2013 Jewel-Osco freezer deal is February 3: Super Bowl Sunday!

Jewel-Osco's annual Freezer Deal is back this Sunday, February 3rd! If you've been thinking of getting a second freezer (great for stockpiling meat and frozen food deals) this has to be one of the most economical ways to get one.

This year's freezer will retail for $169.99, and you will receive a coupon book with $170 worth of coupons inside - basically, you get much of the purchase price back in free-food coupons. In past years, the freezer has been a 5.3 cubic-foot Igloo model. It is about the size of a washer or dryer, but shorter in height.

Jewel-Osco sent over the list of coupons you'll receive with the freezer. Jewel states, "The vast majority are coupons for one free item. However, a few, including the Woolite, Finish Automatic Dishwashing Detergent and Palmolive, are dollars off coupons."

* DiGiorno Original Pizza
* Kellogg's Eggo Waffles
* Jamba Juice Smoothies
* El Monterey Snacks
* Betty Crocker Parlor Perfect
* Green Giant Frozen Boxed Vegetable
* Drive Thru Single Serve Cheeseburgers
* Old Orchard Frozen Juice Concentrate
* Better Oats

* Malt-O-Meal Cereals
* Edy's Outshine Fruit Bars
* Quaker Soft Oatmeal Cookies
* Kraft Homestyle Mac & Cheese
* Velveeta Cheesy Potatoes
* Johnsonville Chicken Sausage
* Culinary Circle Flatbread or Ultra Thin Crust Pizza
* Cape Cod Potato Chips
* Simply Potatoes Side Dishes
* Little Debbie Bag Donuts
* Jell-O Gelatins, Pudding or Temptations
* Java Delight Coffee UnCup
* Super Chill Lemonade
* Super Chill Tea
* Fla-Vor-Ice Freezer Bars
* Taco Bell Small Shells
* Spikes' Salsa
* Ragu Traditional Pizza Sauce
* Ocean Spray Cranberry Sauce
* Pearls Fresh Cured Green Olives
* McCormick Mexican Seasoning Mix
* Gulden's Mustard
* Betty Crocker Cupcake Icing
* Ziploc Perfect Portions
* Woolite Laundry Detergent
* Finish Automatic Dishwashing Detergent
* Palmolive Liquid Dish Detergent
* Sylvania CF 13EL Super 830RP
* Kraft Salad Dressing
* Essential Everyday Pasta
* Atkins Frozen Entrée or Frozen Breakfast
* Minute Maid Light Lemonade
* Super Chill Soda
* Hawaiian Punch Juice Drink
* Reames Frozen Pasta
* Louis Kemp Crab Delights or Lobster Delights
* Equaline Allergy Ultratabs
* The booklet will also include a coupon to save $5 on a MoneyGram transaction of up to $50.


does anyone know of a Jewel that still has one in stock?

Fox Lake Jewel

Fox Lake had them priced for $99. on Saturday still with the coupons. We are considering getting our 3rd. I have gotten the Igloos the last 2 years but hmmmmm.

central illinois

Our store is now selling them at $149 with a $50 gift card and the $170 in coupons.

What if I already purchased one for $169?

Can they credit you if I already bought it for full price and now its marked down to $99?

Probably not

Probably not - the freezers are on "clearance" now, for the stores that still have them.

Jewel in Quad Cities

I got mine last night but my jewels in the area had them for 149.00 plus coupons and a bonus 25.00 gift card.. 99.00 would of been better but hey i'm still making out on the free Items! So will there be a list to match up the free item coupons on here?


Ideally, try to use your free coupons when the free items go on sale B1G1F. There is, of course, no guarantee that they will. In past years, many of them have, but last year, I want to say only 5 or 6 of them did. Still, unless you need the food right now, you can wait it out and watch the sales.

Stack man coup with jewel store

You can stack man coup with jewel store coup on some of the free freezer items right?


Yes, though I'm not sure what the register will do with that overage, as it's been automatically adjusting down. Best of luck trying to argue an overage on a free-product coupon..! I'd be happy with free. :)

Can anyone tell me if I can use all the coupons at once?

Sorry newbie :-)

You CAN, but...

... unless you need the food right now, it's to your advantage to hold onto those coupons for a while. They don't expire until June 30th. In past years, the best strategy has been to hold onto those coupons and see if any of the items went on sale Buy One Get One Free. If/when they do, use your coupon during the sale and get TWO free instead of one.

There's no guarantee what will or won't go on sale B1G1F, but if you double up on even a few of them, you're getting ahead. Years ago when I got my freezer, all but (I think!) six of them went on sale B1G1F at some point, allowing me to get two instead of one. In recent years though we haven't seen such a high percentage go B1G1F, but... you never know!

Another option is to use them when items are featured in a Catalina deal, where you're getting money back for buying a featured product. When the product is free to begin with, then you make a little money using your coupons at that time too.

I got one @ jewel in elmhurst on Schiller street

I only saw 2 more there! Happy Joy! Thanks for the info

Still going??

Does anybody know if this deal is still going? I live in Aurora and my closest Jewel is kind of small so I am not sure if they will still have freezers available.

South Elgin

I was at the South Elgin Jewel today and they were marked to $99.99. Even a better deal with the $170 worth of coupons!


That is a fantastic price! I'm going to put that info in its own post so people can find it if they're still interested. I appreciate you sharing that!

Yes, it is

If your store still has freezers in stock, it is. My store in Huntley has at least 15 left. I would call your store & see! :)

freezer flop

Unfortunately, my freezer doesn't work. No, we didn't tip it, yes, we let it sit 24 hrs. before plugging it in. We let it run 24 hours following the instruction manual. Nothing. Lots of humming, weird plastic smell, but didn't cool at all. Jewel says they will do an exchange, so I guess I'm lugging it back. Hope the next one works! Does anyone know if there will be a separate blog article just dealing with the free coupons that came with the freezer?

In years past...

... what I have done is kept track of all of the Jewel coupons, and then when/if any of those items go on sale Buy One Get One Free, I add them to Deals of the Week for Jewel to tell you when to use them. It really depends on the sales, but if anything goes B1G1F, then of course you get two! I will also remind you before the coupons expire at the end of June to use up what you've got left.

I have also added the coupons to www.coupontom.com so if you search for, say, "Quaker," the coupon for the free Quaker oatmeal cookies will show up too.

Hope you get your freezer exchanged - that's too bad! Glad they are still in stores though if it had to happen...

Thanks for the doing that.

Thanks for the doing that. It helps me a lot. I will look for those deals.

Freezer coupons

I've bought a freezer every year for the past 3 and have used my coupons for free items during the Easter ham deals requiring a minimum purchase. Usually there are some items that historically will not go BOGO, and it's a great way to get a free ham as well!

Thanks. I see that my freezer

Thanks. I see that my freezer came with an energy use sticker. $26.00 a year for the continental electric.

Thanks for the update :)

Not much more than previous years' models. I wonder if it's actually the same and the cost of electricity has gone up, vs. the kilowatt hours needed to run the freezer..! Still, that's only a little more than $2/month. :)

Freezer specs

I think I may have found this freezer on the manufacturers website.
Just in case anyone wants extra info like dimensions.
Can anyone who has a freezer like this tell me if it has cost a lot to keep it running all year?


I have the Igloo freezer from a previous year, but if this freezer is similar (which I'd guess it would be, as it's the same size in cubic feet) the EnergyStar sticker that came on my freezer says it uses $23/year to operate. Less than $2/month :)

Jewel Deal-Coupon list

Hi Jill,

I got mine this morning from Crystal Lake Jewel.

Coupons are all thru 6/30 & are as follows:
Store-free DiGiorno Pizza
Mfg-Kellogs Eggo Waffles 6-10 ct
Mfg-Jamba Juice Smoothies - 8 oz
Store- El Monterey Snacks - 4-60 oz
Store-Betty Crocker Parlor Perfect sprinkles 7.2-9 oz
Store-green Giant bx veggies, 7-10 oz
Mfg-drive Thru single serve cheeseburger - 4.6. -10 oz
Mfg-Old Orchard Frz juice concentrate-12 oz
Store-better oats, 5 ct
Store-Malt-o-meal, various sizes
Store-Edys Outshine Fruit Bars. 6-12 ct
Store-Quaker soft oatmeal cookies 8.8 oz
Store-Kraft home style Mac & cheese -3.6-4.1 oz
Store-Velveeta Cheesy Potatoes 9.01-11.75 oz
Store-Johnsonville Chix sausage, 12 oz
Store-culinary circle pizza, 12-36 oz
Store-cape cod potato chips 8-9 oz
Mfg-simply potatoes side dishes, 24 oz
Mfg-Little Debbie bag donuts 10-10.5 oz
Store-jell-o 4 pack
Store-java delight coffee un-cup-12 ct
Store- 1 L super chill lemonade
Store-12 pk super chill tea
Store - flavorice 16 ct
Store - taco bell, small shells, 4.5 oz
Store- spikes salsa 16 oz
Store- Ragu Pizza Sauce, 14 oz
Store- ocean spray cranberry sauce, 14 oz
Store - pearls fresh-cured green olives, 6 oz
Store-McCormick Mexican seasoning mix 0.87-1.5 oz
Store-Gulden's mustard -12 oz
Store- Betty Crocker cupcake icing, 8.4 oz
Store-ziplock perfect portions,75 ct
Store-save $5, 1 Woolite laundry detergent, 100 oz
Store- save $5, 1 finish dishwashing detergent, 45 ct quantum or 60 ct 2 in 1 gel pacs or power balls
Mfg- $1/1 Palmolive dish detergent, 25 oz or lgr
Store- 1free sylvania cf 13el super 830rp light bulb, 1 ct
Store- $5 on money gram
Store- 1 free Kraft salad dressing, 8 oz
Store - essential everyday pasta 16-25 oz
Store - Atkins Frozen entree/breakfast 7 or 9 oz
Mfg-minute maid light lemonade, 59 oz
Store - 2L Super chill soda
Store - hawaiian punch juice drink ,32 oz
Mfg-reames frozen pasta, 12 oz
Store-Louis Kemp crab Delights 8 oz
Store- equaline allergy ultra tabs 48 ct
Store-culinary circle Italian favorites pizza, 12.6-16.2 oz

Hope that helps



Thank you SO much for typing up the list for us! :) Now that I have it, I will watch for Buy One Get One Free sales on these items & let you guys know if there are best times to use these.

We never know how many of these items may go on sale B1G1F, but if any of them do, and you hold onto your coupon and use it in the sale, you can maximize these and get TWO free instead of one.

In couponTom too

To help you (and me!) with matchups, I entered all of these in CouponTom this morning too. :)

Tips on the freezer deal

To maximize your savings, hold onto your free-product as long as possible, matching as many of them as you can to Buy One, Get One Free sales in the store -- then, you'll take two home free instead of one! You can always use them up a few days before they expire.

Two years ago, longtime reader "Your Jewel Cashier" (who, yes, is a Jewel cashier) sent a great list of tips for freezer day to share with readers planning on adding a freezer to the family. I repost it each year around this time...


Your Jewel card is required to make the purchase.
Each store will have approx 50 freezers to sell (bigger stores will have slightly more)

The ad will clearly state-
Limit one freezer purchase per customer
Limit one MFR coupon and one STORE coupon may be used toward freezer purchased.
[Note from Jill: The store coupon being referred to here would be in the instance that a shopper has a "$10-off-$100" coupon from a mailer.]


As always, freezers SHOULD NOT be loaded on their backs for transporting purposes, they should be kept upright at all times.

Please remind readers to not bring their HONDA CIVIC or FORD FUSION to buy the freezer and then expect the 17-year-old bag boy to fit that square peg in a round hole?!?!?!?!

(Laugh all you want, but this happens numerous times in every store every single year! And then the customer insists that it will fit if you take it out of the box, then it gets scratched up, or the car does, and the customer gets mad at us! Borrow a truck, guys! You should see it, it's like a clown car experiment gone wrong!)

The freezer must be plugged in and LEFT ALONE empty for 24 hours to regulate its internal temperature before attempting to fill it.

This is another interesting phenomenon we watch every year. The customers that buy the freezer and 100% of the food all in the same day at the same time never read the owners manual, which clearly states you can't fill it until it's been plugged in for 24 hours (at least that's what mine said when I bought it 3 years ago.)

Now we all know they aren't going to fit that food in the overhead freezer of their refrigerator, and sure enough, they either call back a day or two later and complain that their freezer isn't working and the ice cream is soft. Or a month later they are returning food saying it's freezer burned like it had frozen, thawed, and then froze again. And I want to say, "YES! That's why the freezer came with instructions!"

One final personal note to those purchasing the freezers this year:

I know most of us couponers are used to going through self check out when doing "deals". But if I may, PLEASE if you are getting all, or even half of the free items in one order, please, please, please:

1) go through a traditional lane
2) give the cashier your Jewel card and your coupons FIRST before starting your order. You have no idea how much stress and time this saves EVERYONE involved. EVERY SINGLE ONE of those free coupons is set to "beep" with a price prompt, meaning if the cashier gets your coupons at the end of the order they will have to look up every one of your free items on your receipt one by one to find the price. IF the items are on sale with the Jewel card they will have to manually do the math to see the sale price and then manually key in that price as well as write it on the coupon for accounting purposes.

If you give them the coupons first, they can go through and write down the prices as the items scan which eliminates all the time and effort of having to look each price up. This generally eliminates most all mistakes, the need for manager intervention, and about 10 minutes off your check out time.

If you have any additional questions about the freezers, you may enjoy reading last year's freezer discussions, where you'll find many other answers (a lot of the same questions get asked each year!)

2012 Jewel-Osco Freezer Deal

2011 Jewel-Osco Freezer Deal

2010 Jewel-Osco Freezer Deal

2009 Jewel-Osco Freezer Deal

Free (zer) deal coupons and how I do them

OK, haven't bought the freezer, but I may this year as my upright is about a jillion years old, needs to be defrosted regularly and I'm sure is a HUGE power drain, but I digress.

To help with an "free" coupons I use, I ALWAYS put the free items on the belt last, and put the free coupons on the top of the pile so they are as close together on the screen as possible.

AS an aside, I love my Jewel cashiers (Streamwood Jewel shoutout). They are all very kind with my coupons, and some even cheer when they spot a good deal or match-up.

No, don't mix your Free items

No, don't mix your Free items with other groceries. You are supposed to pay for those completely separately, because then they'll take all the sales tax off. But they can't do that if there are other items in the transaction.


... they're store-coupon freebies. The register DOES automatically take the tax off for those. (Not too confusing, right?!)

They deal appears to have started at the Highland Park, IL Jewel

I just got home from shopping at my Highland Park, IL Jewel. The freezers are out on display and I don't see any mention of having to wait until Sunday to purchase. My cashier said she believed the deal had begun as well the brand is Congelador. Don't know if others have seen these out as well. I don't know if I can upload photos, so here is a link to my picture on Twitter. Hope this helps!


Was just at the Jewel in Wilmette

Hi- I was just at the Jewel on Green Bay in Wilmette, and I saw the freezers on display, but for some crazy reason, they did not have the sign promoting all the free coupons you get with it, and so people have no idea that it is a really good deal.

On MUM recently somebody also posted that Ultra does a freezer deal similar to this one to about this time of year.

Signage at Naperville Jewel

Signage at Naperville Jewel on 75th Street states sale starts Sunday.

I believe the model is:

Thank you!

That's a different brand than last year (Continental Electric) - last year was Igloo. "Congelador" is the Spanish word for "Freezer." :)

Thank you for taking the photo & keeping us updated!

Thanks for clarifying!

I guess that high school Spanish lesson didn't stick! LOL! I also learned a lesson today: Don't go to Jewel on Friday, mid-morning when there is an event/big deal going on. Total chaos!