When do you start throwing away coupons?

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This may be a dumb question or one that has already been addressed....but when do you start throwing coupons away? How long do you keep them for?

I have coupons about 1-2 years old now, not sure if I can get rid of them.

Pls help!

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Shop at Dominick's?

If you shop at Dominick's (and I do) you may want to keep them for another year. Remember too that the January insert's coupons don't necessarily expire IN January -- this time of year, I will "prune out" anything prior to about November 2009, because those November coupons may expire at the end of January 2010 - make sense?

I do keep my expireds in a different crate than my current inserts.

This link: http://supercouponing.coupontom.com/coupons/browse

(Green box on left)

shows all the inserts with UNEXPIRED coupons still in them. That will help you sort what to keep and what to toss too.

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Cudos to Tom

Just wanted to again pass along my thanks to Tom. His site is quite useful for finding coupons, tracking prices, tracking what is about to expire, and more. Certainly compliments Jill's site well, and there's no reason to develop this functionality when the link at the left already has it all.

I did want to say that several times I've had issues or ideas that would improve Tom's site, and hes been amazingly fast in implementing them. One was to re-sort the list of clipped coupons in "by insert" order, making it easier to go and clip the weeks coupon stash, and another was to give a 14 day option on the list of expiring coupons.

I've never met Tom, and don't even know what part of the country he's from, but know he follows this blog. So I just wanted to again say "Thanks Tom"

And Thanks Jill for the link and the site. I've had the pleasure of meeting you several times now.

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The list of current 2010 inserts

I've been pulling expireds tonight. I went to Tom and got the list of which inserts still have unexpired coupons in them:

11/14 GM
12/5 GM

12-26 PG

Red Plum
12-12 RP
12-05 RP
11-14 R1
11-14 R2
11-07 RP
10-31 RP
10-24 RP
10-17 RP
10-10 RP
10-3 RP
09-19 RP
09-12 RP
01-24 RP

Smart Source
12-12 S
12-05 S
11-21 S
11-14 S
11-07 S
10-31 S
10-24 S
10-17 S
10-10 S
10-03 S
09-12 S1
09-12 S2
08-29 S

May AY 10
June Ay 10
Aug AY 10
Sep AY 10
Oct AY 10
Nov AY 10
Dec AY 10

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Click the COUPON INSERTS link for a list

If you click on the COUPON INSERTS link on the left


It will take you to the CouponTom page that lists all of the coupon inserts that still have unexpired coupons in them. Although right now, it lists a LOT of last years inserts where the last coupon expired at the end of the year. I'm sure in a few days the list will be purged to just have those still valid in 2011.

Since I'm using one of the 12 section dividers that Jill recommends, I end up pitching anything that's a year old just because I have no room left.

BTW that folder ends up grossly overstuffed with 2 sets of a years coupons in it - I may switch to hanging folders for 2011.

Now, if I just had some system to get rid of all the other paper that accumulates here :-(

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I use a $1.5 dollar blue ikea box where file folders fit nicely

inside - I mean the cream colored (usually) with a "lip" on top where to write the date. I can fit 6 months in them, then I switch the old ones in a I think ikea small cardboard box (I think they sell them folded). That is small, just the size of the folders exactly, so I put it aside and use it rarely when a Dom deals comes around. Since it is small it does not clutter. Then I re-use the folders when the year is done.

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One Year

Funny you should ask - I spent a lot of time yesterday getting my coupons in order and came up with this plan: I will keep one year's worth of coupons and then on the first of every month, I'll throw out the entire month's worth of the oldest coupons so that I'll always have a year. I've missed a lot of good sales at Dominicks by not having old enough inserts.

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pretty much what I do

when I sort through my papers tomorrow I will toss January 3rd of last year...out with the old ...in with the new. sure I am probably throwing out a few coupons that r still good for Dominicks but I just dont have the time or energy to go through the insert to see if there are 1 or 2 coupons to salvage.

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about 6 months

That is the limit of expireds I keep. Have not found I need anything beyond that. And if I do miss a sale at Dominicks because of very old coupons I don't have anylonger - oh well, there will be another sale! :)

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I keep the entire insert until all the coupons in the insert have expired. Then I toss almost all the coupons when they expire. I don't have space to keep expired inserts, cats, etc around. I do clip and keep a few that are expired in a plain white envelope for things I use and I know will be a good deal at Dominicks- Starbucks Coffee, Bounce, and Coffemate.