Couponing in Northern Indiana/Michiana

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I just recently moved to South Bend, Indiana from Chicago, Illinois. I was excited to find a Meijer & Kroger where I can continue to do my couponing. And they also have a store here called Martin's where I can get some good coupon deals as well, but the problem is the Chicago Tribune here is terrible! The Red Plum usually only has one coupon, and the SS is so thin, it is crazy. Even the South Bend Tribune is terrible. My saving grace is when I come to Chicago to visit and a co-worker who lives in Michigan. Apparently the Chicago Tribune that is delivered there gets the inserts we get in Illinois. So my question is, if I have a Chicago Trib home delivery can I specify that I want the Trib that is delivered in Illinois? The papers here are really throwing me off on my budget.