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Target's new marketing strategy: Fewer "minivan moms," more Hispanics

The Chicago Tribune has an interesting article on Target's new marketing strategy:

Before the recession, big-box retailer Target was riding high. Its sprawling stores were popping up in seemingly every suburb in America, and its well-designed stores and cheap, chic styles made it appeal both to low-income consumers who might have shopped at Wal-Mart and to upscale shoppers who simply loved the thrill of a deal.

It was the era when it became common for loyal customers to affectionately refer to it as "Tar-zhay," a tongue-in-cheek French pronunciation that captured how they felt about the brand: It delivered a luxe shopping experience, even though the prices were low. In a presentation to investors this week, Target executives said its core customer at that time was the "Boomer Mom," someone who "drives a minivan," "lives in the suburbs" and "wants it all."

Chief executive Brian Cornell said this week that Target "lost its brand balance" during this time, focusing too much on deals and not enough on the chic styling that made Target stand out from its rivals.

Target's new chief executive, Brian Cornell, has big plans for revitalizing the troubled company. And one of them is looking beyond the minivan-driving suburban mom to build its base of shoppers — or guests, as they're known in company lingo.

"Our guest is going to be increasingly a Hispanic shopper," Cornell said at the investor event.

The baby department is one of four signature categories that Target is looking to emphasize to its customers, and Jones said Hispanic millennial moms served as "the creative muse" for its major new marketing campaign for these goods. And it will launch a Spanish-language ad campaign in March with a spot on the hit CW comedy "Jane the Virgin." The company says it is a "first for any brand" to do a Spanish-language ad on an English-language network.

Read the entire article at ChicagoTribune.com

Inadvertent coupon fraud?

I think I may have committed coupon fraud. Accidentally and inadvertently, but it may have happened just the same.

I went back to Jewel today and decided to get a few more boxes of Creamette pasta, which is on sale for .88 this week. There are .55 coupons in the "Blinkie" dispenser right in front of the product, dropping it to just .33 per box.

As I stood in the checkout lane organizing my coupons for the cashier, I flipped the Creamette coupons over and saw this wording on the back:

"Consumer: Limit one (1) coupon per purchase and quantity stated. No more than one (1) coupon for the same product in the same transaction."

I stood there thinking "Is 'No more than one coupon for the same product' referring to not stacking a store coupon with a manufacturer coupon? Or does this coupon mean 'Limit one coupon per transaction?' But the coupon says 'Limit one coupon per purchase' first, not 'Limit one coupon per transaction,' which would make more sense..."

Then, near the end of the terms, it again says "Limit one coupon per purchase." Hmm.

As I had this inner dialogue with myself, my cashier began scanning my pasta. I told her "Wait - I might have to take a couple of those off -- I'm not sure if this coupon means I can only use one."

My cashier laughed. "You're not sure? Is there any hope for the rest of us then?" (Yes, I suppose it was kind of funny.)

She plucked the coupons out of my hand and scanned them.

I'm still not quite sure if these coupons intend to limit shoppers to buying one box of pasta per transaction.

And, if so... who buys just one box of pasta at a time? I suppose they're the same people who buy just one cup of noodles.

I have reached out to Creamette to clarify & will let you know if I receive a response.

GIVEAWAY: Garden of Life Organic Plant Protein supplement powder assortment

Disclosure: This giveaway is sponsored by Garden of Life. I have been compensated for this post.

Do you use protein powders as part of your workout or health routine? Garden of Life has an organic protein powder called Organic Plant Protein. It's vegan, dairy-free, gluten free and soy free, which makes it unlike any other protein powder on the market. It's made with non-GMO ingredients, and each serving provides 15 grams of complete protein. Each serving of Organic Plant Protein is just 100 calories too!

I have tried quite a few brands of protein powders (I like to use them as an after-workout drink) and this brand is really incredibly smooth. I usually use an immersion blender to mix them with milk, but the Organic Plant Protein just melted into my shaker cup with a few shakes - no blender needed!

One of my blog readers will win a Kind Organics gift pack that contains four 9-ounce packages of Organic Plant Protein in the following flavors:

  • Smooth Chocolate
  • Smooth Vanilla
  • Smooth Energy: Yerba Mate
  • Smooth Coffee: Marley Coffee

For a chance to win this Garden of Life Organic Plant Protein assortment, simply post a reply in the comments under this article! This giveaway begins today, March 5, 2015, and runs for one week. The giveaway will end on March 11, 2015 at 11:59pm CST, and on March 12, one winner will be chosen via a random number generator!

Meijer Deals of the Week: 3/5/15 - 3/11/15

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Here are your Chicago Meijer coupon deals and matchups for the current week in the following Illinois stores: Algonquin, Aurora, Bloomingdale, Bolingbrook, Elgin, Evergreen Park, McHenry, Oswego, Plainfield, Rolling Meadows, St. Charles:

View weekly ad | Preview next week's ad on Tuesday | Load Meijer Mperks ecoupons | Ibotta ecoupon offers | Checkout 51 ecoupon offers | SavingStar ecoupon offers (load online, redeem via app)

Note: I refer to coupon inserts found in the Chicago Tribune, as it is the newspaper with the largest quantity of high-value coupons for Chicagoland.

Need a deal on the Tribune? Get Sunday Chicago Tribune delivery for .75/week!

Top deals:
FREE Yulu and Aussie yogurts, .50 Meijer tuna, .55 Angel Soft bath tissue, .74 Betty Crocker fruit snacks, $1.13 Ragu pasta sauces, $1.29 Meijer eggs, $1.49 Stouffer's entrees, $1.50 Wholly Guacamole, $2.25 Johnsonville breakfast sausages, $3.25 Farm Rich snacks, $3.49 large Stouffer's entrees, $4.09 Huggies baby wipes, $4.99 Purex laundry detergent

Checkout 51 Offers

Ad fail: This is not a deal.

Reader CouponGusto brought this one to my attention today. Joseph's Marketplace in Crystal Lake, Illinois, is having an interesting 10-for-$10 sale this week:

A variety of ConAgra products are on sale 10-for-$10. Use the coupon in the ad and get... 8 for $10.

Whoops. It's rare that I'd advise not using a coupon with a sale, but 10-for-$10 is a much better deal than 8-for-$10!

I'm pretty sure this ad should have read "10 for $8" with coupon. Hee.

A larger version of the ad's front page is below and on Joseph's site at this link.

Jewel-Osco Deals of the Week: 3/4/15 - 3/10/15

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links and a sponsored MyMixx link. Read full Disclosure Policy.

Here are your Jewel-Osco coupon matchups and grocery deals for Chicagoland:

View weekly ad | MyMixx offers | SavingStar ecoupon offers | Checkout 51 ecoupon offers

Note: I refer to coupon inserts found in the Chicago Tribune, as it is the newspaper with the largest quantity of high-value coupons for Chicagoland.
Need a deal on the Tribune? Get Sunday delivery for .75/week!

Top deals:
.33 Creamette pasta, .38 Ronzoni pasta, .44-.50 Renuzit, .50 Garnier Fructis haircare, .59 Campbell's soups, .75 Chex Mix, Bugles, Gardettos, .75-.87 Febreze car clips, .50-.80 Muller Corner or Ice Cream yogurts, $1 Dole Fruit Squish'ems, $1 Hormel Compleats, $1 Lipton Pure Leaf tea, $1 Pillsbury Crescents, $1.05 Pillsbury cinnamon rolls, $1.25 Dole fruit bowls, $1.29 Essential Everyday frozen waffles, $1.99 Breyer's Gelato, $1.49 Mr. Clean liquid or Magic Eraser, $1.50 Aussie and Herbal Essences haircare (+FREE body wash!), $1.50 Healthy Life bread, $2 Eggo Gluten Free, $2.19 Spam and FREE eggs, $2.75 Farmland sausage and FREE orange juice, $2.99 Downy, $2.99 Pompeian olive oil, $3.24 Farmland bacon, $3.49 Sea Pak seafood

March Big Book of Savings deals:
.69 Libby's vegetables, $1.63 Musselman's applesauce, $1.79 Essential Everyday almond milk, $1.79 Newman's Own pasta sauce, $1.95 Tyson Grilled & Ready strips, $2 Bar S corn dogs

New Super-Couponing Tips column: Wealth is a matter of perspective

This week's syndicated Super-Couponing Tips column is entitled "Wealth is a matter of perspective." Here's an excerpt:

"Dear Jill,

"Although I understand that you might feel like you could always use more money, you — like me — are wealthy. I am sure that your family household income is in the top 5-20 percent of incomes for the U.S. That is wealthier than over 99 percent of the world. Whether you feel it or not, you are wealthy. Being ‘average’ or ‘middle-class’ in the United States is ‘wealthy’ elsewhere in the world. "

Read this entire column at NWItimes.com.

Our 3-year-old Sony Smart TV is "too old" to use.

In the summer of 2011, we upgraded to a Sony Bravia HDTV. We spent a lot of time researching this purchase, because we wanted a TV with built-in streaming video features like YouTube, Amazon Streaming Video, Hulu, Netflix, Crackle and more.

Our television is a little over three years old now, and it's already outdated. I've already blogged about the TV displaying a message that its on-screen programming guide was being discontinued just 18 months after we bought the TV.

Tonight, we clicked the YouTube button on the television to watch some clips (something we do often -- we love catching up on late-night TV YouTube clips and content on our television.)

This is what we saw:

I'm sick. And, phenylephrine-based cold medicines are junk.

I'm sick.

On Thursday night, I started getting a sore throat.

By Friday, sore turned to scratchy-and-coughing.

On Saturday, congestion and sinus pain set in. I know it's just that time of year, but I couldn't help but feel a little irked that I was the one in our household who got sick. Not any of my kids, who spend five days a week in school boosting their immunity systems. Not my husband, who likely endures the same at his office.


"You probably got it from a shopping cart," my mom helpfully pointed out. (She's probably right.)

Regardless of how I got sick, one of the perks of being a couponer is that there are usually cold medicines and supplies on hand. Back in October, a bunch of Robitussin cold medicines were on clearance at Jewel for $1.74. With the $3 coupons that were out at the time, they were free and moneymakers, so they came home.

Over the past couple days, I've tried out all of the ones I brought home from that trip, and... they don't work. This unplanned experiment has reaffirmed something I already knew: Phenylephrine-based over-the-counter cold medicines don't do a darn thing to alleviate a stuffy nose.

Chicago Tribune article on Jewel's MyMixx

The Chicago Tribune has a lengthy article on Jewel-Osco's MyMixx electronic coupons today. From the article:

Jewel-Osco is back in the personalized discount business.

The Illinois grocery chain eliminated its loyalty card in 2013 in favor of offering the same prices to all. Now, with a new app, it has started to offer discounts and sometimes even free products to those who sign up and share their personal information. The move comes as use of digital coupons is growing at a rapid clip but accounts for a very small percentage of the billions of coupons redeemed each year...

The data is collected and used to create personalized offers on items and categories people shop the most. Also, Jewel can track how coupons are working. If it sees certain coupons aren't popular, it can let the vendors know so they can devise better offers.

"It makes a lot more sense to give people the best price on the items that are most important to them," said Jim Hertel, managing partner at Barrington-based Willard Bishop, a grocery consulting firm.

The launch of MyMixx marks a bit of a return to electronic coupons for Jewel-Osco. Years ago, Jewel was seen as one of the leaders in electronic coupons with its Avenu service, said Jill Cataldo, who runs coupon workshops and has a nationally syndicated coupon column. The Avenu service was dropped a few years ago.

Cataldo says she held on to her Jewel Preferred Customer card after the chain eliminated discounts tied to the card. She was still presenting it until January in order to get deals through SavingStar, a digital coupon service that links to supermarket loyalty cards for additional savings.

Cataldo said she has seen a lot of what she would call "fun offers" through MyMixx, such as $5 off a purchase of $50, as well as giveaways such as a 12-pack of Canada Dry.

"When you give away free things like that it's a great way to get the consumer engaged and get them thinking about checking those offers," Cataldo said.

Still, plenty of shoppers are accustomed to bargain hunting, and eliminating that chase can turn them off. In 2012, J.C. Penney got rid of coupons and frequent sales under then-CEO Ron Johnson. The attempt backfired. Its revenue plunged, and the company brought back its tried-and-true strategy and a former CEO months later.

"People love a bargain, they love to feel like they're getting a deal," Cataldo said.

On the registration page, Jewel calls MyMixx "a savings personalization program that tailors coupon and sale offers to you." MyMixx is set up to be used on mobile devices, but can also be accessed on a computer for those without a smartphone.

Still, while "mobile is the rage" when it comes to marketing and promotions, the challenge will be trying to get enough people using such personalized offers that their use really moves the needle in terms of sales and market share, Willard Bishop's Hertel said.

There's quite a bit more to this story too. Read the entire story at ChicagoTribune.com

Deals of the Week for March 1, 2015 are live!

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Deals of the Week are live!

Sunday's Chicago Tribune has FOUR inserts: SmartSource (SS,) Procter & Gamble (PG,) and two RedPlums (RP1 and RP2.) The Parade magazine has coupons for Kerasal foot pain cream -- grab that too if you want it.

NEW giveaway this week: Enter to win a $25 to Granite City Food & Brewery! If you haven't checked out this local restaurant featuring cooked-to-order meals and locally-brewed craft beers, just take a look at these photos...

Need a deal on Sunday Chicago Tribune home delivery? Get it at home for just .75 per week!

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Have a great week of shopping and saving!

Walmart Deals of the Week: 3/1/15 - 3/7/15

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Here are your Walmart coupon deals and matchups for the current week.

View weekly ad | Ibotta ecoupon offers | Checkout 51 ecoupon offers | SavingStar ecoupon offers (load online, redeem via app)

Note: I refer to coupon inserts found in the Chicago Tribune, as it is the newspaper with the largest quantity of high-value coupons for Chicagoland.
Need a deal on the Tribune? Get Sunday Chicago Tribune delivery for .75/week!

Top deals:
$1.49 Febreze Car clips, $1.50 Herbal Essences haircare, $2.23 Silk almond milk, $3.47 Windex 2-pack, $3.79 Nature's Bounty Hair Skin & Nails vitamins, $4.97 Kleenex bonus size 4-packs, $5.47 Sparkle 8 packs

Wal-Mart.com USA, LLC

Target Deals of the Week: 3/1/15 - 3/7/15

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Here are your Target deals for the current week...

View weekly ad | Print store coupons from Target.com | Target Cartwheel ecoupon offers | Ibotta ecoupon offers | Checkout 51 ecoupon offers | SavingStar ecoupon offers (load online, redeem via app)

Top deals:
$1.50 Febreze car clips, $1.50 V8 New flavors, $2.67 GE LED light bulbs, $3.82 Eucerin, Lubriderm and Gold Bond, $10 Mossimo yoga pants, $39 Circo Twin bed-in-a-bag sets, B1G1 50% off swim event

Walgreens Deals of the Week: 3/1/15 - 3/7/15

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Walgreens PhotoHere are your Walgreens coupon matchups and deals.

View weekly ad | Preview next week's ad on Friday | Ibotta ecoupon offers | Checkout 51 ecoupon offers | SavingStar ecoupon offers (load online, redeem via app)

My deals writeups reference "IVC" coupons. These are found in the monthly Instant Value Coupon books found at the front of the Walgreens store on the flyer racks.

Top deals:
FREE + moneymaker Gluten Cutter digestive aid, FREE + moneymaker Scrubbing Bubbles and Shout, FREE Glade products, plus possible moneymaker, FREE Bai5 antioxidant drink, .33 Garnier haircare, .49 Dawn, .50 Colgate toothpaste, .50 Orbit gum, .75 Crest mouthwash, .75 Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwiches, $1 Orville Redenbacher microwave popcorn, $1.33 Pantene, $1.50-$1.67 Kellogg's cereals, $2 Revlon Colorsilk haircolor, $2.49 Sparkle paper towels, $2.49 Energizer Eco batteries, $2.54 Angel Soft bath tissue, $3 Head & Shoulders haircare, $3.79 Banana Boat and $3.99 Hawaiian Tropic sunscreen

Weekly Deals from Walgreens

CVS/pharmacy Deals of the Week: 3/1/15 - 3/7/15

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Here are your CVS/pharmacy coupon deals and matchups...
View print version of weekly ad | My Weekly Ad | CVS Photo offers | SavingStar ecoupon offers | Ibotta ecoupon offers | Checkout 51 ecoupon offers

Top deals:
FREE Cadbury or Hershey's Easter single, FREE-after-rebate Zantac 75, .49 Dawn, .59 Renuzit cones, .74 Puffs tissues, .83 Pantene, .99 Got2Be hair stylers, .99 Garnier Fructis haircare, .99 Poparazzi nail polish, $1 Kellogg's cereals, $1.50 M&Ms, $1.99 Act mouthwash, $1.99 Total Home laundry or dishwasher detergent tabs, $1.99 Olay facial cloths or cleansers, $2 All laundry detergent, $2.49 CoverGirl Lashblast mascara, $5.99 Olay Age Defying products

Friday Fun: Gymboree punctuation police

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During a recent Gymboree pajama sale, I bought these cute applique camping-themed pajamas for my youngest son.

When they arrived, I noticed something that I hadn't seen clearly in the online preview:

"Whats Canoe With You?" Whats the matter with this?

REVIEW & GIVEAWAY: $25 gift card to Granite City Food & Brewery!

Disclosure: I attended a preview lunch event and a VIP dinner event for the launch of Granite City's Schaumburg location as compensation for this post. Granite City has provided the gift card for this giveaway. The opinions expressed here are my own. Read full Disclosure Policy.

UPDATE: Giveaway has ended! Winner will be posted soon!

"Granite City" is the nickname of St. Cloud, Minnesota, and it's also the name of a new restaurant in Schaumburg, Illinois! Granite City Food & Brewery is a restaurant and microbrewery that features cooked-to-order American style food. They've got five locations in Illinois: Naperville, Orland Park, Rockford, East Peoria, and now Schaumburg, which just opened yesterday, 2/25!

Want to check out Granite City's great food and brews? I've got a $25 Granite City gift card to give away to one lucky reader! To enter, simply post a reply in the comments. This Granite City gift card begins today, February 26, 2015, and runs for one week. The giveaway will end on March 4th, 2015 at 11:59pm CST, and on March 5th, one winner will be chosen via a random number generator!

Shopping with Jewel-Osco's MyMixx: What I've learned

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Jewel-Osco. I have been compensated for this post. Read full Disclosure Policy.

Have you signed up for Jewel-Osco's MyMixx digital offers yet?

Jewel-Osco launched its MyMixx digital coupon offers a few weeks ago, and each week I've been shopping with it and trying out a variety of the new digital offers. Today, I bought a mix of MyMixx items and sale items with coupons! Here's what I picked up...

Interesting article on peanut allergy: Avoiding peanuts when young may cause it

This is an interesting article about peanut allergies. The results of a long study have just been published -- doctors separated allergen-sensitive infants into two groups and introduced peanuts to one group, while another group avoided peanuts.

The results? Kids who avoided peanuts for the first five years were seven times more likely to be allergic to peanuts. 86% of the babies and toddlers who ate peanuts and peanut products did not develop a peanut allergy by the time they turned 5 years old.

From the article:

It seemed like a good idea at the time: With the incidence of peanut allergy climbing among children, the American Academy of Pediatrics advised parents in 2000 to keep peanuts far away from infants and toddlers who might have a life-threatening reaction to them.

But a new study suggests that advice did more harm than good.

About 3% of children in developed countries are now allergic to peanuts, the study authors say. The rate in the U.S. has tripled over less than two decades, according to figures from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

A long-awaited clinical trial has found that small children who avoided peanuts for the first five years of their lives were up to seven times more likely to wind up with a peanut allergy than kids who ate peanuts at least three times a week.

The researchers examined the children in two groups — the 85% who had no sensitivity to peanuts at the start of the study and the 15% who were already developing peanut allergies.

In both groups, the results were striking.

Among the children with no sign of peanut allergy at the start of the trial, 13.7% of those who avoided peanuts became allergic by the time they turned 5.

But among the children who ate peanuts regularly, only 1.9% became allergic. That amounted to an 86% relative reduction in peanut allergy risk, the study authors found.

“The results of this trial are so compelling, and the problem of the increasing prevalence of peanut allergy so alarming, new guidelines should be forthcoming very soon,” they wrote in an editorial that accompanies the study in the New England Journal of Medicine. “The LEAP study makes it clear that we can do something now to reverse the increasing prevalence of peanut allergy.”

I'm no doctor, and I have no medical background whatsoever, but I remember hearing this advice when I was pregnant with my sons (now 10 and 7) and when they were babies. At that time, experts were telling pregnant mothers to avoid peanuts and nursing mothers not to eat peanuts either because it might cause your child to be allergic through the milk. I remember talking to my mother about it, who very matter-of-factly said "I ate peanuts when I was nursing you, and you're not allergic."

I considered that nursing moms pass a lot of antibodies and immunities on to their kids, and babies are exposed to a lot of foods and flavors through mothers' milk too. I ate peanuts & peanut butter the whole time I was pregnant and when nursing my children, and they ate peanut butter as toddlers too. Neither is allergic to peanuts.

It does make me wonder how much "expert advice" truly is wrong:

Studies are showing too that being "too clean" increases allergy risks as well. Studies have shown that children who live with pets develop fewer allergies. The L.A. Times article about the peanut allergies also notes:

The trial results offer fresh support for the so-called hygiene hypothesis, which ties the rise in allergies and autoimmune disorders to the ultra-sterile environment made possible by antibacterial soap, disinfectants and other cleansers that have become staples of modern life.

Indeed, a study published Monday in the journal Pediatrics found that children whose families used dishwashing machines were more likely to have allergies than kids whose plates were washed by hand.

All of this unnatural cleanliness robs the immune system of the opportunity to develop resistance to germs and other substances that humans used to encounter on a regular basis.

The result is less immune tolerance — and more allergies.

Syndicate content

New Checkout 51 offers for March 5, 2015

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Checkout 51 Offers

Checkout 51, the ecoupon app (which you can use over the web too!) has new ecoupon offers to load. Most Checkout 51 ecoupon offers are valid at all stores. (If an offer is store-specific, the site or app will tell you so.)

Offers are valid until 11:59PM EST next Wednesday evening.

"Pick Your Own Offer" offers:
- .25 off tomatoes, pineapples, carrots, limes, or bananas

Regular offers:
- .50 off eggs
- $1 off Scrubbing Bubbles
- $1 off 2 Halls
- $1 off 3 McCormick Grill Mates
- $1 off Glade jar candles, wax melts, more products
- $1 off Shout
- $1 off Pledge
- $1 off Suavitel
- $1 off Colavita olive oil

Some offers from previous weeks continue this week too.

Click to browse current ecoupon offers at Checkout 51!

SavingStar Healthy Offer of the Week: 20% off oranges!

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This week's new SavingStar ecoupon Healthy Offer of the Week is 20% off oranges!

Click to load this offer to your account!

In Chicagoland, SavingStar offers can be redeemed at Jewel-Osco, CVS, Mariano's, Kroger, Piggly Wiggly, Target, Walmart, Walgreens, Meijer, Dollar General, Family Dollar, Kmart and Peapod. Some stores load offers to their loyalty cards or accounts (Jewel, CVS, Mariano's) and others use post-redemption of receipts -- snap a photo of your receipt and upload it.

Click to load this new offer via SavingStar!

If you'd send a $5 greeting card, why not send a card AND a cookie?

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I went to the store recently to buy a birthday card for someone, and I stood in the aisle flipping cards over and looking at the prices on the back. It's incredible to me that greeting cards have not only passed the $5 mark -- some are up to $7.99, $8.99 and higher. To save money, I do purchase a lot of greeting cards at the dollar store and at the drugstores when they're part of cash-back deals.

I've blogged about these before, because I just love the idea (and the cookies!) If you're ever in a situation where you would send someone a $5 greeting card, why not send a cookie AND a card? Cheryl's gourmet cookies offers a $5 Cookie Greeting + Card.

For the times I may justify sending a $5 card, I can really justify sending a $5 card and a gourmet cookie! They're great too for when you want to send a little more than just a card without a huge expense. Choose your cookie type, enter the message you want to appear on your card, and send it to your recipient. You don't even pay postage -- it's $5, shipped!

I've never had anyone complain about receiving a cookie card in the mail either -- in fact, I usually hear from the recipient as soon as the cookie-card arrives! (What's not to like? Cheryl's cookies are delicious!)

Browse $5 Cookie Greeting Cards at Cheryl's Cookies!

Kikkoman, Dole and Minute Rice are celebrating Chinese New Year with coupons!

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Kikkoman, Dole and Minute Rice invite you to celebrate Chinese New Year with them! Each brand is offering coupons, recipes and newsletters worth checking out:

Let Kikkoman do the cooking all year long! Sign up now for Kikkoman's electronic newsletter to get the latest recipes and entertaining tips. You'll also get to print a .55 coupon for any Kikkoman sauce 10oz. or larger!

DOLE's quarterly e-newsletter is The Sunshine Times! Sign up to receive coupons for super savings on your favorite DOLE products, delicious and nutritious recipes for all occasions, sweepstakes, giveaways, content announcements and more!

Sign up for The Minute Riceipe Club® for access to coupons and special offers, sweepstakes and contests, Product Taste Tests and Customer Surveys. You may even be selected to be a product researcher for 'in-home product placement' - sounds fun!

Restaurant.com: $15 gift certificates for $2.99

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Restaurant.com Weekly Promo Offer

Restaurant.com is offering $15 restaurant gift certificates for $2.99! Enter the code on the banner for this discount.

Go get your Restaurant.com gift certificates!

Check your Mperks for FREE yogurt ecoupons at Meijer

If you're a Meijer Mperks member, it's worth logging in to see if you have FREE yogurt ecoupons today! Reader Alexa writes that she had six different free yogurt coupons in her Mperks! I have the four shown above. Did you get some?

Print now for .87 Febreze Car Clip air fresheners at Jewel-Osco

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.75 off One
Febreze Car Clip
Print Coupon

Febreze car clip air fresheners are on sale all over town this week, but Jewel-Osco's got the best deal coming up for them. Print this .75 coupon and hang onto it for this deal...

Beginning 3/4, Febreze car clips will be on sale for $2.49 at Jewel. Buy two. Use this .75 printable on the first one and use the B1G1F coupon from the 3/1 PG on the second.

(Remember, Jewel's coupon policy allows a cents-off coupon on the first item and a B1G1F on the second!)

Pay $1.74 for two, or .87 each!

MyMixx users will get a slightly better deal, because MyMixx has a $1 ecoupon! Load it, buy two, and use the B1G1F coupon on your second Febreze car clip. Pay $1.49 for two, or about .75 each!

I actually really like these - they seem to last a lot longer than other styles of car fresheners.

Print now for possible $1.32 Breyers Gelato at Jewel-Osco!

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$1.00 off One
Breyer's Gelato
Print Coupon

UPDATE: This Catalina must be Kroger-specific, because it is NOT working at Jewel today. However, $1.99 is still a great price for the gelato... enjoy!

I've been waiting for this deal! Beginning 3/4 at Jewel-Osco, Breyer's 28.5oz. Gelato, 1.5qt, ice cream and 4-6ct. Klondike bars will be on sale for $2.99 when you buy three. We have a nice $1 printable for Breyer's Gelato, and MyMixx has a $1 ecoupon too -- already a deal at $1.99 per tub!

There's also a national Catalina running on Breyer's Gelato through 3/11: Buy 2 and get a $2 Catalina

Now, I've only seen Catalina alerts from Kroger, but as always, there's a chance it's running at Jewel too. I'll be trying & reporting back!

Let's put a deal together:
Buy three Breyer's Gelato ($8.97.) Use three $1 printables/MyMixx. Pay $5.97 and get a $2 Catalina! That's $3.97 for three, or about $1.32 each - potentially the cheapest I've ever seen this product.

Print these new Garnier coupons ASAP - .33 haircare products this week at Walgreens!

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The Chicago Tribune didn't get the new batch of Garnier hair product coupons, but guess what? Here they are in printable form! You're going to want to print all of these that you plan to use, because the shampoo, conditioner and styler coupons are particularly hot this week. Trust me, these will go FAST.

Garnier Fructis hair care products are on sale for $2.99 at CVS -- just .99 after coupon! At Walgreens, the deal's even better. Buy three Garnier Fructis 10.2-13oz. shampoo, conditioner or stylers are on sale 3-for-$10. Buy three and get 3000 Balance Rewards points ($3.) Use three $2 coupons. Pay $4 and get 3000 points ($3. ) That's $1 for three, or .33 each!

Beginning 3/4 at Jewel, Garnier Fructis shampoos and conditioners will be on sale for $2.50 -- just .50 after coupon!

The pharmacies have Garnier haircolor products on sale too, and if that's your brand of choice, you'll also need the haircolor coupons listed here to do those deals. Happy printing!

SAVE $2.00 off ANY GARNIER® FRUCTIS® Shampoo, Conditioner, or Treatment (Excluding Trial Size)
SAVE $3.00 on any ONE (1) GARNIER® Olia™ Oil Powered Haircolor.
SAVE $3.00 on any ONE (1) GARNIER® Moisturizer or Cleanser (Excluding Trial Size)

New Coupons.com printables for the first of March!

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The first of the month brings new, high-value printable coupons too! Some old favorites have reset (hello again, $1 off Cracker Barrel cheese!) and other good & high-value offers are here too.

.75 off One
Minute Maid
Pure Squeezed 59oz.
Print Coupon

$1.00 off Two
frozen vegetables
Print Coupon

.75 off One
Tyson Chicken Nuggets
Print Coupon

$2.00 off One
All Mighty Pacs
50ct. or larger
Print Coupon

$1.00 off One
12-pack Sunkist TEN
and Canada Dry TEN
or TWO 2-liters
Print Coupon

$2.00 off One
Colgate Express White
Print Coupon

$1.00 off One
Cracker Barrel cheese
Print Coupon

$1.00 off Two
Oscar Mayer P3
Protein Packs
Print Coupon

$1.50 off Two
Taco Bell products
Print Coupon

.75 off One
SeaPak product
8oz. or larger
Print Coupon

$1.00 off Two
On-Cor entrees
Print Coupon

.55 off One
Gallon TruMoo
flavored milk
or TWO half gallons
Print Coupon

.50 off One
Huggies Wipes
32ct. or larger
Print Coupon

$2.00 off One
Huggies diapers
Print Coupon

$1.25 off One
Olay body wash
or 4ct. bar soap
Print Coupon

$1.00 off One
1lb. Krakus
Polish deli ham
Print Coupon

Expired inserts to remove: March 1, 2015

The first of the month means it's time to clean out some more expired coupon inserts from your files! Here's a list of all of the inserts that have expired within the last two months. If you have any of the following inserts in your files, you can pull them out and recycle them - all of the coupons inside each insert have expired.

Inserts marked with an asterisk are new since last month's list:

January 2015
* 1/4 PARADE
* 1/25 PG

December 2014
12/28 PG

November 2014
* 11/2 RP
* 11/16 RP

Great boot clearance at Target.com: Genuine leather tall boots as low as $20.98!

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Boot lovers, take a few minutes and check out the great boot clearance going on at Target.com right now! All Target.com orders of $25 or more ship free, and at these prices, you may need to add a little filler or two to get there. Genuine leather tall boots under $21? You bet! Prefer synthetic? You can grab pairs of synthetic boots as low as $13.98!

These women's Caralynn leather boots are $20.98!

These Adria leather boots are $24.98!

These Annora synthetic boots are just $13.98!

Unlike many boot clearance sales, there's a great selection of all sizes right now. (Guess who's shopping for boots for herself as I type this?)

Browse the 50% off boot clearance at Target.com!

Thank you to Mashup Mom for spotting these great deals!

Print a coupon for free queso at On The Border

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Headed to On The Border? Print a coupon for FREE queso when you buy an entree!

Print now for FREE + moneymaker Shout and Scrubbing Bubbles at Walgreens!

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Checkout 51 Offers

Beginning 3/1 at Walgreens, a variety of Scrubbing Bubbles, Shout, and Windex cleaning products will be on sale 2-for-$6. Buy two and get $2 in Register Rewards!

Play this game to print two $1 printables for Scrubbing Bubbles and Shout, OR share the coupon on social media when prompted, and the coupon's value will increase to $1.50.

Once the sale begins, buy a Scrubbing Bubbles bathroom cleaner and a toilet gel OR a Shout. Use two $1 printables. Pay $4 and get $2 back, making these $2 for two, or $1 each!

Then, submit to Checkout 51 for two $1 Scrubbing Bubbles/Shout offers and BOTH are free!

Or, do the same deal with two $1.50 printables. Pay $3 and get $2 back. That's $1 for two, or .50 each! Submit to Checkout 51 for BOTH $1 offers, and you're now $1 ahead! Enjoy your moneymaker Scrubbing Bubbles and/or Shout!

Want more coupons? After you print your $1.00 or $1.50 coupons, continue playing the game, and you'll get another page of .50 printable coupons for all of these products:

Restaurant.com $25 gift certificates for $4.25!

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. Read full Disclosure Policy.

Restaurant.com Weekly Promo Offer

Restaurant.com is offering $25 restaurant gift certificates for just $4.25! This is one of the lowest sale prices they offer. Through tomorrow only, enter the code on the banner for this discount.

Go get your Restaurant.com $25 gift certificates for $4.25!

Print $1.00-$1.50 coupons for Windex, Scrubbing Bubbles, Pledge & Shout -- and enter to win a house party from SC Johnson!

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. Read full Disclosure Policy.

Here's a fun Friday giveaway + coupons offer! SC Johnson is running a House Party giveaway featuring a Bose Entertainment System, 50” TV, $200 Visa Gift Card, & supplies to clean up your "hot mess" after a party! Who couldn't enjoy all of those things?

Five Runners-Up will each receive $50 Visa gift card & cleaning supplies. And, everyone who enters can print $1 coupons for Windex, Scrubbing Bubbies, Pledge and Shout. Share the offer on social media, and you'll be able to print $1.50 coupons!

(These products will be FREE or moneymakers with these coupons AND a Register Rewards deal beginning 3/1 at Walgreens too, so print and hold them for some bargain cleaning supplies!)

Enter for a chance to win SC Johnson's House Party giveaway... and print your $1.00 - $1.50 coupons!

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