Over 200 places to find coupons

Where are the best places to find coupons?

Once you start looking for them, it's quickly evident that coupons are everywhere. Here are the best places to get coupons...

The Sunday newspaper: This is the number-one source of coupons. In any market, the biggest newspaper for the area will typically have the most coupons in it. In Chicagoland, that paper is the Chicago Tribune. Local newspapers have coupons too, but the Tribune does contain more. (If you're getting a different newspaper now, absolutely keep getting it -- I get a smaller, local paper too for my local news, and I keep ALL the coupon inserts from both papers, but adding that second subscription does help maximize the number of coupons we have available.)

All You Magazine: All You is a cheap ($2.49 an issue) magazine that is absolutely filled with coupons each month -- typically 30-40 of them. Many websites are now tracking the All You coupons and matching them to deals, just as they do with the newspaper coupon inserts. You can subscribe to All You online and save even more off the cover price. And depending on the values, if you use 2 or 3 coupons alone from each issue, you've recouped the cost of the magazine, and you're on your way to even bigger savings.

In the store: Coupons are in the grocery store too! Look around... on shelf tearpads, in "blinkie" dispensers, stuck to product packaging as "peelies," and printing at the registers as Catalina coupons.

On the internet: Coupons are everywhere on the net! Coupons.com, Smartsource.com and RedPlum.com are the three largest coupon sites, but product manufacturer's sites can be an invaluable source of coupons too. Here are some links to get you started!

Note: Webmasters, please do not copy this links list without crediting this site, jillcataldo.com, as the source. I spent a great deal of time compiling and verifying these links and will be adding more often. Thanks!

Baby Basics www.babybasicsclub.com
Beech-Nut www.beechnut.com
Bright Beginnings www.brightbeginnings.com
Earth's Best www.earthsbest.com
Enfamil www.enfamil.com
Gerber www.gerber.com
Pampers www.pampers.com
Parents' Choice www.parentschoiceformula.com
Huggies www.huggieshappybaby.com
Luvs www.luvs.com
Nestle Good Start www.verybestbaby.com
Similac www.similac.com
Target Baby www.target.com

(note: Most baby manufacturers do not offer printable coupons often, BUT they do send regular coupon mailers out in the postal mail. Sign up at each site to receive mailers as they're typically high-value coupons!)

Arnold www.arnoldbread.com
Baker's Joy www.bakersjoy.com
Betty Crocker www.bettycrocker.com
Duncan Hines www.duncanhines.com
Entenmann's www.entenmanns.com
Jiffy www.jiffymix.com
Natures Own www.naturesownbread.com
Pillsbury www.pillsbury.com
Wonder www.wonderbread.com

7 Up www.7up.com
Bigelow Tea www.bigelowtea.com
Celestial Seasonings www.celestialseasonings.com
Florida's Natural www.floridasnatural.com
Hansen's www.hansens.com
Hawaiian Punch www.hawaiianpunch.com
IBC Root Beer www.ibcrootbeer.com
Lipton www.liptont.com
Mott's www.motts.com
Ocean Spray www.oceanspray.com
Old Orchard www.healthybalance.com
Propel www.propelwater.com
Sobe www.sobebev.com
Snapple www.snapple.com
Sunny Delight www.sunnydelight.com
Tropicana www.tropicana.com
Welch's www.welchs.com
Wylers www.wylers.com

General Mills www.generalmills.com
Kelloggs www.kelloggs.com
Malt O Meal www.malt-o-meal.com
Post www.kraftfoods.com/postcereals
Thomas' English Muffins www.thomas.gwbakeries.com

All www.all-laundry.com
Arm & Hammer www.armandhammer.com
Cascade www.cascadeclean.com
Cheer www.cheer.com
Clorox www.clorox.com
Electrasol www.electrasol.com
Lysol www.lysol.com
Oust www.oust.com
Pine-Sol www.pinesol.com
Purex www.purexsavesgreen.com
Tide www.tide.com
Windex www.windex.com
Woolite www.woolite.com

Blue Bunny www.bluebunny.com
Breyers www.icecreamusa.com/breyers
Dairy Makes Sense www.dairymakessense.com
Dannon www.dannon.com
Dean Foods www.deanfoods.com
Edy's www.edys.com
Haagen Dazs www.haagen-dazs.com
Heluva Good www.heluvagood.com
Horizon www.horizonorganic.com
Kozy Shack www.kozyshack.com
Lactaid www.lactaid.com
Land O Lakes www.landolakes.com
Promise www.promisehealthyheart.com
Sargento www.sargentocheese.com
Skinny Cow www.skinnycow.com
Stonyfield Farm www.stonyfield.com
Tillamook www.tillamookcheese.com
Wild Harvest www.wildharvestorganic.com

Boboli www.boboli.com
Chef Boyardee www.chefboyardee.com
El Monterey www.ruizfoods.com
Freschetta www.freschetta.com
Jose Ole www.joseole.com
Ling Ling's www.ling-ling.com
Mission www.missionfoods.com
Ronzoni www.ronzoni.com
Wanchai Ferry www.wanchaiferry.com

Banquet www.banquet.com
Barber Foods www.barberfoods.com
Cole's Garlic Bread www.coles.com
Culinary Circle www.culinarycircle.com
Edward's Pies www.edwardsbaking.com
Farm Rich www.farmrichfun.com
Lean Cuisine www.leancuisine.com
Ling Ling's www.ling-ling.com
Luigi's Italian Ice www.luigis.com
Marie Callender www.mariepies.com
McCain's Potatoes www.mccainusa.com
Michelina's www.michelinas.com
Mrs. Smith's www.mrssmiths.com
Mrs. T's Pierogies www.mrsts.com
Smart Ones www.eatyourbest.com
Tyson www.tyson.com
White Castle www.whitecastle.com

Uncle Ben's www.unclebens.com
Zatarain's www.zatarains.com

ConAgra Foods www.simpleanddelicious.com
ConAgra Foods (2) www.startmakingchoices.com
General Mills www.eatbetteramerica.com
Unilever ViveMejor www.vivemejor.com

Ball Park Franks www.ballparkfranks.com
Bar-S Hot Dogs www.bar-s.com
Carl Buddig www.buddig.com
Farmland www.farmlandfoods.com
Hatfield www.hqm.com
Hebrew National www.hebrewnational.com
Hillshire Farm www.hillshirefarm.com
Jennie-O www.jennieo.com
Oscar Meyer www.kraftfoods.com/oscarmayer
Perdue www.perdue.com
Pilgrim's Pride www.pilgrimspride.com

Cascadian Farms www.cascadianfarm.com
Earthbound Farm www.ebfarm.com
Eat Better America www.eatbetteramerica.com
Horizon www.horizonorganic.com
Kashi www.kashi.com
Mambo Sprouts www.mambosprouts.com
Naturally Savvy www.naturallysavvy.com
Organic Valley www.organicvalley.coop
Stonyfield Farm www.stonyfield.com
Wild Harvest www.wildharvestorganic.com

Bic www.bicworld.com
Hanes www.hanes.com

Dixie www.makeitadixieday.com
Georgia Pacific www.gp.com
Hefty www.pactiv.com
Viva www.vivatowels.com

Personal Care
Blistex www.blistex.com
Clearasil www.clearasil.us
Dial www.dialcorp.com
Eucerin www.eucerin.com
Kotex www.kotex.com
Nexcare www.nexcare.com
Schick www.shaving.com
Sensodyne www.sensodyne.com
St. Ives www.stives.com

9 Lives www.9lives.com
Greenies www.greenies.com
Iams www.iams.com
Purina www.purina.com
Whiskas www.whiskas.com

BirdsEye www.birdseye.com
Del Monte www.delmonte.com
Dole www.dole.com
Idahoan Potatoes www.idahoan.com
Mussleman's www.knouse.com
PictSweet www.pictsweet.com

Gorton's www.gortons.com
Sea Pak Shrimp www.seapak.com
Starkist Tuna www.starkist.com

Blue Diamond www.bluediamond.com
Brach's Candy www.brachs.com
General Mills www.generalmills.com
General Mill's Spanish site - Que Rica Vida www.quericavida.com (sign up for Que Rica Vida free magazine, which has coupons too!)
Hostess www.twinkies.com
Keebler www.keebler.com
Kraft www.kraftfoods.com
Luna Bars www.lunabar.com
Mt. Olive Pickles www.mtolivepickles.com
Pepperidge Farm www.pepperidgefarm.com
Tribe Hummus www.tribehummus.com
Vlasic www.vlasic.com

Spices, Sweeteners & Seasonings
Equal www.equalexchange.com
McCormick www.mccormick.com
Mrs. Dash www.mrsdash.com
Spice Islands www.spiceislands.com
Splenda www.splenda.com

Campbell's www.campbellkitchen.com
Healthy Choice www.healthychoice.com
Knorr www.knorr.com
Progresso www.progressofoods.com
Wolfgang Puck www.wolfgangpucksoup.com
Wyler's www.wylers.com

Vegetarian / Vegan
Boca www.bocaburger.com
Gardenburger www.gardenburger.com
Lightlife www.lightlife.com
Morningstar Farms www.morningstarfarms.com
Rice Dream www.tastethedream.com
Silk Soy Milk www.silksoymilk.com
So Delicious www.turtlemountain.com

Interesting blog

Your blog is interesting.


Over the last 2-3 weeks, I have been couponing to the max and I have a family of 5 and I can't believe my food bill has gone down drastically!!! Last week I spent 48.00 in change because I had to buy meat as well but the week before when I didn't have to buy meat I only paid 25.00 in change maybe a dollar less....I am going to start saving my receipt so I can add up at the end of the month what I actually have spent and see how much I was spending on food before. Last year I was spending nearly 1000.00 a month and that was just waiting for things to go on sale...I didn't coupon and I said this is crazy so I cut my food budget to 600.00 a month...omg that is still crazy...I have a goal to not spend more than 150.00 for the month and that is with all products for my home... I can't wait to see how I do! Thank You for Your Web Site it is really helpdul!!
ps if you go to smart balance they have a milk coupon for .75 that you can double and when it goes on sale a haf a gallon cost me .50...i went and got 4 everyday the sale was on a fw weeks ago and I still have 7 half gallons left and i bought about 20 of them. you can only print the coupon 2 times but i have 4 computers and a library right up the street....i saved 21.00 a week on milk alone last week and the week before ...when you add all this up it is amazing when you see how much you spend on milk for the year...toilet paper....ect...and these are things we all need...
good luck to all!!

alter ego

i recently have started to really get into couponing. i recently saved $43 between coupons i got off the internet and the stores BOGO - buy one get one free. it was so exciting! i agree that you have to have a so called "alter ego" email address. i have two that i use primarily with family, etc. i created a new one just for the couponing and i am soooo glad i did! i receive about 70 to 80 emails a day from other companies that have gotten their hands on my "alter ego" email address. i don't want that cluttering up my other emails.
i also use another "alter ego" name. i am very funny about giving out my "real" information to the cyber world! please be sure when you sign up for coupon sites that you DO USE AN ALTERNATE EMAIL ADDRESS!that way you can always delete that email address and keep the ones that are important. good luck!!!!

Don't Use Primary Email Address

Submitting a primary email address will subject you to untold amounts of spam. Always grab a gmail address to use for unfamiliar territory.

Manufacturer websites

Is there a way to get the coupons (free or otherwise) from the manufacturer websites without having to "sign up"? If you have to sign up for the ones you use, that can add up to TONS of emails being received in your inbox...which can be overwhelming. Thanks to anyone who might have an answer or way around registering, this newbie appreciates your help!

You have to sign up...

... but don't use your main email address. Most of us have set up a second, free email account (Yahoo, Gmail) just for coupon-related email.


Darn I just did all that signing up and used my main email acct. LOL Figures.

And don't give out any

And don't give out any personal info.

If they are mailing stuff, and you don't have a PO box, you have to use a real address, but anything else they ask for, from name to birthday to shoe size make up. I have an "alter ego" profile I've used since long before the invention of the internet that I use with nosy sites.


oh great I guess I should have read all your posts before I signed up for all these sights.

This is s SUPER plac

This is s SUPER place to get dairy coupons:
Their Qs are good on ANY cheese, ANY yogurt or ANY milk! Great way to make some of those favorites a bit cheaper!
I tend to wait until tillamook cheese goes on sale and get the 2 lb loaf and use this $1.50 Q ....
I only wish they had a Q for ANY butter as well :o)

What other magaiznes to you recommend for coupons?

You mentioned "All You Magazine" for coupons, so what other magazines do you recommend to get good coupons? I'm helping out sooo my of my friend's kids for their fundraisers and they are offering magazine subscriptions and I wanted to see if I can get the ones that it can benefit me as well and helping them:)

BYW...You're site it awesome, user friendly. I can view it all day! Great group of people posting helpful comments! Many Thanks!

All You is IT! :)

All You really is the only coupon-centric magazine I'm aware of -- I don't know of any others that offer $50-$100 worth of manufacturer coupons every month. If you use even a couple of them, it really does pay for itself! :)

The bulk of coupons website

The bulk of coupons website links are shared above and i want you add my coupon links as well in the above i.e karmaloop codes its a general coupons link website with lots of free offers as well

Kraft Food and Family Magazine

On the Kraft site it says that you have to pay $13 a year for the magazine.


The magazine was free for something like 5 years. I'll remove the link.

Silk soymilk 75 cent Q reset!

I just went back to the Silk soymilk website and logged in - they have reset their 75 cent off one half gallon coupon! this will work SOOO well with Jewel's your bucks ($1.50 back on silk!)

Last time I went this was NOT on sale but priced about $3.29 (minus the YB and the Q = $1.05 for a half gallon of soymilk! YAY!)


i always buy my silk at wal-mart it is 2.68 a half gallon..which is great since we go through so many a week..does anyone know if wal-mart accepts coupons?

Newer to Couponing

If you use a B1G1 coupon, I thought this counted for both items. Can you use an additional .75 off coupon? Or is one from mfr and one from Target?

B1G1 and another man. Q

If you have a manufacturer's B1G1 coupon, many stores will allow you to use another manufacturer's coupon for the one you are purchasing. The man. B1G1 Q applies to the item you are getting free and another man. Q, say $0.75 off, would apply to the one you have to buy.

Check your store's policy. Jill has many of them posted on her blog on the left-hand side under "Shop Smarter" then "Coupon policies."

another man

ok can't resist.

I don't need another man. LOL
Sure don't want to buy one even if there's a free one. LOL
Got rid of the one i had don't want another.
Yes i know what it means but the devilmade me do it.


LOL - moredhead u r funny - smirk

I did that too

and it was so worth it! Especially with Dom's Super Coupon the other week. It was $1.99 with the super coupon, used a B1G1 q, and then a $1 q = .50 each! I don't make a habit of buying q's either but this time it was worth it.

what do you mean buy bought

what do you mean buy bought coupon? so much lingo to learn...

unable to find coupons

I just began trying to do this and have gotten the list off grocery game. However I don't have alot of the coupons. Probably because i only get the quad city times. Is there a way to get older coupons from Redplum and Smartsource, etc. say from the 12/13. - the ones of course that haven't expired. Would have had some great deals. Maybe this just isn't for me.

I will send Qs to you, too

Do the same, send me an email phkelly@ameritech.net, put your screenname in the subjext line.
Also give me an idea of what you use/need. Baby? Cat? Dog? Don't be afraid to list brands, too.
I will do what I can to help.
Stick with it- you will start to become more of a participant than just reading about the deals.


Don't give up! Use Google to see if there's a coupon blog tailored to your area--it'll help you if you know where locals are getting their Qs from! Also, TRADE with people!!! I've gotten Qs that were never put out here in IL from doing this!! I'd be happy to send you an envelope of Qs to help-email me at loverofanimals49@yahoo.com if you're interested. Just put your screen name in the subject line.

make it 201 with your Dentist...

you never know where coupons can "pop up"!!!

went to my dentist last friday..after getting out the "chair" and talking to the receptionist..she pointed to a stack of coupons..she handed me a bunch,,i mean a bunch of coupons:
20 - $2 Oral B Toothbrush
20 - $2 Listerene Total Care Mouthwash..
went to Target after that, the Total Care was on clearance for $2.99, the shelf was filled with them,,i got 10 for .99 each, went back next day got another 10! we are a family of 6 ,so we go thru alot of that stuff..

Dentist is a GREAT place..!

It really is. In my first class, when I show the example of the Crest toothpaste sale at Wags, people often ask how I ended up with 8 $1 coupons for Crest... and that's how. I got them on a tearpad from the dentist's office!

other Drs TOO!

I know for a while there when my son was going EVERY month for a well child checkup, I was noticing the coupon tearpads and samples at the pediatrician's office. A little different every time. Not to mention that they are a GOOD place to get product sample packs of formula that often include mail in rebate forms (and formula checks!) that you can only get from the DR's office.

I still have a bunch of $1/1 all Qs from this..

a VERY good dairy deal

This is s SUPER place to get dairy coupons:


Their Qs are good on ANY cheese, ANY yogurt or ANY milk! Great way to make some of those favorites a bit cheaper!

I tend to wait until tillamook cheese goes on sale and get the 2 lb loaf and use this $1.50 Q ....

I only wish they had a Q for ANY butter as well :o)

thanks for this post, but i

thanks for this post, but i went to the website and looked around quite a bit and could not find any coupons. can u help? thx

I think

they have print limits for their coupon campaigns... so the link may have disappeared once the coupons were gone. They do, however, come back at least once per quarter (I think) so check again next month!

Very nice

We saw these before about a month ago but I forgot to add them to this list! Thanks for posting these. They will also line up with some deals for the week, so I'll bump this up...

dairy coupons

The first time I printed internet q's (about 6 months ago), coupons.com had "any cheese" and "any milk" q's. There was a Kraft cheese sale going on, so I used kraft manuf. q's stacked with the "any cheese" q's (Manufacturer was the Midwest Dairy Council I think) and got a really good deal on cheese. I haven't seen those again. Hopefully soon with dairy month coming up.

Jewell Spotlight Savings

Another place that I've occasionally found some good coupons is the Spotlight newsletter that comes out weekly at the Jewell stores. Worth a peek! You can generally find these at the Customer Service desk or near the entrance doors.

smartsource blinkies and manufac coupons

Hi! Not sure if this is a repeated question BUT i thought we could use a coupon from the blinkies at Jewel with a manufacturer coupon. The ones that are in the blinkes are they manufac as well? Thanks!

Blinkies ARE manufacturer coupons.

You cannot stack two manufacturer coupons together. Blinkies are manufacturer coupons, and manufacturer coupons are "one per purchase" (one coupon per item purchased.) You must choose which of your manufacturer coupons you'd rather use on the product... or buy two of them and use a coupon on each.


Thanks for responing Jill I really really appreciate it!

don't want to say "always"...

but i've "always" ONLY seen manufacturers coupons come out of blinkies at Jewel. the only Jewel coupons I've ever come across are actually in their flyer/inserts. If it says "manufacturer coupon" next to the date at the top, you can only use 1 per product (or however it is written, ex: $1 off 2). you would NOT be able to stack a manufacturer's coupon you already have + the blinkie one at the store. you just have to choose the better of the two :) hope this helped.


Thanks for the info and for responding so quickly!

Quick Question..

Has anyone emailed any of the companies listed above and did you have any luck in getting Q's mailed to you? Just curious. Thanks..

Price Change

The last time I checked for any Tribune codes they were $0.50 for 3 days/week, including Sunday. Now looks like it has changed to $1/week.

No coupons???

Our Easter Sunday Tribune had no coupons at all. The shrink wrapped insert was unusually small, and only had a couple store ads.

Is this what everyone else got, or did we get short-changed.

It seems that we frequently miss one or more of the ads from the Sunday paper, which is a big reason we get it in the first place. The week before there was just one single section. I can't recall if it was the RedPlum insert or a different one. I know there have been recent weeks with no RedPlum.

no inserts

Hello J.R.
There were no inserts on Easter sunday...you can check coupontom.com go to insert schedule and you can see that after every major holiday there are no coupon inserts...nothing around xmas,thanksgiving,valentines, 4th of july...you get the point..check there and you will know how many inserts are supposed to be each week.

tribune promo

Hey, I tried the promo code for the Chicago tribune and I didn't get any offer for only a $1.00. Plus Idon't know which subscription I want, do I want the 4 days or the Sunday special? I'm so confused.

Any new Tribune promo codes?

I have tried several coupon codes to get a Chicago Tribune subscription (Sundays only) for $0.50 but can't get any to work. Has anyone found a working promo code lately?


X277 was working last I checked...


thanks for this awesome list, Jill! this will be a HUGE help!

Chicago Tribune Promo

Has anybody tried to use either of the promo codes Jill listed for the Chicago Tribune lately (081B or 084J)? I've had a promo subscription since last October but we wanted to get a second one for our household for my 19 year old daughter (she starting to have an interest in coupons now). When we try to subscribe online, we aren't getting an acct # assigned like I did when I signed up so I think either the promos are no longer active or it is red flagging due to my address already getting a paper. I know there must be ALOT of new people signing up as a result of Jill's classes so curious to know if it is working now for new signups.
Or if anybody has attempted to get a second newspaper for more coupons then how did you go about it.

Coupon inserts

I searched to see if I could find an answer, but I haven't yet so I'll post my question in this forum since it seems relevant. How DO most people get their multiple inserts? I know that you can subscribe to several local papers and pick up extra copies from stores, but it seems that you'd be spending $5-10 a week by doing this. Is there a cheaper way? And IS it possible to have two subscriptions to one paper at a time (specifically, Chicago Tribune)?