TLC's Extreme Couponing raising controversy as new season approaches

As coupon shoppers around the country brace for the 12-episode season premiere of TLC's "Extreme Couponing" tonight, one of the shoppers featured in the new season is the subject of controversy on the web.

Jaime Kirlew, a paralegal and coupon workshop instructor from Maryland, is coming under fire from several coupon-related forums for the unethical coupon tactics that she utilized in a series of YouTube videos demonstrating how to use coupons in a fraudulent manner while shopping at Target.

In 2010, Jaime Kirlew called herself the "Diva For Coupons" and ran a blog under the same name. She caused a stir when she posted two videos of her Target shopping trips, in which she used $4 coupons for Schick Razors on Schick shaving gel, $10 Crest Whitestrip coupons on other P&G products, and a host of other flagrant misuses of coupons issued for one product being used on another. As if showcasing coupon fraud weren't enough, Jaime also showed herself using printable coupons for $5 off Procter & Gamble products. (Trouble is, P&G has never issued printable coupons for their products, and those same coupons had been on the CiC's list of known counterfeit coupons for about five months by the time she made her videos.)

At the time, the YouTube videos spread around the web on large coupon forums, including and, where a forum user wrote:

"Seriously...what a disgrace to honest couponers who stil manage to have a great stockpile and save tons of money without using coupons fraudently...

the Olay coupons was for REGENERIST ONLY..not ANY Olay..the Vaseline coupons was for the SHEER INFUSION, not ANY..the Johnson's coupon specifically excluded Buddy Bars, which you bought are that type of couponer who gives the rest of us a bad name...I bet you also doctor internet coupons and make multiple copies of coupons huh....well I have forwarded your video to the loss prevention officer at your Gaithersburg Target and urge others to call him at 125 Grand Corner Ave, Gaithersburg, MD 20878, (301) 721-1760. Just ask for loss prevention, they seem to already have quite a nice file on her and this was just the evidence they needed. Would you like the "get out of jail free" card from my kid's Monopoly game?? Loser!"

Over at SlickDeals, member Krysdl08 watched the videos and wrote:

"This is major coupon fraud and I can not believe the cashier K1's everything. They need to put this lady in some handcuffs and teach her a lesson.

$4.00 MQ for Olay Total Effects BW on Secret Deodorant
$2.00 TQ for Nivea Q10 Shave Gel or Balm on Nivea Body Wash
$4.00 MQ for Schick Intuition Razor or Refill (expired 6/6) on Schick Shave Gel
$1.00 IP for Vaseline Clinical Therapy paired with the .75 TQ on Vaseline Lotion (3.1 oz or larger)on Vaseline Total Moisture (3.0 oz)
$5.00 MQ for Windex Outdoor All In One Glass Cleaning Tool on the Windex"

Jaime responded by posting in the YouTube comments of one of her videos:

"I received many comments this morning after views of this new video that were horribly rude and hurtful. Everything I learned about coupons I was told from a company called BeCentsAble and I moved forward with their instruction. While I appreciate the many comments on "fraud" and "you should be put in jail" I am doing exactly as BeCentsAble told me. Perhaps they should be contacted? I had no idea of the many dimensions of fraud and I apologize for misdirecting."

Soon after, Jaime closed her YouTube channel but continued to teach coupon workshops at $25/head. (She has since raised her workshop fee to $35/head, according to another messageboard.)

When the new trailers for the show began running, users at SlickDeals and A Full Cup recognized Jaime from her former YouTube videos and began raising concerns:

"I noticed a familiar face while watching the commercial last night and so I looked the new cast members up. Sure enough divaforcoupons is going to be on the show. I am sure most of you remember her blantant coupon abuse and that she taught coupon abuse thru her workshops. Many Sd'ers gave her quite a lashing about her ill ways and she pulled the you tube videos.Do you think she has learned enough and changed or is she going to wreak havoc with her misinterpretation of q's and give us all a bad name. I am afraid of how damaging she was previously and how bad it could get with more stores making stricter policies if she still doesn't know how to coupon correctly."

- SlickDeals member Sgtrazor

Users at coupon forum A Full Cup also noted that the woman shown in the new TLC trailers was the same woman, Jaime Kirlew, who had created the DivaForCoupons Target videos. continued the discussion of Jaime's fraudulent Target videos.

Many of these users took their concern's to TLC's Extreme Couponing Facebook Wall, which buzzed with questions from viewers and concerned coupon shoppers -- why would the show choose to feature someone who has already known in the couponing community as someone who uses coupons in such a blatant, fraudulent manner? TLC deleted these negative posts from their Extreme Couponing Facebook wall for a few days. Over the weekend, the entire TLC Extreme Couponing Facebook page was deleted. (View the page, minus deleted posts, at Google Cache.)

Out of sight, out of mind, I guess.

But on the web, nothing's ever truly gone, is it?

SlickDeals forum member Neekyme saved photographs from Jaime's blog showing the items she bought in one of her YouTube Target trips, along with her receipt, and posted them on SlickDeals.

Members of A Full Cup have started decoding the UPC codes listed in the photograph of Jaime's receipt from one of her Target videos. User Timmsa writes, "upc 541058560936 and 541058530939 are the $4 off the Schick Quattro Razors. 537000616745 is for the Crest Whitening strips." Unfortunately, Jaime bought neither Schick Quattro razors, nor Crest Whitestrips in her Target trip, and neither of these items are shown in the photo accompanying the receipt.

Members are asking for anyone who saved the videos to repost them... and again, nothing on the web is truly ever gone. How long before the videos resurface too?

4/9/11 UPDATE - Jaime's Target YouTube Videos Found

Three days after this story was written, the diligent members of SlickDeals found and reposted Jaime's Target shopping trip videos. Extremely questionable coupon usage is shown throughout:


(If someone could compile all of this in just under one hour spent using Google,
why would TLC not do the same homework before casting her?)


A Full Cup forum member Manders13, who is also appearing on TLC's Extreme Couponing's new season, wrote about bringing these issues to TLC's attention, stating "i can tell YOU that a certain PROGRAM knew NOTHING about allegations and her fraud.... So please- don't use that excuse! SHoulda seen the look i got when i brought her "Target Trips" to light with certain people!"

Jamie continues to teach coupon workshops as a BeCentsAble Instructor. She now blogs as the Extreme Coupon Diva and has a Facebook page.

(UPDATE: 4/7/11 11:45am) BeCentsable Founder Chrissy Pate contacted the blog to clarify that Jaime Kirlew "is no longer a Becentsable Educator... We contacted her after her Target trip and let her know that these are NOT the things that we teach and she has not been with Becentsable since then." Full email is posted in the Comments below.

In yesterday's ABC News article about the new season of TLC's Extreme Couponing, Jaime Kirlew states, "My image is very important to me." TLC's press release for the new season of "Extreme Couponing" states: "Some of the people profiled in the series include Montgomery Village, MD's J'aime, a paralegal who brings her prides herself on her couponing professionalism while scoring $1900 worth of merchandise for $103..."

(Please note that the grammatical errors in the release text are not mine - the text is verbatim from TLC's site.)


A Full Cup member Tratra writes, "If they are taking a more educational approach in this series than they did the first show, how unfortunate that TLC would choose to go with somebody who advocated committing so much fraud. And she taught/teaches others to do the same thing."

View a clip of Jaime's TLC Extreme Couponing shopping trip, via Entertainment Weekly:

TLC's Extreme Couponing premieres April 6th. All images used under Creative Commons license.

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Material from was also used in this report.



If you've arrived here while searching for information on "Extreme Couponing," it might interest you to know that the TLC coupon show was originally supposed to be "America's Coupon Masters," an instructional show intended to teach people the correct ways to use coupons.

If you're seeking information on how to learn to save 50-70% on your grocery bill each week without spending more than an hour a week, or filling your house with a crazy amount of groceries, Super-Couponing is for you.


thanks for sharing !

I’m impressed, I have to say.

I’m impressed, I have to say. Really not often do I encounter a blog that’s both educative and entertaining, and let me tell you, you hit the nail on the head.

oh my gosh Jill! you're

oh my gosh Jill! you're awesome, I better share these information with my visitors on my coupon sites..

Thanks! Michelle

It’s amazing to me how you

It’s amazing to me how you have written so much information on this topic. You are knowledgeable in this area and are obviously an accomplished writer. I agree with your views.

Reality Check

I have worked in and around the entertainment industry for many years.

TV shows will do whatever they have to do to get viewers. Viewers translate into millions of dollars from advertisers.

I think we need to consider:

1) I am sure the stores are being compensated by TLC for the disruption in business their cameras and this woman are causing.

2) Television advertising is not cheap! The FREE advertising these stores are getting is worth far more than however many hundreds of dollars in coupons this woman redeems. The store will very likely not bother submitting this particular batch of coupons to the manufacturer for reimbursement. For the store to do so would involve them in fraud as well.. since she did not buy many of the coupon items.

Between the money the store is making from allowing the filming to take place in their store.. as well as the free advertising.. I am sure they could care less what coupons she uses as they have no intention of submitting them for reimbursement anyway.

It's all about $$$ and generating enough buzz to make the show a success!

You care way too much

I can't believe how bitter people are about her couponing. You want to see her go to jail for COUPONING? Really?! You're acting like she broke into your house and robbed you.

I don't coupon yet but I plan to start and I couldn't possibly care less how someone else uses them. Your reactions are extreme.

Sounds like real CHILD-LIKE

Is couponing really this serious.... I totally agree you careeeeeeeeeee way too much...Who put this much time and effort into what others are doing... Really.... I think people should just mind there own couponing BUSINESS.... What is the world is coming to when some create pages and pages of what they called PROOF from video stills and blurred pics of coupons.... crazy crazy crazy.COM

I've stayed out of this

I haven't commented on any of this stuff and certainly feel that this bickering gets very petty, but I did want to mention something after reading your comment. Not that I want her to go to jail, but in a sense, I do feel robbed. I have been couponing for 2 1/2 years, more than some, less than others, an until recently, there really weren't that many changes in policies. I may find deals more difficult to find in stock as more people began to coupon, but the policies were pretty much the same. Since that show aired and the controversies began, companies and stores seem to be feeling the need to change policies. I am sure much of it has to do with timing and that these changes were bound to occur, but as an ethical and honest couponer, I do feel a little robbed in the money I am no longer able to save thanks to those that feel they are above the rules. I am VERY grateful for the deals I do get and I am appreciative of the savings. I would not want someone to go to jail for something they are not guilty of and it does seem extreme for couponing, I suppose, probably more so for someone that is new. I hope that you become a successful couponer, Kitch, and are able to save money. It is truly a blessing! Thanks....felt the need to add my 2 cents about being robbed, because in a sense, I feel that way.

Kitch - This IS Theft

Kitch - She did rob US - all of US. The cost of this type of theft is passed down to the consumer. Now multiply this by ALL THE MONTHS she has been doing this - that is a lot of stealing and a lot of money. I am a small business owner and this type of THEFT would put most of us out of business.

Since you have just started couponing, you will probably be on board with the majority of us very soon when you go to stores and shelves are empty because people are scamming the system, hoarding, stealing, etc, or you then see them having a "garage sales" on Craig's selling (illegal to re-sell most products) selling all the items they got illegally for a profit. What's worse, people like this are going to ruin it for the rest of us because manufacturers and stores will stop taking (or make it harder - which they already are) any coupons. Upper case for emphasis only - no shouting intended :^)

Hit the Thief Where it Hurts...

My wife and I are couponers, and this woman has REALLY angered us!

We're very angry that this woman goes so far as to condone coupon fraud, and pretty upset that TLC still has her on their promos for the show. "Jailme" has been on a pretty rigorous campaign of damage control - taking down her videos on YouTube, issuing copyright infringement notices to take down copies of the videos posted elsewhere that exposes her fraud.

However, we believe the way to punish her is to hit her advertising revenue. She is using Google Ads on her website, as well as some other affiliate-based advertising programs. I suggest that others join us in contacting Google ads, and the other affiliate advertising programs on her website to demand they disallow her from profiting any more due to her dishonesty, fraud, and outright theft! Notify them that she is placing their ads on a site that promotes an illegal practice.


Agreed! I think television advertising is not cheap! The FREE advertising these stores are getting is worth far more than however many hundreds of dollars in coupons this woman redeems.

Jail'Me had the YouTube

Jail'Me had the YouTube videos removed, but I re-loaded them onto Vimeo:

They've already been taken

They've already been taken down. She's a busy little bee, isn't she?! I bet she's spending more time trying to keep the truth hidden than she is committing additional coupon fraud!

Who owns the copyright?

If these were broadcast, then wouldn't the network and not Jaime be the owner of the copyright? If she consented to their airing, she sold the rights and was compensated for them. SO she doesn't have the right to issue a DCMA takedown order.

But what's a little more fraud???

Jaime videos

thank you.


From SlickDeals:

Dear JailMeKirlew:
We have disabled the following material as a result of a third-party notification from J'aime Kirlew claiming that this material is infringing:

Jaime "Jail'Me" Kirlew Committing Coupon Fraud at Target Part 2

We have disabled the following material as a result of a third-party notification from J'aime Kirlew claiming that this material is infringing:

Jaime "Jail'Me" Kirlew Committing Coupon Fraud at Target Part 1

Please Note: Repeat incidents of copyright infringement will result in the deletion of your account and all videos uploaded to that account. In order to prevent this from happening, please delete any videos to which you do not own the rights, and refrain from uploading additional videos that infringe on the copyrights of others. For more information about YouTube's copyright policy, please read the Copyright Tips guide.

If one of your postings has been misidentified as infringing, you may submit a counter-notification. Information about this process is in our Help Center.

Please note that under Section 512(f) of the Copyright Act, any person who knowingly materially misrepresents that material was disabled due to mistake or misidentification may be liable for damages.


— The YouTube Team


So J'aime doesn't want the Target videos up anymore? Why not, if there was "nothing wrong" with those shopping trips?

Extreme Coupon Diva's facebook page

I just reported Ms. "Extreme Coupon Diva's" page as a scam to Facebook. Maybe if enough people do the same we can stop her from teaching others her nasty habits.

Please see my post above on

Please see my post above on stopping her website's advertising revenue - we need to get Google Adsense pulled from her website, etc. as she should not be profiting from the promotion of fraud.

Book'em Dano!

But it's going to make great TV when they arrest her and drag her off to the pokey for fraud.

new video

Ok here is a link to her new video and notice that she talks about where she shops.
I mean her friends do.
Can someone save or download this link before it gone.
VIDEO: Coupon-Clipping Diva Makes Her TV Debut - Montgomery Village, MD Patch

Also wanted to note that she closed her fb page to comments and will be releasing a statement on her blog.

Posted on her facebook:

J'aime the Extreme Coupon Diva
Due to a coordinated effort by Jill Cataldo Jill Cataldo | Changing the way you shop... forever! (and her couponing fan base) to attack me and my FB page I am going to turn off comments for the time being. My REAL friends and fans want to read what I have to say without all the noise. I will be addressing concerns in a blog post... and that will be the end of it.


In the video she said I can feel my heart palpitating and racing.I guess that is how one would feel if they were stealing BIG TIME from a store and on national t.v. too.WOW she is a piece of work.She is going to need a really good attorney for this one.This will not be the last we see or hear about her.


Ok, I just watched the video and Ms. J made me nauseaus, knowing all that I now know. And to be honest, I would wager she knew about the $1200 register lock up that would force manual entry of coupons. That poor store. She robbed them.

But then, I saw Tiffany. 7 Kids? Good for her. And was it just me or did she do a BETTER job at couponing, and she did it the RIGHT way?

Anyone who is just catching up

A lot has happened since Jill's original post. Got to read this as it sure looks like J'aime committed coupon fraud on TV.

Smart readers took screen shots from your trip and nothin's matchin' up, J'ai'me.

J'a'i'me's shopping list shown on TV shows only the product family code part of the bar code and the dollar amount. Why would someone make a spreadsheet of coupons that might work on other products made by the same company? Well let's see.

To use .75 Fiber One cereal coupons on Kix, Cheerios and Lucky Charms. The .75 Fiber One cereal coupons will scan on any General Mills cereal but they are higher value then the other cereal coupons that were out the first week of February for her trip.

To use Buddig Deli Cuts $1 coupons for 12/16oz. meats for the cheap little 2 ounce Buddig packets on sale for .89 and get them free. Only missing about 10 more ounces of meat plus it is the wrong item.

To use .50 Pillsbury French Bread coupons on the tiny cans of .99 Pillsbury rolls, because the coupons will double to $1 and get them free. Only again, completely wrong product, total fraud.

To use $5-off-2 Nivea Body Lotion coupons on Nivea Body Wash, because the lotion is almost $6 but the body wash is under $3 per bottle. Wrong product again, princess.

What next?

This is only what got shown on TV. What didn't? Hope J'a'i'm'e is ready for a coupon fraud charge.

Only Ethical Couponers.

.........and a note to TLC

Boy TLC. It sure would have been nice if you had a coupon professional, an expert on staff for your production to help you determine what is legal and what is not before you show it on TV. You know somebody who works with both consumers and manufacturers and is respected by both.

Hmm, I wonder where you might have been able to find a person like that. Weren't you talking to one at one point? LOL


I'm speachless, and thankful, I had jill to show me the correct/honest way to use coupons, I find it hard to believe this lady hasn't been jailed.. or at least investigated for her wrong doings, if she was bootlegging movies, she'd have been aressted already, but she just bootlegs coupons.... so then nothing?

Let your voice be heard - most of us are honest!

Here are a few numbers you might want to call:

Niki Kazakos - Publicity Coordinator - 310-975-1658
Let Niki know exactly what items J'aime bought using the wrong coupons. Explain (and even send her a copy of the Safeway ad for that week if you have it!) HOW you know she committed FRAUD on the TLC episode ONLY.

Loss Prevention for Safeway (District Office) 301-918-7055

Gaithersburg, MD Police - Phone, 301-258-6400. Fax, 301-258-6410. Email,
Let the police know what specific fraud she committed.

Gaithersburg, MD Target (ask for Loss Prevention) 301-721-1760

Did anyone happen to contact

Did anyone happen to contact the district attorney's office where she lives?

Glad to see this...

I'm a frugal blogger and am one of many who J'aime has plagiarized on her original blog. We've all sent her emails, both friendly and in a "cease and desist" mode, and she has not responded or taken down the copied material. She simply cuts & pastes our blog posts and photos, then throws in a link at the end, not the netiquette that the rest of the couponing blogger community uses.

I've called Target - have you?

I've called the Target she shoplifted at - ask for Loss Prevention - Gaithersburg, MD Target, (301) 721-1760. Volunteer to give them copies of her videos where she completely admits she is giving fake coupons. I did.

I LOVE couponing and am an extreme couponer along with my wife. We make friends with our local stores and ENCOURAGE them to check our coupons. People like J'aime make it hard on us who do it honestly.

Rite Aid has changed their policy to four of any like coupon in a transaction thanks to the evildoers like her. Fraud has no place in couponing. I say put her in jail - it will make the others think twice.

And the French's, cereal, etc. coupons that she used FRAUDULENTLY - I wonder if Safeway approves?

Received email from BeCentsAble Founder Chrissy Pate:

At 11:45am today I received this email from Chrissy Pate, founder of BeCentsAble coupon workshops:

Date: Thu, 7 Apr 2011 11:45:40 -0500
Subject: Becentsable
From: Chrissy Pate
X-Nonspam: None
X-Brightmail-Tracker: AAAAARfQlYE=
X-Brightmail-Tracker: AAAAAA==


Just wanted to let you know that Jaime Kirlew is no longer a Becentsable Educator and hasn't been for a long time. We contacted her after her Target trip and let her know that these are NOT the things that we teach and she has not been with Becentsable since then. The link that you had was an old link (I just removed it).

I didn't see the show last night but I just wanted to assure you that we teach only ethical couponing techniques. I will be happy to give you access to our workshop so you can see for yourself.

Becentsable co-founder

I have edited the original post to clarify that the workshops Jaime is teaching are no longer affiliated with BeCentsAble.


Now for TLC to respond...


I just read this...

"Overview - Extreme Couponing J'aime Kirlew of Bethesda, Maryland - $1,902.63 in groceries for $103.72 (94% off) – @food items included 35 Soup, 40 Cereal, 40 Cold Cuts, 100 Yogurt, 150 Condiments, fresh produce and much more to fill 4 grocery carts. She took 2500 coupons to buy 1300 items with $100 to spend at Safeway."

So...1300 items, and 2500 coupons? Even if Safeway has their own coupons to stack....could it *really* get to 2500??

Jaime still using coupons fraudulently! No surprise there!

Check out these screengrabs from the show showing Jaime misusing coupons. She bought Lucky Charms, Cheerios, and Kix. And used Fiber One coupons.

Why didn't the cashier....

Catch that?!? Is that not her job?? I mean, if ONE incorrect coupon gets through, OK maybe...but a stack of them!! And why didn't the coupon beep? Something is fishy here, if you ask me!!!

They did beep

In the Target videos they did beep and the cashier kept hitting K1 key (override.) Cashier never should have let them go through like that.

In the TLC video from last night the Safeway register was beeping up a storm! Watch it again, someone put a link to it below. But on the show they said it locked up at $1200 so the cashier just started scanning her coupons and overriding them to get the total below $1200 so they could keep going. If the products she gave coupons for hadn't got scanned yet they would beep but the cashier override them.

The perfect time to slip in a bunch of Fiber One Cereal coupons LOL.


I knew something didn't sound right when the computer kept beeping. But what I couldn't figure out is why didn't the cashier catch it and check things?

Also with the computer beeping so much, why didn't the manager come over to see what the problem was? I know the managers at my Safeway would have.

This woman is just going to far. She needs to be stopped.

another thing, I would really like to see what that $4 off coupon was for. it said any and then the $4 value and then she wrote in $2.99 for the store price.


I know any cashier I've had looks at all my coupons, goes back through my bags, I help point to things. The other week when I got the M&M's they were hiding behind boxes of cereal and I was like "no they are". LOL

I don't get why someone would go through so much trouble to scam. What I've learned from Jill and all you guys is not THAT hard and it saves a TON.


I don't have cable, so I haven't seen the episode, but if she didn't buy any Fiber One cereal... that proof is pretty hard to argue. Thanks for posting the screen captures. (Wow.)

Part of why I wrote the article was concern over whether, based on past actions, using coupons the "wrong" way would be shown on the show. And apparently, it was. Again -- I am deeply concerned about this. No one at TLC is responsible for checking to make sure the coupons used in the segment actually match what these shoppers are buying?

For anyone who may have thought that this post wasn't relevant to all of us, as coupon shoppers, look at the reactions on Jaime's Facebook page, after others have called her out for using coupons for items she wasn't buying:

Gabby Paige I don't even get why people are bothered by this??!! It does NOT affect YOU or any one else for that matter it doesn't take money or food out of any ones pocket whooooo carrrreessssss everything is so damn expensive these days any way!

By glorifying using coupons for the wrong items to a national audience, it encourages others to do the same.

Jill, here are some other

Jill, here are some other screen shots showing some 'weird' techniques. It's Jaime's 'list', but what is weird is, she lists the manufacturer codes of the items/coupons. If you are using your coupons correctly, why do you need to know the manufacturer code??? VERY VERY fishy!!!

Thank you

I appreciate all of the links and posts.

These screenshots? I'm speechless.

I don't even know what to say to that spreadsheet with all of the manufacturer family codes sorted out. Never in my years of couponing have I created a shopping list sorted by the UPC's FAMILY CODE of the product. Of what use would that be to anyone -- unless they were matching up the first 5 digits of other coupons to it?

Notice too - no product descriptions, just brands?! Does that mean "whatever Breakstone's product this $1 coupon will be the best value with?"

(What is she going to do when the GS1 Databar barcode goes into effect this year and isn't "decodable?")

i'm thinking...the way karma is coming back....

Miss "j" won't be able to use coupons at the commissary...

You're welcome. Jaime needs

You're welcome.

Jaime needs to be arrested and/or banned from any and all stores in her area before she does more damage.

Someone mentioned on another forum that the Buddig coupon she used was probably not for a Buddig item that was only $.89 (You can see she handwrote in $.89 under the store price column for that item). I don't even know what a Buddig is lmao, but from all the previous information we have, she most likely did use it fraudulently. Disgusting.


I'm getting so much email about this. (It is incredible how many people read something and go to work on it!) The past, fraudulent Target trips were one thing. Allegedly UPC-matching on national television while featured on a coupon show?

(Heck, I don't even pay with Catalinas when I do a TV shop! Several years ago I did a TV shopping trip with Fox News and had a $10 Catalina from my shopping trip I'd done the week before. I handed the $10 Catalina over along with the rest of my coupons for that trip, thinking nothing of it... and for weeks afterward, people emailed saying "Your total really should have been $18, not $8, but you used a $10 Catalina from a previous trip. Isn't that like throwing in your own $10 bill to drop the total?" I thought, fair enough! And all of the other televised trips I've done to date have been on coupons alone. )

People do pay attention to what you do on TV... as this new set of screenshots proves.

So... my thoughts with the Budding meat:

Buddig makes small bags of lunchmeat ("Original") and "Deli Cuts":

Looking at the coupon database, the coupon for the little 2oz. original packets (the .89 kind) that was available during her trip was a $1-off-4.

The same insert had a $1-off-1 Deli Cuts (the more expensive, 12-16oz.) kind.

Look at the quantity on the spreadsheet. She planned to buy, and bought, 63 Buddigs priced at .89 each with 63 $1 coupons.

If you were using the $1-off-4 2oz. Buddig coupon (the correct coupon for this size product,) you'd have to buy those lunchmeats in quantities of 4. Couponers are notoriously good at math when it comes to figuring out our trips.

It would make no sense to buy 63 of something that you needed to buy in quantities of 4, unless...

One used the $1-off-1 12-16oz. Buddig Deli Cuts coupon on the Original 2oz. kind that were on sale for .89, they'd be free... but that would be fraud.

Can she somehow be reported for this?

Because she should be!

Buddig screenshot

Here's a screenshot of the Buddig she bought. Pretty sure that's a 2oz package. The host said she got 90 package of cold cuts (hence the caption on the screen). Pretty sure that included the 26 Oscar Mayer hotdogs she had listed there on the sheet (63 + 26 = 89, which is more or less "90")...


She did indeed use $1 Deli Cuts coupons. Here is the screen shot (thank you to Debate for capturing and finding this.)

And oh what is this?? Photo of $1 Deli Cuts coupon says right on it for the 12 to 16 ounce kind. But those are the 2 ounce little ones in her cart.


You rock

Alanizrox69, you are all over this. Props!

Did she honestly think nobody was going to pay attention???

Jill your post about the Fox shopping trip reminded me. Didn't you have readers nitpicking you for not using reusable shopping bags on some other news trip you did? LOL.

Be thankful that is the worst thing anyone could ever say about you, is that you wasted a few plastic bags :-)


Those are the 2oz. Buddigs in the photo.

And yes, that bag thing was a long time ago, but I did get some flak for shopping on TV and having groceries bagged in plastic vs. reusable. (I do, of course, own reusable bags but just forgot them that day. Though I learned there too that when you shop on TV, people are watching your every move. "Jill, don't you care about the environment? Why didn't you use reusable bags?")

Like you said, if forgetting my reusable bags is the worst thing I've done while shopping, I have no trouble sleeping at night. :)

Apparently she committed

Apparently she committed fraud with the mustard coupons as well.
She used the higher dipping sauce ones and made $ per mustard.

Ok so far the abuse seems to

Ok so far the abuse seems to be on the following coupons Fiber One, Mustard Dipping Sauce, Buddings wrong meat product, and Nivea.