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Every time I go to Meijer I have a problem. Usually, its with m perks- the discounts do not come off. I can't prove that I loaded it, so I started printing my list and bringing it with to the store. The trip before last, I went to the service desk for 4 different items (only out of about 7). The girl gave me my money back every time... BUT last night, 2 items did not discount so I took my list to the desk. "Steve H" said that typically there is NOTHING THEY CAN DO AT THE SERVICE DESK_ THAT MPERKS IS AN OUTSIDE SOURCE and I need to call them!! I said, "how do I prove that I not only loaded these discounts, but did so before my shopping my trip if I need to go home and call some other company? There is no print date. He said he could give me the money today, but in the future I need to call the outside company. He gave me an email address and a phone number. Anyone heard ANYTHING so outrageous?

Time before last, the cashier did not want to honor both my meijer mealbox coupon and manufacturer coupon. She said "the register said too many coupons for one item." I explained that their policy said they will take a meijer coupon and a manufacturer coupon for the same item. Then she said "well, it will take it if I push it through, but typically we take one coupon per item." Afetr she said this, I watched the trips, and in fact the mealbox coupons do NOT come off - even when watching the total dollar bottom line... but not EVERY TIME. Sometimes it did, and sometimes it didn't.

Has anyone else heard of either of these things? I know you cant use mperks and mealbox at the same time- but in the rare occurance that would ever happen which i am doubting they would do both, which comes off? The paper mealbox coupon, or the mperks?

Its getting to be that these trips to Meijer are not worth the time it takes to pull all the coupons, match it all up, take the 2 hours to shop, then the hour to checkout. ?? I had the same issues with Dominicks- had to go to the service desk every single shopping trip- so I just stopped shopping there. I had the same problems at Target until all of Jill's stories- now Target is a breeze!

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It is unfortunate

I like shopping at Meijer a lot, but they typically will not adjust a receipt after the fact for -any- reason. It's tough because if the same thing happened at Jewel with Avenu or at Dominick's with Just For U, they -usually- will make it right for you.