Check Dominick's Just For U for a $5-off-$20

I just received an email from Dominick's that there's a new $5-off-$20 ecoupon to load in Just For U. It's good for a one-time use through 7/18!

Dominicks Q

I didn't get that one, but did find a $50 of purchase of $75 with a transferred prescription...I had to read it twice to make sure I saw it right!

It does state after all coupons, etc., but I can't argue with that!

Dominicks $5 off $20

I just looked thru all my lists too and found no such offer. How disappointing:(

You are lucky! I never get a

You are lucky! I never get a good one like that. Last week I had $6/$60.


Me and my girls all got one couple weeks ago ,I have to shop for them cause they have no stores anywhere near them . And I am in the middle of 2 stores each 10 blocks away .
How stupid is that !Anyway try to take advantage of the J4U perks when they are there .