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Save $25 on a $25 gift card....
I received a coupon today for....Switch to Jewel Osco on any new or transferred Rx and get $25.00 off any $25.00 or more gift card from the gift card mall and a coupon book valued at up to $55.00. Expires 12/02/2010 Must have coupon to redeem for offer. Of course not valid on existing Osco RX"S limit one per household.

Will try this tomorrow and report back. I was gonna do a refill at CVS today but forgot my coupon from them. Sometimes things just work out great!!!!! I have no clue what I bought that triggered this alert...only thing on the Osco side was a Cover Girl product

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rx coupon at jewel

Beauty of a coupon. I have used several you get a coupon for a 25 dollar gift card and the coupon book has an additional two pharmacy coupons that gives you twenty-five dollar receipts good toward in store purchase and swell freebies too. My coupon book expires at the end of January so they may have new ones coming , but mine currently offers five free items and two for three dollars off a five dollar purchase one in meat dept. one in produce. The free items all require a twenty dollar purchase to get them, they are Jewel Tuna, a toothbrush,dental floss,tortilla chips and a reusable Jewel store bag.

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Jewel gift card for transferring Rx

Hi all- does anyone know if there's any coupon/gift card promo to switch my Rx prescription to Jewel for the first time? I'm switching over a new Rx to Jewel for the first time and hoping there's a gift card or promo going on or coming up in the near future. Any ideas on where to find a coupon for this? TIA :)

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Be Careful on Pricematch

Osco is supposed to pricematch any other pharmacy. Well, I had them pricematch Costco on a prescription that I was paying for OOP. The pricematch was $38. Another Costco had the same prescription for $25. I decided I was not paying $13 more with coupon or no coupon. The reason why they offer the $25 is because pharmacies like Osco often charge the same generic drug you get for $25 at Costco for more than $200. People with insurance don't really care because all they are on the hook for is a small co-pay.

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Hi moreforless, I am just curious about where you found your information?

"The reason why they offer the $25 is because pharmacies like Osco often charge the same generic drug you get for $25 at Costco for more than $200."


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Where did you find these

Where did you find these coupons? Thanks!

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I got 2 different cats. One

I got 2 different cats. One is exactly the same as yours $25 GC + coupon book, and the other one is $25 off groceries + the coupon book. Now, with my luck, I probably won't need any Rx before they expire.

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switch to

Thank You,

Thank You for posting I have been unable to go to transfer my Rx...but now that I know what is waiting for me I'm going tomorrow before the q books are all gone. So glad I didn't do the cvs $25.00 gift card, thankfully this is my only presciption

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Two offers

One is for $25 the other is for $25 plus the coupon book.

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Coupons in book are

ALL STORE COUPONS, and all state LIMIT ONE COUPON PER TRANSACTION. I took that to mean limit one LIKE coupon per transaction, but who really knows. And all of the coupons excluding the script coupons are to be used when you buy $20 of other groceries unless otherwise indicated. And they all had expirations of January 2011 except the script ones.

2 $25 when you tranfer or fill a new script, expires in December

Free can of jewel brand tuna
$2 off $5 produce purchase
$3 off $5 Meat and Seafood purchase
$2 off your next puchase of $10
Free Wild Harvest chips (I know these go BOGO every so often!)
Free reusable Jewel grocery bag
Free Equaline Ibuprofin (I think it was for a 48 count)
Free Equaline toothbrush
Free Equaline rubbing alcohol
Free Equaline dental floss

One other thing I noticed is that the $25 giftcard offer was actually a $25 coupon, it wasn't a giftcard.

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gift coupon

I think a lot of the stores are going to the gift coupon (cat) instead of the gift card. Meijers has the same thing. I had a hard time using the whole $20 in one trip! At least at Meijers it is more than groceries.