Home Run Inn "Dock Sale" in Woodridge Sept. 15

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I got this information in an email from Home Run Inn.

When: Wednesday, September 15
Time: Noon to 6:00pm

What: All pizza sales are full cases only. (12 pizzas per case)

6" HRI Thrift Pizzas* - $25
10" HRI Thrift Pizzas* - $35
12" HRI Thrift Pizzas* - $45
12" HRI Ultra Thin Thrift Pizzas* - $40
12" HRI Bulk Pizzas** - $60
10" HRI Retail Pizzas - $45
Nick's Retail Pizzas - $25
"Bakeable" French Fries (4lb bag) - $5
Hudsonville Ice Cream (Half Gallon) - 3/$5

Where: Home Run Inn Corporate
1300 Internationale Parkway
Woodridge, IL 60517

Payment Method: CASH ONLY. Sorry no checks or credit cards will be accepted. No presales.

Thrift*: There are minor imperfections to these pizzas, but they are nutritionally correct.
Bulk**: First quality, no imperfections, bulk wrapped.

Varieties and quantities are limited to stock on hand and there will not be any presales.

Sales starts Wednesday, September 15 at 12:00 noon.

Questions? Please call (630) 783-9696.

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Share the bulk pizza's

Well, if you don't have enough room, how about finding two friends to split the pizza's and the cost. Thay way the three of you would get 4 pizza's each if they are the 12 packs! I'm thinking of talking to some of my neighbors!

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I had to laugh when I read this post. As much as I LOVE Home Run Inn Pizza, I have absolutely no room in any of my freezers for one pizza let alone bulk. Am I the only one?

Seriously, thank you for posting this information. I wish I had room.

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Same issue

I was debating whether I had room or not as well. :-)

I would have to do some major rearranging (and probably defrosting).