Unable to Print From Smart Source

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I am new to this but am unable to print from Smart Source. It keeps saying that Java in disabled but I have follow the instructions on enabling Java and it says it is enabled. It does say the supported browser version is different then the required browser version but it does not give instructions on how to remedy this. Is anyone out there computer savy that can help me fix this?

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I apologize. I have a PC and

I apologize. I have a PC and am printing to an HP printer. I am getting the following error message:

Java and Browser version requirement verification is not successful!

System Details

Current Version

Supported Version


Microsoft Internet Explorer 9

Microsoft Internet Explorer 8

Operating System

Windows 7

Windows 7

Java/JRE Version

Java Not Detected


Please make sure that the current version listed matches the supported version.

It appears that Java is currently disabled on your computer. Please enable Java and try printing again.
For instructions on how to enable Java in your web browser please visit our help page by clicking here.

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PC or MAC?What OS and

When posting about computer / printer problems, you need to include details about your configuration or no one is going to be able to help you.

PC or MAC?
What OS and version?
What browser and version?
What printer? Can you print to it from other apps (direct from the web browser)

The only supported browser on the Mac is Safari :-( it's the only thing I use Safari for on my Mac.