site redesign madness

As many of you have noticed, has redesigned their site again. The new layout is interesting, to say the least. With their previous redesign, the site left behind its page-by-page format in favor of a "Show More Coupons" button. This makes it a real pain to view all of the coupons on the site, and our workaround has been to click the button once, then hit the space bar repeatedly to get all of the coupons on the screen. This was also the easiest way to print a second coupon when you've already printed one -- jump to the end of the coupon list to find the ones you already printed, then print again:

With this newest redesign, the site has mixed things up even more! Now, if you print a coupon, it jumps not to the end of the entire list, but to the end of that coupon's category. So, if you print a coupon for cereal or pizza, you will need to select the "Foods" category, then scroll to the end of the Foods coupons to find that coupon and print a second. The new redesign has also buried the zip code bar. If you wish to change your zip code, you now need to click "Local," register for an account, sign in, and change your zip.

I'm posting this in the hope that it will make some sense out of things for you. There's another print option that I just discovered too as I was working on this post. All of the printable coupon sites provide affiliate links to bloggers, and has a variety of ways for bloggers to link to coupons. I tried an old link today and was surprised to see the old (and more user-friendly) layout is still active. You can still select coupons page by page, and you may find it easier to use if you don't like the design of the new layout:

I added this link to the "Coupon Tools" bar at left under the " (old style)" option. I have no idea when or if they will update their old links to use the new design too, but for now, the old design is still up and working. While it lasts... you have a choice!

And, if you're unhappy with the new design, visit on Facebook and tell them what you think...

Trouble with coupons printing

After the redesign, I'm having trouble printing coupons from the site.

I selected my coupons, hit print and was immediately sent to the "coupons successfully printed" screen before anything happened.
Sometimes I have trouble with certain browsers, so I switched and went through the whole process again, and got the same result.

I had printed target coupons earlier in the day, so I know my printer is fine. Anyone else having the same problem?

Trouble Printing

Hi Apt522,

I'm sorry that you're having trouble printing coupons. Please make sure that you have the coupon printer installed, enabled in your web browser and that the browser is supported, have a default printer selected and that antivirus or spyware is not blocking printing. If we can assist directly, please contact us at

Coupon Support

I'm curious...

What happens when you print from the "old style" link? This one:

I heard from quite a few readers today via email that they also cannot print from the new design..! If you CAN print from the old design but not the new, please let me know so I can try to approach them with that info.

Hi Jill, Thanks for the link!

Hi Jill,

Thanks for the link! I was able to print the coupons using the "old" version of the site.

*Phew* I can breathe a little easier now, haha...

Good to know

Thanks for letting me know. I got some email this afternoon from two more readers who can't print from the new design, but -can- print from the "old" design. Something's going on usability-wise with the new design...

The question is, what happens when the old design is eventually discontinued..?

Zip code issues

I haven't visited the new site but I guess I have a general problem with the complaint that it's more difficult to change the zip code you're using. Manufacturers offer coupons based on demographics, so they offer them to certain zip codes. To blatantly endorse using different zip codes in order to get better coupons, as much as I LOVE a good bargain, is equivalent to some of the coupon fraud that's been highlighted with respect to the extreme couponing shows. If I can legitimately get and use a coupon, fabulous, but to lie to the system to get it - I guess I'm not willing to do that, nor am I willing to lie about my zip code,no matter how tempting.

As you've likely noticed...

... I don't blog deals that involve changing your zip code, and I've never endorsed that. Please don't think I was endorsing it -- I was making an observation that has moved the zip-code changing bar to a different section of the site which is more difficult to access. That in itself implies a lot, I think. I don't change my zip code to print either as I think it's an ethics issue. When I've referenced zip codes, it has been for a coupon like the DiLusso meats, which require an Illinois zip code to be entered to print. I post that so people remember to put their zipcode in or the coupon won't display (and that's SmartSource, not anyway.)

That said, there are legitimate times you may wish to change your zip code. If I was traveling and wanted to print something, the coupon site will now default to the zip code that the computer is in via geolocation and IP addressing. It may show me Atlanta, Georgia offers when I'm traveling in Atlanta. If I want to change back to my Chicagoland zip code to print coupons I'll use once I'm back home, it's more difficult to do that now.

Zip Code Change When Traveling

Hi Coupon Maven,

You can change zip codes when traveling by logging into the site and accessing your account in the Member Center. Hope this information helps.

Coupons Support

Thank you for clarifying

Thank you for clarifying that Jill. I have always found your deals to be ethically based which is why the 'change your zipcode' thing caught my eye. There are other sites I look at that actively encourage entering a specific zipcode to get a coupon, which I believe is fraudelent. Because I don't travel much I hadn't thought about the zipcode default. I really appreciate the fact that you are so awesome in helping us save money and take advantage of the deals that are out there without cheating. That is the reason why, while I may look at other sites, yours is the one I rely on to put together my deals. Thank you for all your hard work.


now i know why it comes up that way on my laptop.

couldn't figure out why was different and my laptop is slower than molasses in Jan. but don't have the money to see why.
but ill change to the old one.

Thanks so much

for the "old style" link. Why, oh why, would they change something so user friendly and simple to something so un-usable. Love the old site, especially compared with the one that's taken it's place. Thanks for bringing it back! (At least until 'they' figure out how to take that away. Hopefully they won't notice.) Again, thanks Jill :)

You're welcome

It's definitely easier to use..! Like you said, fingers crossed that they don't change it.