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I know CVS has great deals Today I was there at 12:10 am and there was 2 Extreme Couponers there and everything that you got free with ECB was gone People leave some for the rest of us.I only have one cvs card not 10 or more like this people they would not give me any rain checks.Because the sale just started today??? this is the first time I have felt so angry at people like this.

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Many CVS stores activate

Many CVS stores activate their sales on Saturdays. I can bet you that many of those folks grabbed those deals yesterday making it harder for you to find the items you're looking for today. One thing I love about CVS is the fact they issue rainchecks and they never expire!

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CVS success

I got to my CVS at 7:40 this AM, half expecting everything to be gone, but to my surprise...EVERYTHING I wanted (except the "sample size" command hooks) was there, but I had to look. When I went to the pain reliever aisle, I was miffed to see the kids Advil and the travel advil were gone, but when I got to checkout, I saw them in baskets up front (no doubt to watch shelf clearers), along with the Air Wick plugins. So successful was I that I went back later in the day, and used all my ECBs and a 7.00 from the toothpaste box to get the 10 pack of Crest whitestrips for (everybody say it with me) FREE!!! Happy CVS girl!! (plus got the other 2 Wisks I needed for my SavingStar account...did you know you can credit your paypal account with SS credit? More happy shopping for me!!!)

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At the CVS I went to this

At the CVS I went to this morning there was a couple shopping with their kids and multiple CVS cards. The used the kids to wheel the carts out to the car of all the EB deals...How did they get away with using more than 1 card per person when it was the same cashier ringing them out everytime??! Unless the kids had their own card, then I guess it was OK...(SARCASM)

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Supposed to be one per household

That's crazy - CVS cards are actually supposed to be one per household, though I know they don't enforce that...

Definitely GET RAINCHECKS for the things they didn't have. CVS is great about issuing EBs on rainchecks.

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Wasn't one of the caveats for

Wasn't one of the caveats for Black Friday sales: No rain checks? Usually CVS will issue, but I don't think hey did this week on the BF deals.
Sidenote: Qs, including ECBs are beeping at the self-checkouts at "my" CVSs. It's a pain, because the associate has to "accept" every Q individually instead of all at once. I asked the lady helping me, and we can thank the coupon cheaters for this. I loved self-checkout, because I could take my time and scan my Qs without taking up a cashier's line. Oh, well. Bad apples ruin it for everyone else :(

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Week before

We were talking about the weekly (Sunday) ad and not the Black Friday CVS ad (the weekly ad had more freebies than the BF ad, actually.)

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I was there at 1115 in hopes to check out at 1200..when I first got there some of the things were missing..after 1200 they rolled out barrels of the things that were listed..perhaps they were hiding them in back...I was shocked to see how many couponers there were at this time...