RedPlum printing issues

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I havent been able to print from RedPlum for a while. Anyone else having issues with them? The last time I had issues with RP, it happened directly after I updated Java or some other software and had to jump through hoops to get it to work again. I've emailed them and have not received a response so I'm hoping someone here can give me some insight.
I'm wondering if I just delete RP's coupon printing software & then when I go to print, it'll prompt me to install if that will fix the problem. Can someone please tell me what RP's software program name is, as I am not able to find it on my computer. Thanks!

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I had problems back in October 2012

probably because we updated our browser at work. I contacted them at: and asked for their assistance
and they emailed me back with instructions.

Try contacting them with your printing issues as what they send me helped out (its a one page checklist of settings).

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after uninstalling & installing, uninstalling & reinstalling version 6.0 i'm able to print again on both RP & SS. Phew, note to self....DO NOT INSTALL JAVA UPDATES.

Not sure about MAC issues as i'm on a windows format, although the hubby wants to go to mac for our next computer.

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when i use my daughters iMac

when i use my daughters iMac it prints with the coupon terms all jumbled up and prints words on top of words and where it would say manufacturer coupon it is all black.
no problem with my hp.