Extra wide saran wrap?

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Does any one know where to find the extra wide (18") saran wrap in moderately sized rolls? I don't have the space for one of those huge commercial rolls that you'd find at Sams or Costco.

I once found the stuff in holiday motif, on clearance after the holidays, but used that all up a while ago. I need more.

And of course a coupon or a sale price would be even better.


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Check out Amazon

Amazon has an 18" wide plastic cling wrap, 50 ft. roll, for $2.69. ( Don't know what shipping would come up to tho).

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Try Costco

Recently I have been finding at Costco the foodservice stuff in smaller rolls but in a multi pack. I recently bought foil this way so maybe the saran wrap is that way too. It is still wide just not as big in diameter.

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Still looking for this if any

Still looking for this if any one has any leads...
Doesn't have to be "saran", just any brand or generic 18" plastic wrap.

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Hi J.R.! I found your

Hi J.R.! I found your question interesting, it got me curious :)
dancingwolves thank you for your reply,
i'll keep that in mind in case if i need it! ;)

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Never saw this but would like

Particularly when wrapping for freezer or keeping bake sale items fresh. But I did find a better quality plastic wrap that is the normal width which I found at Dominicks called Stretch-tite that I invite you to try. I was getting tired of saran wrap getting stuck on ends even though the box looked normal and not damaged. So even though Stretch-tite is $1.50 more than Saran wrap I find it worth paying more as I dont have time or patience to deal with uncooperative packaging.