Dominicks Store Closing - Bloomingdale

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I was just there today and was trying to use the $5 off New Freezer Item coupon. I asked for help to find the 200 Items (listed on the coupon) and was told they are do not have all these items since they will be closing this store shortly.

ANOTHER bites the dust!!! I don't see the one on Roselle Rd making it too much longer.

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4/28 is the last day I heard in the store today.....does anyone know their policy using B1G1 coupons and a B2G2 sale? Will it be B1G3 or can I use 2 B1G1 to get them all free? This is not in the Q Policy online?

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You can not use Qs there on

You can not use Qs there on free items (just like at Meijer).
If the sale is B2G2 and you have a B1G1 Q, you can use only one on the 2 items you are buying, not on the free ones. So it will be B1G3.