Kindle VS. Nook

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Thinking about getting one of these...Can you please share if you love/hate yours?

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Here's a link to a good

Here's a link to a good article that compares the top choices:

And just like the Kindle, there is a Nook app for PC, Mac, iPad, Android, and more.

Nook seems to be the format used by libraries to lend ebooks.

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Kindle without any doubt!

It's the best reader out there!

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Another way the Kindle

Another way the Kindle Wireless Reading Device works, is it allows you to download free materials as well such as books from the public domain, and it can easily connect with Wikipedia, Google and other text-type websites for easy web-browsing. There is no need to connect the product to a computer, ever.

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FREE Kindle app for your other devices

If you're looking for a FREE way to read FREE ebooks, as opposed to actually owning a tablet-like ebook reader, there is a downloadable Kindle app for PC, MAC, iPad, Android, and other environments as well.

I'd rather have a generic tablet, with either IOS or Android, that could also read ebooks, than a special purpose device that was only a bookreader.

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I was just about to say the

I was just about to say the same thing. I have Kindle for PC and for my iPhone, but not actual Kindle device.

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Thank you to everyone

who took the time out to share your thoughts, they were all helpful!

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I have a Kindle and love it.

I have a Kindle and love it. I also recommend buying the cover for it. There is no glare and I have found it to be pretty easy to navigate and figure out. The only thing I would suggest is checking with your local library to see what they have available for free check-out. After I got my Kindle, I checked with my library and it turns out you can "check-out/download" books for free from them to a Nook or Sony Reader, but not to a Kindle. Although, they said that they hope to be able to add the Kindle by the fall. I will love it even more when I can get free books from the library on it!

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I have the Sony one. I like

I have the Sony one. I like it, but find that I can either get the books at the library for nothing, or used copies cheaper than the download cost.

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Nook color

I HAD the Nook Color. First I want to say that as long as there is a library for me to checkout books for free, I will not pay for books to read on an electronic device. Second, the "free" book library was about scandalous dancerelationships and I was hard pressed to find anything I would like. Third, the glare on the Nook Color was terrible. It made it difficult to read without a reflection. I ended up returning it after a week.

I also have used my mother in laws kindle. If I were to decide to pay $$ for books, the screen had no glare and easier to read. But not in color.

The only advice I am definitive about on this is invest in a cover no matter which device you choose!

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If you're close to Arlington

If you're close to Arlington Heights, the library there has all the versions of e-readers there available to check out. This way you'd be able to try them and see which one you like best.

I have a kindle, but rarely use it as I prefer to read a real book. :(

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I never tried the Nook so I can't compare. I got the Kindle a few months ago. I had the free Kindle applications on my Ipod Touch and computers. My now current bank was running a promotion at the end of the year for $100 gift cards if you opened a $100 bank account. I opened one and my son opened one. I used my Christmas bonus to open those (part of what I was told years ago to make your money work for you :-) ). With my two gift cards I paid $8 remaining in tax for the $189 Kindle plus I now have an awesome bank. The only thing I don't like is learning how to use it :-) For my purposes it works well. I was also able to download the chapters for my online classes.