FAKE & COUNTERFEIT coupons on Ebay (Crayola $10)

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Found this GREAT site while doing searches and some research on
counterfeit and fake coupons being sold on Ebay.

Before I was aware of serious problem involving the counterfeit of coupons, I had bid on, and "won" coupons on Ebay. Once I was aware of this issue,

I called Ebay customer service.
(Ebay gave me the expected "we are aware of the problem...blah blah blah" answer. They assured me that I could CANCEL all the bids I had made on coupons that were for "FREE" items, and it would not negatively impact my account.)

Then, today, the two coupons I won came in the mail.

They were for $10 off ANY Crayola or Silly Putty item.
I am no pro, but they just flat out looked FAKE.

I called Crayola customer service at 1 800 272 9654.
Spoke with a representative who listened to my concerns about my Ebay "purchase" and all of my
rants and raves about how people sell thousands of counterfeit and fake coupons on Ebay EVERYDAY,
and NO ONE seems to DO anything about it.

It hurts us ALL. It gives HONEST coupon users a bad name.

The rep from Crayola spoke with her supervisor and returned my call within the hour.

Here is what I was told:
The coupons are most likely FAKE, based on the information I gave him.
Crayola never issued $10 coupons with a December 2012 expiration date.
Valid Crayola coupons are printed on GLOSSY paper.
Valid Crayola coupons are IN COLOR.
Valid Crayola coupons are WATERMARKED.
When photocopied, "VOID" will appear IF the coupon IS VALID.

The sellers name is AndrewGolfDriver and he has sold lots of these fakes.
There is negative feedback, although he keeps all his listings "PRIVATE" so,
other than the name of the listing, you cant see anything.
The seller wants his "coupons" returned to him before he refunds money.
(He wants the evidence back, I guess.)
The seller than attacks the BUYER (who was the one being scammed) by saying the buyer's account has been blocked.

I could go on an on,
Check the CIC's list of known counterfeit coupons.
Call the company.
I guess I learned a lesson here, good thing it only cost me about $9.00

Their (Crayola's) hands are tied on this issue.
They are fully aware of these counterfeit coupons.
The rep's supervisor took down the name of the Ebay seller, his ID and all information from the transaction.
He told me that CRAYOLA had contacted Ebay about this matter.
(Yeah, we all know what happens when anyone contacts Ebay....)

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not just Ebay, I have a quesion

I found this site searching for fake coupons. I buy coupons online for years from a clip service and always got just coupons from the inserts and they sell some peelies too. A friend showed me another clipping site she uses and they sell free coupons too. I got some and not sure what to do. What I got looks fake to me. The site says they are 100% real. She uses the coupons with no problem. How do I know what clipping sites are good and what are shady? the site is [removed by Jill] if you could take a look thans.

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Link removed

I've removed the link to the site you posted. Without actually purchasing coupons to verify their validity, I am not able to say whether they're real or not, but it doesn't look legit to me. It's really best not to buy coupons online (at all) for this reason -- you simply do not know what you're getting. Just because a site sent you real/valid coupons previously is no guarantee as to what you'll get in the future.

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a few of them are OUT OF BUSINESS it seems, yay!

Just an update on one of the FEW of the MANY MANY sellers on eBay that are selling counterfeit coupons...

I do follow a few of the sellers that have negative feedback from buyers.
A couple of them NO LONGER list ANY "items" for sale.

AndrewGolfDriver (who I had unknowingly purchased counterfeit Crayola coupons from)
has ZERO items for sale.

I also do searches on eBay for KNOWN COUNTERFEIT COUPONS that are listed on the CIC website.
I have seen a SIGNIFICANT DECREASE in the numbers of listings that are for known fakes.

So, perhaps some of us are making a difference.
Let's hope so.

One thing that I have noticed, though, is that sellers seem to have caught on to the possibility that their
listing MAY be removed. It seems that MANY of the current listings for known counterfeits are now just listed as 24 hour auctions. I guess if they can end the listing and steal the money quickly, there is less of an opportunity for their listing to be removed, or for them to get "caught."

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Fake Ebay Coupons

Like yourself, I squandered onto this website after being sold a fake coupon for Quilted Northern. My question for you was , were you ever able to recoup the $5.55 you paid for the fake coupon, or did the Ebay seller just disappear ?

Good Job by the way, I also hope to scare this seller right off Ebay, and any others looking to scam honest couponers !!

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Very interesting

That's a very interesting (and welcome) development!

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most common COUNTERFEIT & FAKE coupons on eBay

Just a quick search in the coupon category on eBay will show just the tip of the iceberg of KNOWN counterfeit and fake coupons for sale on eBay.

With a few clicks on eBay, you can also see MANY examples of negative feedback left by the buyers,
saying "counterfeit" or "fake" or "not accepted at store" etc.
It is sort of a "grey area," though it can be debated either way, but most coupons have a disclaimer
printed on them that they are VOID "if sold / traded / bartered."

(My bad experience was yet another example of my continuing education on how to be an ethical coupon user.)
I had never put much thought into WHERE I got my coupons, just that they were VALID to use.

Here is a list of the MOST common on eBay right now (5/12/2012)
Each of these has been:
-listed on the CIC website as KNOWN counterfeits
-listed on the manufacturers site as invalid or counterfeit

* QUILTED NORTHERN BATH TISSUE free up to $14.00 each
* EIGHT O CLOCK COFFEE free up to $6.99 each
* SCHICK RAZORS free up to $10.99 each
* SEVENTH GENERATION PRODUCTS free up to $12.00 each
* SEAPAC PRODUCTS free up to $6.99 each
* FRESH STEP CAT LITTER free up to $10.00 each
* GLAD PRODUCTS free up to $4.00 each
* ARM & HAMMER free product (no value limit)

There are plenty more. Listed in different categories, listed to not include the product name, etc.

I was told by another member here that eBay and counterfeit coupons DO NOT get enough press or attention,
and I couldn't agree more!

Most all of my posts have been in a hope of preventing others from making the same mistake I did, and learning the hard way.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! and HAPPY SAVING!

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An alternative

Report AndrewGolfDriver to the police and CIC. The guy habitually sells known counterfeit coupons for free products, and he probably has a thriving business having cheated people and/or stores of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Rather than focus on Crayola, it's best to look at his whole store which solely consists of coupons for "free" items:


I bet you all you want he is the one "creating" the coupons and will surely go to prison if reported to the appropriate authorities. So the best thing to do when seeing "free" product coupons is to check the entire store of the seller, and if (s)he is a super-seller who has already sold thousands of items, then police will investigate him/her.

It is generally advised NOT to confront the seller of fake coupons because there is a procedure with the appropriate authorities that should be tried first. More information on this here:


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what YOU can do about counterfeit / fakes on eBay

Thanks so much for the information!

I had never considered (or knew of) some of the options / links you suggested. Thanks!

It does seem that it would make more of an impact to alert "authorities"
rather than attempting to contact EACH company directly.

Since Ebay had a vested financial interest in allowing it to continue,
contacting them seems a waste of time since expressing my concerns FALLS ON DEAF EARS.

Lots of people would rather "leave it up to someone else" or say "it's not my problem."
But it IS everyone's problem, and it hurts us all in the long run.

It can't hurt to send an email or fill out a form, especially if you have been directly affected by fraud.

Thanks again!

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I'm sorry you learned the hard way.

Sadly, if you see free product coupons on Ebay, I'd say 99% of the time they are counterfeit. Just this week I received an email from another person complaining that they bought fake coupons from that same seller/username.

Unfortunately, Ebay does next to nothing about this. And if you're not following what's going on with Ebay and all of the free counterfeit coupons up there... people that are new at this likely assume what's being sold is real.

How much did you pay for them?

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learned the hard way, but will not make the same mistake again!

Here is the original listing:

(2) Crayola or Silly Putty Product Coupons Save up to $10... (300707032186)
Member id andrewgolfdriver | Feedback Score Of 3887 | 99.8%
Your max bid: $5.55
Sale date: 05/08/12

paid $5.51 + $0.50 shipping (Your payment has been refunded.)
Dear andrewgolfdriver,

I received the coupons in the mail today, 5/11/12.
I contacted Crayola Customer Service 1 800 272 9654 and was informed that the coupons you sent me are NOT VALID. I was told that ALL valid Crayola coupons are watermarked and are IN COLOR and are printed on glossy paper. I was instructed that when VALID coupons are photocopied, the word VOID would appear. I was told that the coupons I received were fake and NOT VALID.
I did NOT yet leave feedback.
I would like to return the pieces of paper that you sent me, and I would like a refund.
Your return policy states 14 days.
Please contact me with an address so I can return the pieces of paper I purchased from you.
Thank You.
Dear d********1,

I did not aware of that. Anyhow, let me issue the full refund back to your account.


- andrewgolfdriver
I'll give the seller the benefit of the doubt, since he himself may have bought them and is trying to re-sell them. (Doubtful since some of the negative feedback was from sales that were NINE months old, and he STLL continues to sell the same coupons as well as coupons that have been on the CIC web site for MONTHS.) I imagine that sellers who list counterfeit coupons will continue to do so because it is "easy money" and will probably NOT stop until they are caught. (Which is highly unlikely since NO ONE SEEMS TO BE DOING ANYTHING TO STOP IT.)

Although I know that it will probably do NO GOOD AT ALL, I "reported" each and every one of that seller's listing of the same item. Makes you wonder HOW a person is able to gather 100's and in some cases, 1,000's
of the "FREE" product high-value coupons? Probably NOT in legitimate ways, I imagine.

Ironic that feedback for the seller includes:
-coupons are fakes
-coupon not taken at 3 stores, cashier said it was a fraud copy
(reply from seller: Please contact me for a return. We can work things out.)
-Fast shipping, sent FAKE COUPONS.
(reply from seller: This person will be first on all sellers block list. Can't buy from eBay again!)
(reply from seller: All Sellers, Block this buyer who stolen merchandise without paying. Bad accuser)
-Continues to sell counterfeit coupons despite other reviews! BEWARE!
(reply from seller: This new eBayer will be on every seller's block list, the worst ever!!!)
-Refund granted, Buyer beware!
-Tried to use coupon at two different places. COUNTERFEIT!!!
(reply from seller: Many buyers redeemed w\o issue, check my positive feedbacks for same items sold)
-They don't even make the sz stated the only sz allowed.. FAKE COUPONS.
(reply from seller: Buyer used all tactics to get free item, open many cases just for this, BLOCKED)
(reply from seller: BLOCKED THIS BUYER!! BEWARE)
(follow-up reply from BUYER: The Coupons Were Very Obvious Fakes,AND THEN YOU TRY TO BLAME THE BUYER.)

And that says it all. The SELLER TRIES to place the blame on the BUYER. Now THAT is sad.
It makes me angry that considerate and honest coupon users are given a bad name because of those who SELL or those who try to knowingly REDEEM counterfeit coupons.

I can often save big bucks on my shopping because I watch store circulars, I CLIP coupons, and I find the best opportunities to HONESTLY and LEGALLY use coupons.

Now I am more aware of the counterfeit coupon problem, and I am MUCH MORE CAREFUL on how I acquire my coupons. Not only do I NOT want to part of the problem, I have no interest in committing a felony or cheating a company. In the long run, WE DO PAY for their losses, in the way of higher prices.

Thanks to everyone for letting me vent and reading my rant and ravings.


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If it makes you feel any

If it makes you feel any better I'm following every single step you mentioned and I will also attempt to stop this scamming madness.

I also gave you a standing ovation for your efforts, because you seemed to be as mad as I am about this. It pisses me off when people take advantage of someone no matter how little or how big the situation is.

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It's crazy

Again, I think it is so unfortunate that the counterfeit coupon problem is enormous on Ebay right now. If you didn't see this story, Hershey recently pulled a LEGITIMATE coupon offer because it had been so widely counterfeited and sold online.