2013 Insert Schedule for SmartSource, RedPlum, and P&G

Which weeks will we have coupons, and which weeks won't we?

01/06/13 SS, RP, Target regional
01/13/13 SS, RP
01/20/13 SS
01/27/13 SS, RP, PG
02/03/13 SS, RP
02/10/13 SS, RP
02/17/13 RP
02/24/13 SS, PG

03/03/13 SS, RP
03/10/13 SS, RP
03/17/13 SS, RP
03/24/13 SS, RP, PG
03/31/13 NO INSERTS

04/07/13 SS, RP
04/14/13 SS, RP
04/21/13 SS
04/28/13 SS, RP, PG

05/05/13 SS, RP
05/12/13 SS, RP
05/19/13 SS, RP
05/26/13 PG

06/02/13 SS, RP
06/09/13 SS
06/16/13 SS, RP
06/23/13 SS, RP
06/30/13 SS, RP, PG

07/07/13 NO INSERTS
07/14/13 SS, RP
07/21/13 SS
07/28/13 SS, RP, PG

08/04/13 SS, RP
08/11/13 SS, RP
08/18/13 SS, RP
08/25/13 SS, RP

09/01/13 PG
09/08/13 SS, RP
09/15/13 SS, RP
09/22/13 SS
09/29/13 SS, RP

10/06/13 SS, RP, PG
10/13/13 SS, RP
10/20/13 SS
10/27/13 SS, RP

11/03/13 SS, RP
11/10/13 SS, RP
11/17/13 SS, RP
11/24/13 SS, RP

12/01/13 PG
12/08/13 SS, RP
12/15/13 SS, RP
12/22/13 NO INSERTS
12/29/13 PG

Insert schedules are subject to CHANGE. For updated information, view the insert schedules on the following sites:

NewsAmerica (SmartSource)

Valassis (RedPlum)

Procter & Gamble Brandsaver


Do these dates cover coupon inserts for newspapers nationwide? or within a particular area?

Thank you,


They're nationwide, but keep in mind that these calendars also were released at the beginning of January 2013 - we usually do see some exceptions as the year goes on. It's a guideline, but not a definite list of what we WILL get.


Thank you so much for getting back with me. I really appreciate your site and share the info with my friends. :)

Thanks, Jill!

This will make it easier to figure out if I have to make a call to the customer service for the paper if I don't see any inserts on a Sunday morning. Thank you VERY much! :)

You're welcome

I added it earlier but just realized it wasn't linked at left! Now you can find it under the "Coupon Tools" menu.