and make you feel like SH*T! (sorry about using that word) I also made a trip there using a lot of coupons that I could stack. They told me that I can not do that, after 20 minutes. I told them just keep the food and give me my coupons back. So I just walked out of there with nothing! I was pissed off! So I headed over to Good O Jewel's. They took all of my coupons and was sorry that they didn't carry the Salsa I had coupons for. Jewel's in Palos GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE. I have to say that I will think twice before I go back into Dominicks to buy food. I will be bringing there food back and demanding all my money back in Cash. I will never go back to buy food from them again. They have really made me pissed off. I also plan on writing the coporate office in regards to there poor customer service there employee gave to me. I'm a mother of 4 and both me and my husband are both unemployed. They really made me feel like I was so much lower than them because I use coupons. I have to say Jill you have made me a better shopper. I look up to you and everyone that uses coupons! There is nothing wrong and people should think twice about give us a hard time when we are just trying to save money. When I was employed I would normally spend about $65,000 in food a month( no lie) I would only buy product from companies that took care of there customers. Yes that is a lot of money but it was for a busy restaurant and that was just food money. There are some companies that really do care about there customers. I have to say that JEWEL'S IS BY FAR THE BEST PLACE TO SHOP! GOOD JOB JEWEL!!! Bad job DOMINICKS, You have lost me as a customer for good.

Try not to return perishables

They cannot return the food to the shelves once you have had it home. I understand your pain - I too had to deal with Doms last week and I am still trying to get a call back from Catalina as they are closed weekends. But try to call them first before you let all that food go to a landfill, b/c not only the food will go to waste but also nobody will empty the recyclable packages for recycling. I want to "stick it to them" too, believe me. I hope Cat helps us both - you know that the CS actually told me it wasn't their fault, that it was their "parent company's fault"? I don't understand why the CS didn't know their own store policies and then tried to shank responsibility. Many things on the list of the LW ad did not work.
Good luck - I hope you can keep your food.


I am sorry you had such a bad experience at Dominick's the last day of LW. I was at the Palos store at 8pm the last night as well. The cashier was busy reading the newspaper or a magazine when I walked up to be checked out. None of my cats printed either, for LW or Ice mountain. I asked her to check to see if the machine was on as I could not see it. There was an ad blocking the light. She curtly told me it was on. I apologized for not being able to see it. She removed the paper so I could confirm that he light was on. Then I asked her to check to see if the machine was jammed. You would have thought I asked her to cut off her arm. I kept my cool and told her I'd just go to CS. Off to customer service I went. CS said they'd been having trouble with LW all day, even though the cashier assured me everything was working great! The CS lady told me I could only do LW once a day. I said fine I'll return the paper plates but that, that did not explain why NOTHING printed. She did not want to deal with the hassle of the return so she handed me $20. I could not get her to budge on the Ice Mountain. She actually asked another women to check the shelf tags, I went with her and when we got back to the CS desk , she told me the desk was closed. I wanted to tell her to change the sign above her head to " Customer Disservice!" I told her I'd call Catalina and get it straighened out. And let me add that there were very few customers in the store so it wasn't like I was holding up the lines. I called Catalina on Friday. They could not have been nicer. They are able to look up the transaction and they will send me the ice mountain cats. I would try calling Catalina on Monday before going though the trouble of returning all your goods. Since they know from my call that the uplink was not working I think they might accommodate you. I have to tell you I have had nothing but great experiences at Dom's in Palos and Marionette Park since I started couponing. Now, I have run into difficulty with 87th and Cicero during the day, but if you go at night it is much better. I have to agree with you that the "B" or maybe "Z" team was left in charge last Wednesday and everything was crazy. Was it a full moon??
See what Catalina can do for you and let us know. Again, it is "normally" not like this. Have a Happy Mother's Day!!!!

last day

From what I've been reading on here and based on my own adventures on that last day of the Living Well promo, I don't think the cats were printing that day. I know some had luck, but it seems most did not. I'm actually glad the darn thing is over.


I shop the Dominicks on 127th and depending on who is working it could be a good experience or bad, I have had a few who were very excited at my totals after q's .I had a CS lady tell me that the LW was based on total after q's. She looked and looked for the info in writing but could not find she was handing me a cat she was still telling me I am sure its after q's.
I like the one on 87th cicero, I have not really had any problems there...its a bit further away but I like them better.

Kmart double coupon

You have to watch the cashier when they scan the coupons for double coupons at Kmart. If the coupon is for more than 1 item, like $1.00 of 2 bottles, the cashier needs to select both bottles in order for you to get the full $2.00 off if the bottles are less than the $2.00 each.

I had a coupon for $1.00 of two deoderants. They were $1.25 each. The cashier only selected one deoderant, so the computer only took $1.25 off not the full $2.00. If both deoderant were selected the full $2.00 is taken off.

Doubling Coupon on 2 items

Thanks for explaining that. I made them take off my Old Spice deodorants @ 2.14 each cuz she only doubled my $2 coupon up to the $2.14. We have to teach them? We sure have to pay attention while checking out.




I was wondering what Kmart stores in Northwest Indiana were doing the double coupon deal, and if they were also doubling up to $2.00 and not the $0.75 advertised. Thanks!

stores in NWI

Dear Brandie Povlock,

Thank you for contacting Kmart regarding the Kmart Double Coupon Event.
We appreciate your interest in this promotion. This event is for select
participating Kmart locations from 5/3/09-5/9/09. This was a typo,
coupons with a value of up to 2 dollars will be accepted. We apologize
for any confusion.

We invite you to visit any of the participating stores.


Dylan C.
National Customer Relations
Sears Holdings Corp.
Original Message Follows:


I'm so excited...I tried the Portage zip code and it didn't show. Looks like I'm headin to Super K in Portage tonight. Thanks again.


Email Kmart from their site and ask - they'll send you a list, as well as let you know if the ad is a misprint in your area too, actually doubling to $2.

Gillette code

Says it's already been used.

First 1000

I believe it was limited to the first 1000 responses.

Where's the BOGO Coke Coupon

I do not see the BOGO coupon in mycokerewards. All I can find for 12-pack coupons is $1 off.


The B1G1F coupons were available awhile ago - I don't think they're currently on the site though. If you printed one then, you could use it now. I'm sorry if that was unclear.

Starting today thru 5/18, Dominick's Sara Lee Catalina...

makes the Ball Park Hot Dog Deal above even better! Every time you buy 5 pkgs, you get $5 Cat in addition to the $10 for LWFG. What a great overlap!

Did not work at Carol Stream

I did this yesterday, $5 SL cat printed, no $10 LW cat. CS said I had everything I needed, but $5 SL cat over rid the $10LW. They said I would have to have $30 over the SL deal. Is this true? Anyone? Or is this a hit or miss? I had a good deal, but man I would of had a great deal with the bonus $10 LW.

What kind

did you buy, it seems that the bun length and light versions do not work for LW even though the shelf is marked.

Ditto that

The same thing happened to me today and a Dom's front-end person went back to the shelves to verify the LW tags and gave c/s the green light to give me my additonal $10. (I got the bun length dogs.)


Even tho it probably wouldn't work on the bun size,.After reading Jill's column this morning . I did it anyway ,Cause I had 10 Q that were good only on bun size . But I did get my $5 only .And went over to CS and she very sweetly gave me a gift card for $10 . And then she said it should have worked so sorry . :)

That stinks

I purchased the bun length, Angus, with the LW sign. CS went back to check the sign. Everything on my bill applied to the LW cat. CS said I could only have one, the $5 SL cat over rid the $10LW. I'm still new at this. I should of spoke with the manager. Kickin myself.

Probably wouldn't have done

Probably wouldn't have done any good; they like to make up all sorts of "rules" there in Carol Stream. :-(

It wasn't easy

I had less than ideal shopping conditions and it would have been easier to just let it go - but I couldn't do that ($10 is $10!)

I opted for the bun-length Angus (trouble or not) because the others didn't have peelies and the shelf was marked w/the LW tags. The Dom's staff was nice about it.

It's probably too late for you to fix now, but at least you've got another notch in your belt for next time!

I'm a "Vienna" girl, so I'm venturing into unknown territory here. For pennies on the dollar, I figure 'Ballparks' are worth a try.


You are in for a surprise ,I too only eat Kosher or Vienna dogs
And I really liked them , And @5o cents a pack!! wow But the buns are $2 !!

ate some today

they were pretty tasty...I had the light ones.

$6 off pork

Thanks for that post! We have a birthday party coming up and need to "feed the masses."
I didn't check the Kingsford prices yet but the Ball Park Franks are one of the "other products" to purchase with the charcoal to get the $6 off pork.
Headed to Dom's tomorrow so I will check the Kingsford $. I'm sure we'll end up waiting until the Memorial Day sales on the charcoal.

Kellogg's coupons at - GONE

They must have removed the $1 the Kelloggs coupons - I just went thru all 9 pages and only saw a couple of GM cerals.

Print limits

As coupons reach their global print limits (nationally) they will disappear from the site. That's why it's important to print the good ones early in the week before that happens.