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Doea anyone know where I might get a good deal on ticekts. I need to purchase 2 tickets for Great America so I can take my daughter she had a FREE ticket from school and now I need 2 extra tickets.

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Worth a try...

I called the city of LITH awhile back because a friend told me they sell them there (you DON'T need to live there)-they were a pretty good price, from what I remember, but with the BOGO right now, that MAY be they way to go-good luck!

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Taco Bell

I was in Taco Bell the other day and I saw coupons for buy one Great America ticket and get one free. I did not look at the details. I did not see what the dates for the offer were. If you need 2 tickets, it may be worth a trip!

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everyone pays kids price code

Since the kids' price is the same as if you buy your ticket at Jewel ($34.99), it may be the easiest route. Otherwise, you can purchase tickets online and use the code COLDSTONE to get kid's price. You can also pick up a coupon at Coldstone Creamery to use at the gate. It says the offer is valid through October 11th.

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Sounds good of the Twicket!

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If you know anyone who is going before you go, ask them to purchase a twicket for you. They are 19.99 and can be used until mid September. All they need to do is show their tickets. There is no name attached. I went earlier this summer and bought some for the rest of my family who did not have the free reading tickets.

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Our favorite store sells them for $34.99 w/preferred card. Just pick them up at the CS desk. We had to buy them last year for same situation. Trying to find enough friends w/free ones to cover us this year. Love the free tickets the kids get for reading - baseball games, pizzas, Six Flags; not so much the having to fork over big bucks for the rest of us to accompany the readers.

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On the ticket from school

there is a code for purchasing more tickets. It will make the price of each ticket $35.

It's not a great deal, but it's better than full price. I don't have the code offhand, but when I get home I'll post it.

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Is the reading program discount

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Maybe from Craigslist

Maybe from Craigslist

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When the post cereal deal was

When the post cereal deal was going on there were tickets for buy an adult get a child free inside the boxes might want to check as see if you have any..also there are coke cans with everyone pays kids price which is $35 with the can..hope that helps