Ultra Foods Closing in Streamwood - Liquidation Sale is at 20% Right Now

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Hi everyone. Just a heads up, Ultra Foods in Streamwood is closing. I stopped by today & spoke with a cashier. The owner needed to make major roof repairs & decided against it. He just decided to close the store & informed the employees two weeks ago.

As of today, everything is currently 20% off. The savings will continue to increase as the days pass. The store is scheduled to close around the end of July but may close sooner depending on how quickly the inventory goes.

For you wonderful Super-Couponers out there, remember to bring your coupons if you are coming to shop. They will continue to accept them. And don't forget, they accept coupons that are expired 30 days out or less!

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30% starts this Thursday! Shelves are emptying fast! And, their hours are no longer 24/7...I think it is only 8 am-8 pm.

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Have you seen anything good

Have you seen anything good that's left? I wonder if it is worth going. Thanks.

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HP Ultra

I live right by there but only went 1 time. A lot of stuff I was buying there would have to now be at 50% to be a better deal than what they used to sell it at with Ultra specials, etc. I picked up a couple of items where the list price was the same or close to Jewel & Walmart so then it was cheaper.

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OK...I went today

Is it just me, or does it seem like Ultra jacked up their prices to make it look like 30% was such a deal? What a load of crap! I saw people loading their cart with veggies shelf-marked at 1.47 a can! Even after 30% that is no deal! I went through each aisle with my calculator & a stack of coupons for items I specifically went to match. I DID get free Neosporin, and free Bayer (missed the CVS deal, so that made me a happy girl)and CHildren's Advil for about 2.00 a bottle. Snagged a free bottle of Crest rinse too (baggies of SWAG from the dentist...HIGH END Qs!!) All in all, I think I saved less than what I normally did at that store (only about $93 all total), but I am happy with the stockpile items. Not too sad to see it go. I am hoping Sears will open an outlet there....

PS Thanks Jill! I never would have known how to do what I did today without you!!!

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I went today...

I totally agree the prices are jacked up. It seems like the 30% off would just be take it down to normal everyday prices. I was going to pick up a few things but I noticed some of the canned food and especially the spices was either already expired or going to expire at the end of the month. I told one of the cashiers and she rolled her eyes and reluctantly told one of the managers. Just check the dates if you go!