General Mills' Spanish coupon mailer: Que Rica Vida "Musica Y Sabor"

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This one came in the mail awhile ago, but as I was working on Deals this morning I realized I hadn't added it to this area of the site.

Que Rica Vida is General Mills' Spanish coupon mailer. It comes out a few times each year. The "Musica Y Sabor 2012" issue contains:

$1 off yellow box Cheerios
$1 off Cinnamon Toast Crunch
$1 off 2 Hamburger Helper
.50 off 1 Nature Valley granola bars

All coupons expire 9/29/12. If you're not currently receiving Que Rica Vida (it's free!) you can sign up at

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Registered, but not getting books

Hi Jill! Wondering if you will know the answer to this: I signed up for Que Rica Vida about a year ago & received a coupon book. I continue to get e-mails from them but have not since received any of the new coupon books. Do I need to re-register? Thanks for all your help!

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I don't know!

I really don't know - you should be getting them, I'd think. They typically send 4-5 books per year.

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I have never, ever recieved a

I have never, ever recieved a book, and I've been registered for about 2 years now. Tried registering again, but it says I'm already registered. I give up on that one.

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Same thing happened to me.. I

Same thing happened to me.. I too gave up