Difference between Clorox and Lysol brands???

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ok, so in my other post I showed my savings using coupons this week. But I have a quick question. All my cleaning coupons were for Lysol products, not Clorox. Typically I use Clorox. Has anyone ever noticed a major difference between the two? For instance Lysol wipes vs Clorox wipes? Is one actually better than the other?

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Used both

I have noticed that the Lysol wipes leave a streak whereas the Clorox wipes are less likely to do this. And I really dislike the Lysol wipes that have a texture in them they come in a purple container.

Since I've started to coupon, I actually find myself using less wipes and more sprays like Mr Clean because those seem to be more frequently cheap. I know that I certainly also have a stock of wipes, but now reserve them for the bathrooms (instead of using them in the kitchen).