Menards 11% rebate on EVERYTHING

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I got out of the habit of posting Menards deals here, so if folks are interested let me know.

This week instead of a sale flier they are offering 11% off on EVERYTHING in the store. If you get out today, that includes the stuff still on sale from last week, even the stuff with rebates or free after rebate.

In addition to the regular receipt and any other rebate receipts, it prints out an extra rebate receipt with the 11% of your total purchase already calculated. And like other Menards rebates, you can send a whole bunch in one envelope with one stamp.

Over the holidays I used up over $100 of Menards rebates, and have about another $50 on the way. Today's total will add another $40 or so to that.

I've given Menards cudos on their rebate processing before. They do it all in house, and do it right. The rebates are merchandise credits (sort of like catalinas) good at Menards, not cash.

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Thank you...

I enjoy reading your posts and would like it very much if you would be so kind as to continue! : )

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Me too!

I would love for you to continue posting Menards deals - don't mind the rebates at all since they often have household stuff we regularly use. And we can always use them for home improvement projects! Thanks so much for posting these.

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Menards posting

If your willing to take the time to post them, I am always interested in reading them. i never use to look at the flyer until you started posting info. Thanks!

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I was pleasantly surprised...

yesterday when I went there and the receipt printed out the rebate and i too used my rebate checks to pay for what I bought...they are timely w/getting them back to you...unlike Wags rebates I am still waiting on!

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I shopped last Sunday and got

I shopped last Sunday and got a few rebate items, plus the 11% rebate on everything.

Bought a bunch more stuff yesterday with the new sale flier & more rebates.. Spent $153, but will get $122 back in rebates. The big item I bought that wasn't free after rebate was car headlights, but those were a decent price and I'll still get 11% back.

Total Menards rebates: 257:42!

It seems like there is interest, so I will keep posting the Menards deals as I find them.

I hope some of you were also able to cash in on the 11% rebate deal.

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Menards understands customer service

I've noticed the early bird deals too. I was picking up some things a few Saturdays back and found sales / rebates on stuff I hadn't seen advertised. Sure enough, the next days Trib had the ads for the stuff I bought, and of course more.

While I was in the store today, two different employees came up to me to remind me that there was the 11% rebate on everything. And there always seems to be someone asking if they can help me find something when I'm searching.

Any wonder I get most of my hardware & tools from Menards, and rarely from the orange or blue places down the road. This is definitely one store that understands customer service.

I do kind of miss Siegle's that was based out of Elgin. Lots of the stuff to build & finish my house came from them.

Builders Square was the worst. Don't miss them at all.

I'll try to get back to posting the best deals I see in their ads in the future. Of course what catches my eye may be different than what catches someone elses, but FREE AFTER REBATE usually does it for me :-)