Super Couponing in the Atlanta/Athens GA area?

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We will be moving to the Atlanta/Athens GA area soon, and I am wondering about stores and using coupons in that area. Does anyone know of a forum/blog site similar to Jills that is specific to the stores down in that area? Thanks so much for all you do Jill, I have enjoyed and saved following your site!

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Georgia Deals

I just moved south of Atlanta from the Chicagoland area earlier this year and I have to say that you're going to really like Publix for couponing. They are by far the best place to coupon on a regular basis! Sites that you will have to check out are Southern Savers and iheartpublix. Other sites I watch are Frugal Coupon Living and True Couponing. Kroger seems to have the best meat deals in the area, but everytime I try to do their other deals they are out of stock and overall the customer service at Publix for couponers is so much better. Publix allows overage on coupons too with no beeps. My Publix even accepts Target coupons and I can stack them with manufacturer coupons! At my store the buy one get one free deals ring up just half price on the item so you don't even have to buy 2 items to get the deal. They double coupons up to and including $.50 everyday with no limits too! Unfortunately, the newspaper subscriptions are much more expensive down here to get Sunday coupons than the Chicago Tribune was. I've had to get creative on how to get more coupons, but I found out that my local library gives out free local papers on Thursdays and they include Sunday coupon inserts!

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Atlanta/Athens, Georgia

I haven't done a lot in-depth browsing of these sites but they look great at first blush. I simply googled "Athens Georgia couponing blog". (This one looks iffy...)

I don't know where these blogs are based but they appear to share the same feelings about "that show" as Jill: (this one is based in Buford, Georgia)

And here is a link to the Top 50 Blogs (not just couponing) in Athens, Georgia: