Deals of the Week for September 30, 2008

Ready for another week of BIG savings?

Starting at Walgreens, don't you need yet another free toothbrush? Of course you do! The Oral B Cross Action toothbrush is on sale for $4.49 with a $4.50 Register Reward. So, the toothbrush is already free... but with the 75 cent off coupon from the 9/28 PG insert, it's a moneymaker too!

Still at Walgreens, wouldn't you like to get a ten-dollar razor for 99 cents? Gillette Fusion razors are on sale for $8.99 (regularly $11.49.) There's a $4.00 off coupon in the 9/28 PG insert, and you'll get a $4.00 Register Reward when you buy it too. So you'll be getting this nice, fairly expensive razor... for 99 cents. That's better than going to the dollar store!

Note: Don't be tempted (as I was!) by the Gillette Fusion "gift pack" that contains the razor, shave gel and body wash... and is also on sale for $8.99 at Walgreens. It does NOT generate the Register Reward. I learned the hard way (and that's why I like to go to the store before I post these deals for you :)

EDIT: Updating to say that the "gift pack" with Tiger Woods on the package DOES work with the deal. The gift pack with a football on the front does NOT. People have been trying both, and I went back to try Tiger, and he worked :) So look for Tiger Woods if you want more freebies with your cheap razor!

Also, as an aside, CVS is running the same deal this week. The razor is $9.99 with a $5.00 Extra Care Buck. Use that $4.00 off coupon and pick it up for just 99 cents!

Here's a pretty good deal on haircare items... Walgreens has a Register Rewards deal where you can buy various brands of shampoos and haircolor. All are on sale for $5.99. Buy 2 and get $5 in Register Rewards, or buy 3 and get $8 in Register Rewards.

Coupons currently out for these:
Pantene: $2.00 off one (8/31 PG exp. 9/30)
Herbal Essences: $2.00 off one (9/7 RP)
Nice & Easy: $2.00 off one (8/31 PG exp. 9/30)
Natural Instincts: $2.00 off one (9/7 RP) or $1.00 off one (9/28 PG)

So, the math works like this, no matter how you mix and match:

3 products @ $5.99 = $17.97
Minus 3 $2.00 off coupons = $11.97
Minus $8 Register Reward = $3.97

That's less than one item's current sale price... for 3! You usually don't see haircolor this cheap.

Now, whenever these deals come up, people will email and ask whether they're better off buying 2 items for the $5 RR or 3 for the $8 RR. It depends what coupons you have and what you need. If you buy 3, you'll be paying $1.32 each. If you buy 2, you'll be paying $1.49 each... so it's up to you to determine whether you need 3 of these items to gain that 17-cent advantage..!

A bonus: If you buy 2 or more Natural Instincts, you will also receive a Catalina that you can mail in to receive a free subscription to Marie Claire magazine or a free cosmetics bag! Free bonuses are always fun!

Over to Jewel this week, how about some free or cheap Pert shampoo? Pert is on sale 2 for $5.00, or $2.50 each. There's a $2.00 off coupon in the 8/3 SS insert, so it will be just 50 cents. NOTE: This coupon expires 9/30 (which means you can use it right up until the end of the day on 9/30) so shop quickly if you'd like this deal.

Usually in our coupon classes, we teach that a name-brand product is almost always going to be cheaper than a store-brand product. But sometimes there are great coupons out for store-brand products too that make them worth checking out! Jewel's rolling out a new line of gourmet foods called Culinary Circle. They have all kinds of good stuff. So print two $1.00 off coupons here and check out some deals...

Water crackers (those fancy little round crackers you eat at parties) are on sale for $1.72 a box. With $1 off, those are some cheap crackers!

Or, go the route I did... Culinary Circle rising crust and ultra-thin crust frozen pizzas are on sale buy one get one free, $7.89. Use 2 coupons (a great couponers' trick -- since you're buying and paying tax on 2, you can use 2 coupons on a B1G1F sale -- even on the free item!) and pay just $5.89 for two gourmet frozen pizzas. That's less than $3.00 a pizza - a fantastic price for rising crust! They come in traditional flavors, as well as some similar to California Pizza Kitchen's gourmet types, like Margherita and barbecue chicken.

The great Glade moneymaker sale continues for one more week (read last week's deals for the scoop on how to get the store to pay you to take home Glade Plug-Ins!)

This week, Glade Wisp candles will be your moneymaking friend. The 9/7 SS insert has a $5.00 off Glade Wisp coupon. Glade's site has a Buy One, Get One Free coupon. Buy two of these candles, which are on sale for $6.99 each. With your two coupons, the first candle will cost you $1.99, and the second will be free... and the best part? Two $3.00 off Catalina coupons will print at checkout... and the store will have paid you $4.01 to take those Wisp candles home! You may want to print 2 of the B1G1F coupon, as some stores even have $5.00 off peelie coupons ON the Wisp candles. If you find one of those, and you have 2 B1G1F coupons, you can do this deal twice in the same transaction!

(A neat aside - the Glade Wisp are flameless candles. They run on a battery, making them not only safer than a regular candle, but a handy thing to have around in case of a power outage too.) Both the Glade Wisp and the Glade Plug-Ins deals run through Oct. 5th.

Now, put your thinking caps on! Here's a crazy sale at Jewel this week... Jewel is offering an instant $3 savings when you buy $10 of any of the items listed in Sunday's ad.

You can work this deal any way you like, buying just the items you need or want... and save BIG! Some of these are overage items that will bring your total savings down even more if you buy them (and by now you know you ALWAYS buy overage items, whether you need them or not, because they SAVE you money..!)

There are 4 groups of items in this deal - items priced at $10/10, $5/10, $4/10, and $3/10. There are many more products in the ad than I've listed here, but I've listed the things that there are currently coupons out for to bring your savings down even more. Remember, to get the after-savings prices, you MUST buy $10 worth of items at a time. But you can buy 10, 20, or 30, or 40 in the same transaction, and you'll automatically save $3 for every $10 you spend, no matter how you mix and match. (Last night, I saved $27 automatically during this deal!)

Ready? Here we go...

10/$10 - $3 instant savings for buying 10 = 10/$7 or $.70 each

  • Campbell's Cream of Mushroom or Cream of Chicken Soups: 9/7 SS - 40 cents off 3 = $1.70 for 3 cans, or 57 cents a can. 9/14 SS has 30 cents off 3, and 9/21 SS has 40 cents off 2.
  • Zatarains Rice: 9/7 R - 75 cents off 2 = $0.65 for 2 boxes, or 32.5 cents a box
  • Daisy Sour Cream: 8/24 SS - 50 cents off one = $0.20 for 1 tub
  • Homelife napkins: Many Jewel stores have had blue coupon dispensers in the paper aisles with $1.00 off coupons for Homelife paper products. If you can find these coupons (shown at right) the napkins will not only be free, but will have 30 cents overage too!
  • Nursery Water: 55 cents off 2 (printable = $0.85 for 2 gallons, or 42.5 cents each when you buy 2
  • Zone Perfect bars: $1 off (9/7 SS) - free after coupon, and 30 cents overage when bought in $10 increments
  • Atkins Advantage Bars: $1 off (8/17 SS) - free after coupon, and 30 cents overage when bought in $10 increments
  • Softsoap liquid soap pumps: $0.35 off (9/28 SS) = $0.35 each. Note: ONLY Juicy Melon and Lavender Chamomile scents work with this deal!

5/$10 - $3 instant savings = 5/$7 or $1.40 each

  • Ronzoni Bistro Dinners: $1.00 off one (9/28 SS and printable) = $0.40 each
    Note: I had a horrible time finding these in the store! They're new and nobody knew where they were. I finally found them near the Hamburger Helper, oddly.
  • Smart Ones low tier meals or desserts: $1.00 off 5 (printable) = $1.20 each when you buy 5
  • Birds Eye Blends or Steamfresh blends: $1.00 off 3 (9/7 SS and/or September All You Magazine) = $3.20 for 3 or about $1.06 each
  • Domino Sugar: $0.30 off one (8/17 RP) = $1.10 each
  • Homelife facial tissue: Many Jewel stores have had blue coupon dispensers in the paper aisles with $1.00 off coupons for Homelife paper products. If you can find these coupons, the tissue will be 40 cents a box after coupon.
  • Palmolive dish soap: $0.40 off one (printable = $1.00 after coupon
  • Wet Ones wipes: $0.75 off one (printable) = $0.65 each
  • Campbell's Select Harvest Soup: $.50 off 2 or $1.00 off 4 (9/14 SS and 8/17 SS) = $1.15 each

4/$10 - $3 instant savings = 4/$7 or $1.75 each

  • SuperPretzel: $0.75 off one (8/24 RP) = $0.75 each
  • Nestle refrigerated cookie dough: $1.00 off 1 (printable) = $0.75 each
  • Mott's apple juice: $1.00 off 2 (8/10 SS) = $2.50 for 2, or $1.25 each. Remember to check your Avenu before going to the store, as many people have an additional $1.00 off Mott's Avenu savings. If so, that would make the juice just 25 cents a bottle!
  • Homelife 2-pack Mighty Absorbent paper towels: Many Jewel stores have had blue coupon dispensers in the paper aisles with $1.00 off coupons for Homelife paper products. If you can find these coupons, the 2-pack of towels will be $0.75 after coupon.
  • Kozy Shack Pudding: $1.00 off 2 (8/10 SS) or 50 cents off one (printable)= $2.50 for 2 or $1.25 each
  • Colgate toothpaste (many varieties): $1.50 off 1 (printable = $0.25 each after coupon
  • Colgate Toothbrush 360, Whitening, or Navigator: $1.00 off 1 (printable = $0.75 each after coupon

3/$10 - $3 instant savings = $7 or $2.34 each

  • Hillshire Farms lunch meat: $0.55 off one or $1.00 off 2 (8/24 RP) = $1.79 each (with first coupon listed)
  • V8 Splash juice: $1.00 off 2 (8/17 SS) = $3.68 for two, or $1.84 each
  • Hershey's Chocolate Syrup: $1.00 off 2 (8/24 SS) = $3.68 for two, or $1.84 each
  • Eggo waffles: $0.55 off one or $1.00 off 2 (9/21 RP) = $1.79 each (with first coupon listed)
  • Angel Soft 6 double rolls toilet paper: $0.50 off one or $1.00 off 2 (8/17 RP) = $1.25 each
  • Aleve: $1.00 off one (7/27 RP or printable = $1.34 each
  • Nivea for Men Body Wash: $1.00 off one (7/20 SS) = $1.34 each
  • Whew! So... ready for an example of how nice this deal can be?

    2 Zatarains Rice - 65 cents
    1 Ronzoni Bistro dinner - 40 cents
    2 Mott's apple juice - 50 cents
    1 Daisy sour cream - 20 cents
    1 Softsoap - 35 cents
    1 Zone Perfect Bar (overage) - -30 cents
    1 Atkins Advantage Bar (overage) - -30 cents

    $11.50 in items... minus coupons, Avenu, and overage = $1.50!

    Remember, mix and match however you like -- there are LOTS of other things in the ad too that I haven't listed as they don't have coupon matchups, but some of them are good prices even without coupons (70 cent 2-liters of Coke come to mind :) This sale runs through Oct. 4.

    Many people have emailed me about the Thursday-to-Wednesday Jewel flyer that went out on Sept. 25th. There are a LOT of Catalina and instant-savings deals going. Everyone wants to know... "are these good deals?" If you need those things, sure, they're not too bad... but they're also not terribly terrific (or at least hitting my personal threshold of "cheap enough to mention.") If you like those products and need some, by all means get them. Do your coupon homework and look up the coupons you need at or (the latter is a more complex coupon lookup, but I noticed coupontom has been offline this weekend, so I'll give you an alternative.) I'd love to hear about your great deals if you make some of these work for you too! This flyer is online at too.

    This week's Web freebies:

    Free Schick Quattro Titanium Razor

    Del Monte free coupons for: 1 free Del Monte grapefruit bowl and 1 free Del Monte diced tomatoes (sign up and both will be mailed.)

    Free new Bertolli bagged pasta sauce

    Free Campbell's Select Harvest Soup - Text "TLC" to 467467 on your cell phone (the coupon comes in the mail - they will send you one reply text to verify your address, so if you pay per text, you will need to send one, get one, and reply to that -- decide if 1 free soup is worth it!) is the company handling the promotion - they're reputable and do numerous phone-text coupons for various companies.

KMart Doubles

So I went to Crystal Lake KMart today and they are one of the stores doing doubles. They don't accept internet Q's, so I basically took all my newspaper Q's that I might buy at Target or Meijer and tried to see what kinds of deals there were. Here are some of the deals I got:

Spaghettios: on sale for 99 cents per can and a coupon for 40 cents off 2, so I got 2 for $1.18

Fun Size Mars Halloween Candy:sale 2 for $4 and Q for $1 off two, so I got 2 for $2

Lysol Toilet Cleaner(not on sale, but a fantastic deal): $2.29 with a 75 cent Q, so it ended up being 79 cents

Zyrtec Children's Syrup (not on sale, but a need in my house): $10.99 and a $2 Q, so I got 2 bottles for $14

tic tacs (Individual packs by the register):99 cents each with a Q for 55 cents off 2, so ended up being 88 cents for 2

Kotex Tampons: 3.49 minus a $1 Q I got by mail, so it ended up being 1.49

Maalox liquid: 4.99 minus a $2 Q, ends up being 99 cents.

Wdstk Kmart

Woodstock IS taking internet coupons. However, they will NOT double them. Also, there won't be any money makers, in the sense of overage. The register adjusts the double coupon to match the price. EX. item costs $1.89, have $1.00 off coupon...price is Free, with no overage! Works out this this: $1.89-$1 coupon- $.89 [double coupon off]= free. No overage of $.11, like I thought it would be. Bummer, but still FREE.

Kmart Doubles

I also went to the Crystal Lake, IL Kmart and these are the deals I got today. Some great deals to be had but you have to watch prices some items are expensive.

Dep full size gel $2.99-$.50Qx2= $.99
Soft & Dri deoderant $2.99-$.50Qx2= $.99
Bumble Bee tuna 3oz $1.19-$.50Qx2= $.19
Orville natural gourmet popcorn $2.89-$1.00Qx2 = $.89
Scotch brite scour pads 3pk $2.89-$1.00Qx2= $.89
Milkyway/M&M/3 Musketeers Fun Size 2/$4.00-$1.00Q = $1.00
Garnier Fructis shampoo/conditioner $3.79-$1.00Qx2= $1.79
Easy Mac 6 snack packets $3.29-$1.00Qx2 = $1.29

Softsoap at Jewel 10/$10 deal

The add also includes antibacterial in addition to the juicy melon and lavendar one mentioned above. I bought 3 of the antibacterial ones last night - no problem. It is a really nice lemony scent, by the way. There are a few other scents that are antibacterial, they will all work too. Since the add doesn't clarify which scent of antibacterial, the service desk said that "all" are marked to be 10/$10 as long as it says "antibacterial".

I ONLY, ONLY use self-checkout, I have never had any coupons questioned at all!!! I can use 20 internet coupons, no problem.

Walgreens Razor gift pack

Just an FYI....i did get the razor gift pack and it did generate the $4.00 coupon...guess it depends on the Walgreens

refer:Note: Don't be tempted (as I was!) by the Gillette Fusion "gift pack" that contains the razor, shave gel and body wash... and is also on sale for $8.99 at Walgreens. It does NOT generate the Register Reward. I learned the hard way

Your awesome Jill

Way to go :)

Hey, I'm glad it worked! I tried it and it didn't go. Sometimes those things are different by store though. I guess if you want to give it a shot, go for it! You can always return it and buy the regular razor (which is what I ended up doing.)

Sometimes as couponers, we have to take chances..! Thanks for posting this, and for your compliments too!

Edit: I have since learned from some other boards that the gift pack with Tiger Woods on it works. The gift pack with a football on it does not. (Sometimes these deals are goofy like that because they have different UPCs!) I of course was unlucky and picked the football pack. So look for Tiger!



K Mart

Crystal Lake is doing it too! :)

culinary special

has anyone had a problem trying to print this coupon ? or is just me .
thanks joan

culinary circle products

couldn't get the coupon to print . anyone have the same problem . any help on this matter . was going to try another computer

Glade Wisp Coupons - Buy One, Get One Free coupon.

Just want to give everyone the heads up. I printed the Glade Wisp Coupon, Buy One, Get One Free coupon, and printed them twice using the back button, but the Jewel on 14 apparent did not accept Web coupons anymore. There had been a rash of fraud coupons going around, and wanted to let everyone know to be on there guard


Jewel internet coupons

Crystal Lake Jewel accepted a whole bunch of internet coupons from me this morning, but I did not try to use this particular one.
Try it in CL

Coupon policy

There are several discussions going on the blog about this, but the best way to know what Jewel will and won't take is to get a copy of their coupon policy.

I did add their current coupon policy to the site here (this is about a month old - they typically don't change often, but with all the discussion lately, it leads me to believe they may have made some changes. You can read this one though in the meantime and see what it says.)

I would also encourage everyone to email Jewel themselves as well and ask for a copy of their current coupon policy. Their address is -- explain that you want a current copy because you're being denied using internet coupons at your store. even has printable coupons on it -- something you might want to mention in your email as well -- why have them up there if the store won't take them?

KMART doubling coupons

Hi Jill,
I haven't seen much info on your site about KMart, but I got a flyer saying they are doubling manufacturer's coupons from Oct. 1-Oct 5. There is a lot of fine print at the bottom though. I was wondering if you had any suggestions as to what we should purchase at KMart to make the most of this deal.
Thanks for all your help. Today I saved 68 dollars at Jewel using your super-coupon methods!

Which store?

Kmart has been running double coupons all month at various stores, but none of them have been in my area. It's hard to know what to buy without knowing what's on sale. You're going to have to do your homework just the way I do -- take the ad, match the sale items to the coupons ( is my favorite site for this, but it's been down for the past few days, so try the one at and then double the coupon savings for the particular items. See what deals you can find :)



Home Life

WOW on the Home Life coupons. I would of never looked for those, I guess I will have to pay more attention to those dispenser things. I took 10 coupons and bought 10 packs of $1 napkins that were all free and then got extra $3 off the other stuff I bought.! Maybe I should go back 4 more. I didn't wanna take them all to leave some for all you other guys!!

RE: Homelife Coupons

I was just wondering if there is anywhere else to get these $1 off coupons other than at Jewel in the dispenser? Our Jewel does not have them! :(


It's the only place I've seen them, as they are for their store-brand paper products.



RR Coupons at Walgreens

Since I have never recieved these before I do have a stupid question. Once you receive your RR coupon(s) can you combine them at your next purchase? I recieved 2 today, one for $4 and one for $4.50, can I use them both/together to get $8.50 off my next purchase? Or do you have to use them one at a time?



You can combine as many of them as you want! :) The only think you cannot do is buy more of the same items with them and expect another RR. It used to work this way, but it was very easy for people to basically clear the shelves of product quickly, so they don't do that anymore.

The one thing you will need to remember with them is that Walgreens won't let you use more coupons than items (this is one of those Walgreens policy issues.) Because a RR is considered a coupon, here's a way you might want to work a deal:

Let's say you are buying 2 bottles of shampoo that are on sale for $4 each. You use two $2-off coupons, one for each bottle, and you want to use that $4 RR to pay for the remaining $4.00. This will not work because you're only buying 2 items, and you have 3 coupons.

An easy way around this is to throw something cheap into your order that will qualify as your third "item." The 10-cent Halloween pencils they have in the store work well! Votive candles (17 cents, I believe) and the caramels at the register (35 cents) are other possibilities. But anything small to be that third item will work.

Or, buy something else to use up your RR, like the free-after-rebate items in the Easysaver booklet. Then you'll get your money back from those too and get even more free things :)

Walgreens RR ?

I am curious if you did the Pantene RR with the Pantene Expressions (the $2 coupon from PG 8/31)? At my WG (which I am pretty sure you also shop at since I am in LITH) there were no signs on the Expressions products and they were not pictured in the ad. I am curious if they would generate the RR or not. Obviously I would need to get there by tomorrow if it does work. Thanks!

Also, I hit Jewel today but could not find the Ronzoni Bistro items. My checker was hesitant to let me use the Glade Wisp BOGO because it was worded "Glade Wisp Candle Holder", but eventually her and another checker decided it was okay. Phew! :)

Wags, Ronzoni and Glade

I'm not sure if the Expressions will work. Unless they say "all varieties," the ads are usually pretty specific to the varieties shown - read my experience above with the Gillette razors with the free can of shaving cream and shower gel attached -- both on sale for $8.99, same razor, but only the one without the extra freebies generated the RR.

(I did not buy the Pantene, -- I bought two of the Natural Instincts to qualify for my RR & free magazine subscription. Now the world knows I am a "bottle brunette!" Hee.)

Re: Wisp candle - they are getting so picky about wording on coupons. I'd like them to show you a different Wisp candle holder if they didn't think the one you had was it :)

The Ronzoni Bistro meals are incredibly difficult to find in the store! They're apparently brand-new and I looked everywhere and finally enlisted help from an employee. They are meals-for one vacuum-packed pouches of pasta (fettuccini, linguini, or spaghetti and meatballs) that you can microwave and eat. They were near the Hamburger Helper. They're actually pretty neat looking - I thought they would be great for my dad when he travels overseas and doesn't want to eat the local cuisine :) And at 40 cents a meal, you can't beat the price.

Culinary Circle Coupon

Hi, I was only able to print one coupon and then was told I had reached the limit for this coupon. How can I print two?
Thanks, Jill!

Back button

Usually either by hitting the back button or re-clicking the original link will allow you to print 2.

Del Monte free coupons for.....

1 free grapefruit bowl and 1 free Del Monte diced tomatoes...I did not see that on the website it takes you to. The only thing I saw on there was a coupon for a $1 off 1 fruit cup and you can print that out. Hmmmm....what am I missing??
Please help!


You need to register via the form on the screen to receive those 2 coupons in the mail.

Del Monte free coupons

Did you get a confirmation email, that they will mail the coupons? The email I got said, thank you for registering.

RE: Register

I did register, but it did not say anything about the coupons being sent to me in the mail. Is it just automatic?? After I registered it just showed me the $1 off coupon for the fruit cup.

It's in the text

When you register, a page of text pops up and you have to click I Agree. Did you read it?

It says:

# One (1) “free Del Monte Grapefruit Bowl” coupon (approximate retail value (“ARV”): $3.89). The first 50,000 eligible individuals to submit a valid request will be sent via U.S. mail one (1) coupon for the free Grapefruit Bowl.
# One (1) “free Del Monte no-salt added diced tomatoes” coupon (ARV: $1.35). The first 50,000 eligible individuals to submit a valid request will be sent via U.S. mail one (1) coupon for one can of Del Monte No-Salt Added Tomatoes. Individuals who submit a request in excess of 50,000 will be directed to a link, while supplies last, for one (1) downloadable coupon

RE: Free Grapefruit Bowl & Free Diced Tomatoes

Yes I did read it and I clicked accept.
Thanks again for your help Jill!!! Can't wait to get my coupons in the mail!

$3.00 of 10 @ Jewel

Thank you Jill. The only thing I look forward to on Monday mornings is you deal for the week postings! Doesn't the Jewel ad state "Save $3 instantly when you spend $10" not 10 items. This would be true for the $1 items, but not all. It also states "mix & match from this section". Please let me know what you think?

To clarify

I reworded this to clarify. Yes, you save $3 for every $10 you spend, no matter how you get there. You don't have to buy in quantities of 10 - just spend $10. I finished typing this up pretty late last night and it wasn't as clear as it could have been. Now it is (I hope!) :)

Also, there has been some talk/confusion in other topics on the forum here on the blog where people were wondering whether or not Jewel still takes internet coupons (they do) and if they could use printable B1G1F coupons (yes.) I did both of these last night without a problem.

The other issue people brought up was that someone was told at Walgreens that they could not get RR's if they used coupons to buy the items (untrue.) I did the toothbrush, the razor, and the haircare in the same transaction (I actually did a 4th RR deal too in there, with the Pringles shown in the ad) with coupons for all, and got 4 RRs printed.

Internet coupons with double scan bar - counterfeit?

Hi Jill... I just want to start off by thanking you for all your hard work and money saving information. I'm a new "couponer" and I'm still learning the ropes - looking forward to your Oct. 2nd class!

I was just at Jewel and tried to use a few coupons. I had printed the Ronzoni Bistro Dinner and the Colgate coupons in which you provided the links for. These coupons were printed directly from the product websites... however, I was told by the cashier and manager that they were counterfeit. They specifically stated that the double scan bar (one on top of another) indicated that the coupon was counterfeit. Huh? Does this seem right? If you go to the Jewel/Osco website, you can print coupons from a link on their web page... some of the coupons have the double scan bar. So this doesn't make sense to me. Did they just not want to accept the coupons... or is this true about the double scan bar? How can you tell if a coupon is counterfeit and avoid being made to feel like a criminal by store personnel ? :-)
I sent an e-mail to Jewel asking about this and about their coupon policy as well. Regards...


They're wrong. And if you're new here, I guess you'll just have to take my word at this, but they are. :)

The coupons you print from and are the two most highly reputable couponing sites on the web. They all typically have the two barcodes on the bottom (and some even a third code in the top right corner.) The first barcode is the one that contains the product and cents-off information. The second contains the expiration date. (Again, why they don't know this is beyond me..? Many coupons from the newspaper even have the double bar code.)

The store can verify their validity by going to (you can do this too!) and entering the number on the coupon. The site will verify its legitimacy. That's more work than most places need to do, but again, those two places are the very best ways to get legitimate, valid printables.

And yes, these are the same coupons that you can access via But sometimes you get strange answers from cashiers (and unfortunately even managers -- look at this post I wrote about a recent incident with Dominick's.)

If you see coupons from Bricks.Coupons.Com, Bricks is the company's division that licenses their printing technology for other sites. So you might go to Glade's site to print a coupon, but the actual coupon is coming from Bricks -- again, it's valid.

It amazes me that the store would declare them "fake," as probably close to 90% of internet coupons come from one of those two sites and are easily recognizable as such. You can't be the first person to ever take them to their store :)

When we started doing these classes, we'd get a lot of giggles and laughs when we talk about "confused cashiers." Now we get a lot of nodding heads and horror stories. There's been a surge of new coupon use even over the past couple of months, and with that seem to have come a lot of new obstacles for couponers.

Call Jewel's corporate 866-320-9961 and ask them why their own store won't take coupons printed from their website. Corporate -needs- to know when these issues come up at specific stores.

Just Wondering?

The Campbell's soup coupon from 9/7/08 SS that you used in the Jewel $10/10 example say's Save $.40 on three Campbell's Condensed Soups (except Chicken Noodle, Tomato or Creams). Jewel ad states Campbell's Cream of Mushroom or Cream of Chicken Soup. Did the cashier at Jewel just not notice the fine print?

I guess not

I did not notice the exclusion in the ad... sorry about that..! The coupon does scan fine though at the register, so it's up to you. I'll see if I can find a printable link for another Campbell's coupon in the meantime.