GIVEAWAY: Win a $150 CVS/pharmacy gift card!

UPDATE: GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED! The winner is Susieqs2!

Hey, Super-Couponers... ready for another great giveaway? This week, you could win a $150 gift card to CVS/pharmacy!

Beginning today through December 15th, instead of earning the usual 2% quarterly ExtraBucks rewards you know and love, you'll earn DOUBLE the rewards -- four percent! All you need to do is sign up for the free DoubleBucks promotion online, and then shop like you usually do. When your quarterly rewards come out... watch them double!

To celebrate the new DoubleBucks promotion, I've got a $150 gift card to CVS/pharmacy to give away to one lucky reader!

To enter to win, simply post a reply in the comments under this article! This CVS/pharmacy $150 gift card giveaway begins today, September 16th, 2012, and runs for one week. The giveaway will end on September 22nd, 2012 at 11:59pm CST, and on September 23rd, one winner will be chosen via a random number generator!


More about CVS/pharmacy's Double Quarterly ExtraBucks program:

We know how much you love your quarterly ExtraBucks Rewards, and we're thrilled to announce that ExtraCare cardholders will be able to double their quarterly ExtraBucks Rewards earnings from 2% to 4%. From September 16 through December 15, shoppers can earn double quarterly ExtraBucks Rewards when you buy your favorite household goods at CVS/pharmacy, and you will be able to see these earnings reflected in your January 1 quarterly ExtraBucks Rewards payout!

Sign up for Double Quarterly ExtraBucks Rewards in three easy steps:

1. Visit

2. Enter your first name, last name, email address and ExtraCare number.

3. Press submit!

Quarterly ExtraBucks Rewards are like "free CVS money," and it's easy to understand the ExtraCare program and save at CVS/pharmacy without having to deal with other confusing programs, or points systems that don't translate to real dollars.

Learn more about Quarterly ExtraBucks Rewards in this fun video!

Legal: This giveaway is sponsored by CVS/pharmacy. Responding to this post with a comment qualifies readers to enter. Duplicate posts do not increase chances of winning. The contest began at midnight CST on September 16, 2012 and will end at 11:59pm CST on September 22, 2012. One winner will be chosen via random-number generator on September 23, 2012 and announced the same day. Winner will receive one $150 gift card to CVS/pharmacy. Products, prize, information, and giveaway have been provided by CVS/pharmacy. I have received information to help promote the Double Quarterly ExtraBucks promotion as part of this giveaway. I have not been compensated for this giveaway. Winner will be contacted via the Private Messaging feature of and via email. If a winner does not reply to the message within 48 hours of notification, that winner will forfeit the prize and a new winner will be chosen. Fulfillment will be handled by Giveaway is only open to residents of the United States. Odds of winning are determined by number of eligible entries received. Good luck to everyone!

Thanks for the chance!

Thank you for the chance to win such an awesome prize!

$150 Gift Card

It would be great to win! :)


This would come in handy.

Gift Card

This could come in handy! :)

I love CVS!

Baby on the way - this would buy a lot of diapers!!

$150 Gift Card

This would be so helpful to me and any of us following your blog, as times are tough! Jill you've taught us so much. Thank you ever so much!

$150 Gift Card

I would LOVE to win this $150 gift card from CVS! I never shopped there until I started following your blog, and now I'm a big fan. $150 would go a long way there with all of the deals they offer!

CVS $150.00 Gift card

Money is scarce and times are hard, that is why I am signing up to this wonderful GIFT CARD!

No way!

CVS gift card please come my way. :)


Awesome! I love CVS above all other stores!

Wow! CVS Gift Card

That's a lot of diapers and formula I can buy. Hope I'm lucky!

I really like CVS!

I am all about a deal. But to get a good deal and get DOUBLE rewards! That's great!But a free $150.....AWESOME!!!!

My favorite place, I love

My favorite place, I love shop @CVS always has great deals.

I could do some serious

I could do some serious damage at CVS with $!50 =)

I rarely shopped at CVS til I

I rarely shopped at CVS til I started following this couponing. Now I love it!

New Shopper... CVS. I'm still learning all the deals CVS can offer. So far it has been an awesome ride. Good luck to all! =)

Love CVS!

And your commercial! Than you! Jenni


I shop there all the time - could really use this giftcard! AND I am already signed up for the double extra bucks program - used my magic machine printout!

CVS gift card

I love CVS! Would be so nice to win this card and go shopping.

I love to shop @ my CVS! They

I love to shop @ my CVS! They see me every week.


My favorite place to shop for Huggies diapers and Tide, there are always great deals!


Yesterday I used a coupon that came out of the coupon machine, to signup for the Double Quarterly ExtraBucks promotion. They just scanned it at the register when I checked out.

Could Always use

Something like this!!

Winning would be Wonderful

This giftcard would really help out. I could really use it.

Great giveaway!

It would be awesome to win this!

For Diapers

I would LOVE to win this to buy diapers!!!

Me me me

How did I not see this sooner?! So many posts on your blog I have to keep up!

Pick me!

Would be wonderful to win this!

me me me!

what i could do with 150 bucks! thanks, jill!

cvs gift card

I can use this to buy all of the over counter meds my son needs for three months This would be awesome

Thanks for the opportunity to

Thanks for the opportunity to win this for the holidays!

This will be an awesome prize

This will be an awesome prize to win! Thank you Jill


As a poor student family, this would come in very handy!

I would love to win this! :)

I would love to win this! :)

My college student could use

My college student could use this one!

CVS Gift Card

I am feeling lucky! This is a great prize.


That would be an amazing gift!

CVS giftcard giveaway

Please pick me!!!!!!!

Win a $150 CVS gift card

This would be awesome!! Would love to win!!

CVS Giftcard

CVS is one of my favorite stores!

Christmas is coming...

...and I need to get something for my girlfriend. This sure would help!


Who wouldn't want to win this, thanks for the offer!

Great giveaway

That was a good video - you did a good job.
Thanks for all you do - you're great!
Hoping to win the gift card!

I have several expensive

I have several expensive prescriptions each month. The gift card would sure come in handy!

Pick me please!

I would love to win this!

cvs gift card

wow what a great give away
would love that and would help greatly

CVS Card - WooHoo!

Thanks for the chance Jill!


That would be a ton of shopping at CVS! A new CVS is being built even closer to my house. Gotta love it!

Thank you!

This would be amazing...would be a lot of fun to see how far you could stretch this with rolling family could so use this! Thanks for the opportunity.

CVS Give-away

Wow! What a budget booster!